(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past 4 years, the Third Forced Labor Camp of Henan Province has tried to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners into giving up Falun Gong, using two major tactics: the "soft" way and the "hard" way. Using a variety of methods, the perpetrators deceive, threaten, terrorize, and torture practitioners abducted and brought to the labor camp from all over Henan Province.

For the "soft" way, the authorities attempt to deceive the practitioners by fabricating lies to confuse right and wrong, and take advantage of the practitioners' relatives to try force the practitioners to give up their belief in Falun Gong. They put pressure on spouses to divorce practitioners, and separate parents from children, all in an attempt to force practitioners to give up their belief.

For the so-called "hard" way, they torture the practitioners using all manner of vicious means. Labor camp personnel have tortured practitioners with methods called "Tying the Ropes" (1) and "Big Hang Up" (2), they use high-voltage electric batons to shock practitioners, and routinely beat and kick practitioners.

Among all the tortures, the cruelest methods are, "Comfort Chair" (a torture instrument) and "Tying the Ropes." These two in particular have caused many practitioners to become disabled. During a major in-house campaign to try to "transform" a large number of practitioners, many practitioners were tortured under these two means. Ms. Yue Caiyun lost feeling in both of her feet and even now has not recovered.

The following are cases of persecution suffered by practitioners in the Third Forced Labor Camp of Henan Province:

Mr. Pang Liang, 29 years old, was the political director of the Armed Police Brigade of Jiaozuo City of Henan. He was detained because he refused to give up his belief in Falun Gong. At the end of 2002 the police guards became furious because he shouted out words in support of Falun Dafa. They instigated criminal inmates to cover Mr. Pang's mouth, pushed him down to the floor, and then beat and kicked him repeatedly. Afterwards, they dragged him to the brigade office. Jia Zigang, the director of the brigade, and others, tied him up and shocked him with an electrical baton. Afterwards, they continued to beat him mercilessly. The beating caused a fracture in his right arm.

In June 2003, Mr. Pang Liang sent one of Teacher's lectures to other practitioners and it was discovered by guards. They brought Pang Liang to an empty room and put him on the "Comfort Chair." They tied his legs to the chair, put earphones on his ears and put a helmet on his head. Then, they repeatedly played the audio slandering Falun Dafa. They had two persons monitoring him. For one week the guards didn't allow Mr. Pang to sleep, didn't give him enough food, and sometimes didn't even allow him to use the bathroom. This torture caused Mr. Pang's legs to be swollen for 2 months. The torture also caused his broken arm to become worse. He had to keep his arm bent all the time, and was unable to do use it.

From the end of May to early of June of 2004, the Third Brigade stopped working and held criticizing sessions against Pang Liang. When Mr. Pang was brought out, his arms were tied with rope; his neck was covered with big blisters caused by the electric baton, his face was red and swollen due to the beatings and his mouth was full of blood. When witnessing this, even the labor camp personnel felt indignant.

Mr. Zhao Yongzhong is a 35-year-old practitioner from Mengzhou City. In 2002 he was abducted and brought to the forced labor camp because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. Mr. Zhao Yongzhong held a hunger strike for over a month to resist the persecution. During the hunger strike he was frequently force-fed. Mr. Zhao is still detained in the forced labor camp, where he has been abused, beaten, and insulted. The intensity of the persecution is hard to imagine. Mr. Zhao's mind became unclear due to the constant torture. However, the guards took advantage of his situation and said he had become "psychotic" as a result of practicing Falun Dafa.

Mr. Li Jinke was a doctor from Nanyang City. He held a hunger strike on several occasions to protest the persecution. Due to the intense persecution, he endured tremendous mental suffering and began to show signs of mental problems. His situation is similar to that of Mr. Zhao Yongzhong.

Before they were imprisoned in the forced labor camp, Mr. Zhao Yongzhong and Mr. Li Jinke were both honest, diligent, rational persons at home and at work. They have suffered mental problems solely because of the relentless persecution they experienced in the forced labor camp.

There are a great many cases of persecution happening in the Third Forced Labor Camp of Henan Province. Those listed above are only a very small selection. I posted them to let all Falun Gong practitioners and people throughout the world know about the real situation in this forced labor camp.


(1) Tying the Ropes - The police tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around his neck, and tie his hands behind his back.  Then the police would use all the force they could muster to tighten the rope.  The rope becomes tighter and tighter around the body of the practitioner, and makes it more and more difficult for him to breathe. The pain is so intense that the practitioner sometimes loses control of his bladder.  There are instances when the rope was tightened enough to break a practitioner's arm.

(2) Big Hang Up - There are two forms in this torture: (1) With both hands shackled behind the back and only the toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to a metal window frames; (2) One hand of a practitioner is handcuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bed, and the two beds are pulled in the opposite directions. It is extremely painful as the body is pulled.