1. Facts about the Vicious Persecution in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center
  2. Falun Gong Practitioners Brutally Persecuted in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center
  3. Sadistic Actions in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center: Authorities Shock Practitioners' Genitals Using 300,000-Volt Electric Batons
  4. Brutality in the Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center and Xin'an Labor Camp in Beijing: Police Hide Violence Behind Closed Doors
  5. Police in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center Sexually Assault Female Dafa Practitioners
  6. Facts of Police Brutality Against Practitioners in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center
  7. Guard in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center Admits: "We Have a Quota for Deaths"

1. Facts about the Vicious Persecution in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center


(Clearwisdom.net) In the year 2000, many Falun Gong practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor "re-education." Before being sent to any labor camp, they were sent to a "Holding Center" in Daxing County, Beijing.

At the holding center, policemen searched all the practitioners' belongings and even opened the stitches of their cotton-quilted clothing to make sure there was nothing hidden there. They also subjected the practitioners to abuse by beating them with fists, kicking them, and shocking them with electric batons.

One day in August, four female practitioners were brought in. They were all over 55 years old and they all had grandchildren. Their names are: Liu Jiaming, Wang Rulan, Chen Lihua. (The other's name is unknown.) Outside, in the front yard, they were forced to remove every piece of clothing before being searched, and then they had to re-sew their cotton-quilted clothing while they were still naked.

The male prisoners' cells were on the other side of the yard. Between the male and female cells, there was only a wire-fence, so the male prisoners could clearly see those naked female practitioners doing their sewing work. Some male guards were patrolling around the courtyard at that time, too.

Under their public oath of "serving and protecting the people," those policemen humiliated these kindhearted elderly ladies who were old enough to be their own mothers--ladies who would never fight back when they were beaten or sworn at. What is the difference between those policemen and other lawless criminals? Things like this happening in China, which exhibit a total lack of conscience on the part of those who do them, makes both the Chinese ancestors and their descendants feel ashamed.

On the first day at the holding center, every practitioner was beaten up and shocked with electric batons. The policemen asked the criminals (non-practitioners) to persecute Dafa practitioners:

One practitioner, Yu Hua, began to practice the Falun Gong exercise. He was then tied up on a bed.

On another occasion, a criminal knocked a female Dafa practitioner down to the floor and put his hands around her neck ferociously as if he were going to choke her to death.

Whenever Dafa practitioners wash their rice bowls or go to the restroom, they have to lower their head and avert their eyes to a certain degree while passing other inmates; otherwise they will get smashed on the head.

Dafa practitioners were not allowed to take showers, or wash their underwear for over two weeks in the hottest weather.

Three practitioners wanted to study Dafa, but the policemen shocked their necks with electric batons until blisters came up.

Dafa practitioners were watched over by drug addicts, and they were not allowed to talk at all.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2001/8/30/15619.html

2. Falun Gong Practitioners Brutally Persecuted in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center


(Clearwisdom.net) Li Aimin, the present Associate Director of Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, is in charge of discipline. He has independently plotted many atrocious acts of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Before coming to Tuanhe in November of 2001, he was the associate director of Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center

[Background: Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center is a place that gathers people sentenced to forced labor "re-education" (including Falun Gong practitioners) from various places for temporary detention, ranging from half a month to two months. The purpose is to give detainees inhuman, so-called "education of camp discipline." Then, the males will be transferred to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp and the females to Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp. The division was established in June 2000. It consists of four squadrons, the first three squadrons are for male detainees and the fourth squadron is for female detainees. There are four squads in a squadron and more than 30 people in a squad. In the summer of 2001, on the right hand side of the playground (at the right bottom of the sketch map) three buildings were constructed as housing for the first, second and third squadrons. Building1 and 2 have inner and outer iron gates and the fourth squadron was located on the right hand side of the Iron Gate # 2. In December 2001, the Division moved into the new buildings.]

Especially between June 2000 and June 2001, the whole division while under the direction of Li Aimin became a special place for brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

As soon as practitioners who were sent from the detention centers entered Iron Gate #1, the iron gate immediately closed automatically. About twenty policemen standing on each side formed two lines, each with an electric baton in hand, sandwiching practitioners between them. Then, they shouted out orders. "Stand, walk without your head being cocked, lower your head so you can see your toes, and put your hands before your belly. Now squat on your heels, cross the fingers of both hands and hold your head with two hands at the back of your head, with your two elbows inside both legs. Raising your head is absolutely prohibited." If anyone dared to disobey, the policemen would jump on him and rampantly shock him with the electric batons and kick him. Once when a female practitioner didn't lower her head, a fierce and malicious policewoman rushed towards her and kicked her breast causing her to fall down. Then, the policewoman grabbed the practitioner's hair and dragged her on the ground for more than ten meters. The policewoman had torn a handful of hair out of the practitioner's scalp, and at the same time decided to beat her brutally. There was a ruffian called Li Changsuo, who used very malicious means. For any practitioner who didn't lower his head, he would suddenly deliver a "chop" to the practitioner's neck with both his palms, causing the practitioner to lose consciousness and fall down to the ground.

