(Clearwisdom.net) Because of his involvement in tapping into a local cable TV station to broadcast a Dafa truth-clarifying video in Shahe and Xingtai areas, practitioner Cheng Fengxiang from Yongnian County was arrested on January 28, 2004. Chen Jushan, head of the county's Political and Security Section, led the arrest. The officials used torture on the practitioner during the interrogation. To find out the location of the specific electronic device, the head of criminal police squadron Yuang Qingshe tortured Cheng Fengxiang with "Hammering Bamboo Sticks under the Fingernails"(1), which shocked even many police officers who witnessed the process.

Later, Cheng Fengxiang was sent to a detention center in the Fengfeng Mining Area in Handan City, and shortly afterwards, he was again transferred to Xingtai Detention Center. His wife Shuangqin was also arrested and detained in the Xingtai area. Mr. Cheng Fengxiang went on a hunger strike for over a month to protest the persecution. On August 2, he was sent to the No.3 Internal Medicine Section of Yongnian County No.1 Hospital, and it is suspected that Cheng Fengxiang's life is in danger. His family was prohibited from visiting him. Police tried to cover up the arrest and torture. The perpetrators told the hospital administration that Cheng Fengxiang was deranged and practicing fasting. Mr. Cheng is currently being force-fed several times a day.

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Yongnian County No.1 Hospital:

Zhang Lujun, chief administrator of the hospital, 86-310-6817993 ext 8138(Office), 86-310-6600076 (Home), 86-310-6822276 (Office)

Kang Xiaoshu, director of the No.3 Internal Medicine Department, 86-310-6817993 ext 8025(Office)

Liu Yumian (Kang Xiaoshu's wife), deputy head of the hospital 86-310-6829705

Kong Qinghong, hospital Party secretary, 86-310-6817993 ext 8002(Office), 86-13930022868(Cell), 86-310-6811673 (Office)

Hospital General Office: 86-310-6817993 ext 8011

Yang Qingshe, directly responsible for the persecution, head of the criminal police squadron, 86-310-6823958, 86-310-6855555

Chen Jushan, head of the Political and Security Section, 86-13930062689(Cell), 86-310-6822404 ext 5832

Wang Baoshi, head of Yongnian County Police Department, 86-310-6816888(Office), 86-310-6822404 ext.222, 86-13903104169 (Cell)

Liu Baohu, head of Yongnian County "610 Office" 86-310-6813610

Lu Qunliang, head of Yongnian County Political and Judiciary Committee, 86-310-6823865 (Office), 86-310-6821166 (Home), 86-13513106888 (Cell)

(1) "Hammering Bamboo Sticks under the Fingernails": the police hammer thin, sharpened bamboo sticks under the practitioner's fingernails. In the process, the fingernail will become completely ripped off. As one's nail beds are extremely sensitive, the hammering process causes excruciating pain. The police begin by hammering a bamboo stick into just one finger. If the practitioner still refuses to comply with their demands, they will then hammer bamboo sticks into more and more fingers, until they have mutilated all ten fingers.