(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mou Naiwu from Weifang City, Shandong Province was a teacher at the Weifang Institute. He passed away on June 13, 2004 after suffering from atrocities of the persecution. For details please read "Falun Gong Practitioner Mou Naiwu from Weifang City Killed in the Persecution, His Wife and Daughter Left with No Means for Survival".

It has been over two months since Mou Naiwu passed away. Cheng Qingjun, secretary of the Weifang Institute's Party Committee, refused to pay back five years of salary that was unreasonably withheld from Mou Naiwu, and accused Mou Naiwu of being "anti-Party," and other political incorrectness. Mou Naiwu's body is in a morgue at the No. 2 People's Hospital in Weifang City. Cheng Qingjun, secretary of the school's Party Committee, continually put off the reimbursement of Mou Naiwu's salary, and deliberately created barriers for Mou Naiwu's family trying to get the salary. Cheng Qingjun had people tell Mou Naiwu's family that Mou Naiwu never had worked for the Institute.

Prior to cultivation practice, Mou Naiwu had high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach disease, and other illnesses, and he was emaciated. After he practiced Falun Gong, he recovered his health and became energetic and good-tempered. His work performance also improved. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, because he persisted in his belief in Truth - Compassion - Tolerance, the persecutors from the police department and National Security Bureau often broke into his home and took him away, even when he was paralyzed from previously received torture.

Late at night on July 26, 2001, a dozen perpetrators from Weifang City's National Security Bureau broke into Mou Naiwu's home and took him away. Mou Naiwu's wife, Dai Xiaoping, was taking a shower, and perpetrators kicked open the bathroom door, carried her downstairs, and put her into the police car, allowing her only enough time to put on underwear. Mou Naiwu's young daughter was scared, and cried as she saw her parents being taken away. She was left behind.

Mou Naiwu and his wife were sentenced to forced labor for practicing Falun Gong. Mou Naiwu had previously been held at the Changle Forced Labor Camp in Weifang City. In March 2000, Mou Naiwu showed symptoms of a stroke, and was granted medical parole. In May 2000, the illness progressed into partial paralysis of his body. After he was released, he took care of his daughter during the three years his wife was held at the labor camp. During the snowy winter season he went to buy food and fell to the ground twice because his partial paralysis affected his balance.

On New Year's Eve 2002, Mou Naiwu had nothing to eat at home. He sat with his daughter before the empty dinner table. Later, his mother-in-law visited and brought them dumplings, and the father and daughter shed tears.

In October 2003, Mou Naiwu's work unit, the Weifang Weaving Technical Institute, became part of the Weifang Institute, and Mou Naiwu was sent to the Physics Department. Soon after he reported to work, Mou Naiwu told his supervisor that he had not completely recovered, that his bank account was depleted, and he asked for an advance on his salary because he could no longer support his family. His supervisor demanded that he write a Guarantee Statement to renounce Falun Gong.

Mou Naiwu didn't cooperate with the demand. In May 2004, he wrote an article telling how Dafa has benefited him. His supervisors pressured him to write a Guarantee Statement. In early June, Mou Naiwu wrote about why he persisted in practicing Dafa. His supervisors read it and said, "Don't pay him his salary."

During the past few years, Mou Naiwu was sent to labor camps, arrested, constantly harassed, threatened, and made financially bankrupt, causing him to be ill. The supervisors at the Weifang Institute ridiculed Mou Naiwu with acerbic language. Several days later Mou Naiwu showed symptoms of a stroke.

On the morning of June 8, 2004, Mou Naiwu's wife, Dai Xiaoping, called Li Wenquan, the secretary of the Physics Department at the Weifang Institute, and told him Mou Naiwu was in a critical condition. At around 4:00 p.m., Li Wenquan came to Mou Naiwu's home along with Lin Yonglian, head of the Security Office, and others. They interrogated Mou Naiwu's family as if they were criminals. Li Wenquan said, "If he [Mou Naiwu, who was unconscious at the time] writes a Guarantee Statement, he can get paid right away." Mou Naiwu's father-in-law, who is not a Dafa practitioner, argued with the perpetrators, and they changed their attitude.

After he was sent to a hospital, Mou Naiwu was diagnosed with a ruptured blood vessel in the brain, a condition requiring surgery. The doctor said, "At best he would become a vegetable after surgery. In cases such as his, most people with this kind of condition don't survive the surgery. Mou Naiwu's family discussed the options among themselves and decided against surgery, but decided he would stay in the hospital. That same day, Mou Naiwu's wife, Dai Xiaoping, asked Li Wenquan about who would stay with Mou Naiwu. Enforcer Li Wenquan replied, "I'll stay with him tonight, and tomorrow I'll think about sending other people."

Around 9:00 p.m. at night, the secretary of the physics department, Li Wenquan, left without telling anyone and was not heard from since. Dai Xiaoping called Li Wenquan, but he hung up the phone. So, Dai Xiaoping became the sole caretaker of her husband at night when the nurse was off-duty. For several days the institute ignored Mou Naiwu. Dai Xiaoping became exhausted after many nights in the hospital. She went to Li Wenquan who said, "I already asked the school heads and they said they will not send anyone." Dai Xiaoping said, "If the school doesn't want to send anyone, I can't take care of him on my own. Let me take him home so my daughter can help me." Li Wenquan agreed and Mou Naiwu was driven home.

In the evening, Mou Naiwu became critically ill and was rushed to the No. 2 People's Hospital for emergency treatment. He passed away early in the morning of June 13 at the age of 41.

After his passing, Mou Naiwu's family went repeatedly to the school heads and pleaded that since Mou Naiwu's family could not support themselves, the school should help out. The Weifang Institute gave Dai Xiaping 200 Yuan (1) after Li Wenquan admitted Mou Naiwu to the hospital, and nothing since.

On June 13, the day Mou Naiwu passed away, his brother and father-in-law, who has paralysis, went to Cheng Qingjun, the school Party secretary, and asked for reimbursement of Mou Naiwu's five-year suspended salary. Cheng Qingjun firmly refused and said, "We can't pay people who oppose the Party." Several days later, Dai Xiaoping and her mother went to the institute and saw Cheng Qingjun. They tried to talk to him but Cheng Qingjun waved his hands at the security guards who stretched out their arms and blocked the mother and daughter from approaching him. Lin Yonglian, head of the Security Division, and other persecutors walked up them, and scolded and pushed them. Dai Xiaoping later called Cheng Qingjun on the phone, but Cheng said, "I'm busy!" He hung up.

In late June, Dai Xiaoping wrote an article telling the truth about Mou Naiwu and sent it to the school. Li Wenquan said, "If you want money, talk about money, don't mention Falun Gong." Dai Xiaoping wrote a second request, only asking for the back pay. Li Wenquan said, "The school heads disapprove of your request. It's only right that we don't give you the back pay. You should only write about how difficult your family situation is, don't mention anything else." Dai Xiaoping wrote a third request according to Li Wenquan's specifications. During this period, Dai Xiaoping's father went to the school and waited from 9:00 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. in the hallway and eventually met Cheng Qingjun. Cheng said, "We'll deal with this after you have the body cremated." Then he left. Dai Xiaoping's father couldn't take the blow and his health declined. Dai Xiaoping and her family went to Cheng Qingjun numerous times afterwards but he kept making excuses.

On August 3, Dafa practitioners in Weifang City wrote a letter to Cheng Qingjun asking him to uphold justice on the Mou Naiwu issue. On August 5, Cheng Qingjun sent Song Qiyu, principal's assistant, Liu Yongsheng, head of the Human Resources Department, Wang, head of the Security Division, and Li Wenquan to Dai Xiaoping's home and told her, "We are here to let you know that Mou Naiwu wrote a resignation letter so he didn't belong to the Weifang Institute from that point on." Then they hurried off, despite Dai Xiaoping's questions.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the heads of a work unit would be fired, criticized, and have salary withheld if a Falun Gong practitioner from their work unit appealed for Dafa in Beijing. Out of the consideration, and trying not to create any troubles for his work unit, Mou Naiwu wrote a resignation letter in October 1999 before his planned appeal in Beijing, and submitted it to the school heads. His request was not approved, because the school heads wanted to control him, so Mou Naiwu was still a teacher at the school. In October 2003, the Weifang Institute took over the Weifang Weaving Technical Institute and Mou Naiwu was transferred to the Physics Department. His name was included in the faculty list, yet the perpetrators later claimed Mou Naiwu was not a part of the school.


Three years ago, in December 1999, when Cheng Qingjun was the secretary of the Weifang High Institute, a young teacher, Falun Gong practitioner Gao Hongjie, went to Beijing to appeal, and was held by his work unit for around ten days. Mr. Gao Hongjie is around 40 years of age and came from Anqiu City. Cheng Qingjun and other perpetrators extorted 10,000 Yuan from Gao Hongjie's father as "guarantee money." In May 2000, Gao Hongjie again went to Beijing to appeal. After detaining him for two weeks, the institute sent him to the Kuiwen District Detention Center and held him there for two weeks without notifying his family. Cheng Qingjun sent Gao Hongjie to a mental hospital affiliated with the Weifang City Civil Administration Bureau on June 16, 2000, and Gao Hongjie was held along with more than forty mental patients. After they learned this, Gao Hongjie's parents and brother went to the school heads many times asking for his release.

Although a hospital physical exam determined Gao Hongjie was completely healthy, the persecutors refused to release him for over 80 days. In early 2001, Gao Hongjie wrote a solemn statement announcing his return to Falun Gong practice. After learning this, Zhao Guangqiang, a branch school official, called Cheng Qingjun and broke the news. Cheng Qingjun said, "I know the heads of the Civil Administration Bureau. In a couple days we'll send Gao Hongjie back to the mental hospital." At noon the next day, Gao Hongjie loosened the handcuffs and escaped from the metal windows and was thus not sent to the mental hospital.

Related phone numbers:

Cheng Qingjun: secretary of the Weifang Institute Party Committee, 86-536-8785688(Office), 86-536-8261998 (Home),
Li Qingzhi: head of the Weifang Institute, 886-536-785669 (Office), 86-536-8863681 (Home)
Song Qiyu: principal's assistant at the Weifang Institute, 86-536-8785128 (Office), 86-536-8792206 (Home)
Liu Yongsheng: official at the Human Resource Department, 86-536-8785156 (Office) 86-536-8213102, 86-13869689158-669158
Li Wenquan: secretary of the Physics Department at the Weifang Institute, 86-536-8785376 (Office), 86-536-8794923 (Home)
Lu Huaixin: head of the the Physics Department at the the Weifang Institute, 86-536-8785276 (Office), 86-536-8791113 (Home)
Lin Yonglian: head of the Security Division at the Weifang Institute, 86-536-8785109 (Office)
Wang Yongsheng: secretary of the Security Division at the Weifang Institute, 86-536-8785109 (Office)

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.