Another form of persecution was to try to force a practitioner to write a "letter of guarantee" promising to give up the practice of Dafa. Every practitioner must write it. For any practitioner who refused, they immediately beat, kicked, and shocked him or her with electric batons in an unbridled way. If this didn't work, they would tie the practitioner on a bed or chair and shock him or her with electric batons, and try to hold his or her hand to write a "letter of guarantee."

In addition, everyone must wear red prison uniforms and shout out "reporting" many times before he or she could enter the squad. Seeing the terror in the division, all non-practitioners who had newly arrived trembled with fear. Some of them were so frightened that they wet their pants and were paralyzed with fear. You could hear everywhere the sounds of crackling electric batons burning people's skin, stern voices cursing, victim's screams of pain, and sometimes the shouting of "reporting" for a hundred times as a punishment for those who did not shout out "reporting" aloud. Each policeman had an electric baton in hand and could do whatever he liked. All that was going on around here was just violence.

What is described above is only the situation on the first day when one enters the division. The division is encircled with high walls, on which there is electrified wire netting. The division's iron gates are always shut, so that no one from outside would know of its existence. Right before foreign reporters visited Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp between March and April of 2001, all people imprisoned there were ordered from the division through the squad that they were absolutely forbidden to disclose to any reporter the existence of the division.

We ask that all practitioners who have escaped from Tuanhe and Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camps step forward. Pick up your pens to make known to the world your experience of persecution. Reveal to the public the truly evil faces of Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, Beijing's Xin'an Forced Labor Camp for Women (transferred into Beijing's Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp), and Beijing's Tiantanghe Training Center for the Legal System. Expose their monstrous lies that deceive the world's opinion. All of those lawbreaking policemen will be punished according to law.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.cc/mh/articles/2003/1/13/42702.html

3. Sadistic Actions in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center: Authorities Shock Practitioners' Genitals Using 300,000-Volt Electric Batons


January 29, 2003


Here we expose the crimes being committed under the direction of the vicious criminal policeman Li Aimin at the Holding center [a facility used for temporary detention of people sentenced to labor camps]:

Incident 1: Every morning at 5:30 a.m., there was a general roll call after getting up. Labor camp detainees from different units had to put their heads down, put their arms together and line up with small footsteps. After lining up, they had to perform repeated squats while facing the captain conducting the roll call. Their hands had to be behind their lowered heads with their fingers crisscrossed, and their elbows had to be pressed between their legs. They had to move vigorously. Some elderly detainees moved a bit too slowly and would be punished by having to do the movements for a few extra hours outside. Each person would only get about 1-2 minutes on average for washing their faces and brushing their teeth. Very often when one went to the toilet, as soon as they sat down, the captain from outside would scream at them to line up.

Incident 2: Having a meal. All three meals were eaten outside. Breakfast and dinner were pickled vegetables and "Swimming Chinese Cabbage" (soup with few pieces of cabbage) for lunch. Before each meal, each unit lined up and recited the rules of the labor camp, put the empty bowl on the ground, put two hands behind the head with fingers crisscrossed and then lowered their heads to wait for the call [to get rice]. Sometimes the vicious police officers intentionally used hot rice scoops to burn practitioners' hands for fun. After getting the rice the detainees had to immediately go to the open field where it was cold, put down the bowls and again put their hands behind their lowered heads. The detainees had to wait until the captain said "eat," regardless of whether the rice was frozen or their hands were stiff from the cold by the time they began to eat.

One day in April 2001, during the meal, a few Falun Gong practitioners courageously stood up and yelled out: "Dafa practitioners all stand up, release Dafa practitioners unconditionally and without any charge!" Immediately, the unit heads jumped up and forced practitioners to the ground. Very soon, a group of vicious policemen took a few electric batons that generate 300,000 volts of electricity [note: regular electric batons just generate a few thousand volts, 150,000 volt electric batons generate fire sparks and can cause bruises on contact; a short moment of shocking can generate burning smell of the skin] and dragged the few practitioners who had stood up to the captain's office. The rest of the few hundred people were all brought back to the cells by the captains, who closed all the doors and windows and did not allow anyone to leave. All of the detainees were terrified; their faces turned pale and their bodies were shaking, and even though the environment around them was noisy, people could still hear the sounds from the electric shocks and the screams from practitioners. A group of policemen tied practitioner Wu to a chair, and the practitioner passed out when shocked by the 300,000-volt electric baton. A few other practitioners were shocked with the high voltage batons on their necks and arms but the authorities mainly shocked their genitals. For those practitioners who wanted to stand up in the field but were forced to the ground, a large group of vicious policemen handcuffed their hands behind their back, forced them onto to the grass, and took turns shocking them with the high voltage electric batons. While performing this inhuman act, the policemen attempted to coerce the practitioners to slander Falun Dafa, and to give up practicing Falun Dafa. Later on at a camp meeting, the police also forced these practitioners to read aloud the guarantees promising to give up the practice of Dafa in front of all the detainees.

Beijing Labor camp information phone number: 86-10-1600225 (ask to be switched)
Tuanhe Labor Camp Management Department phone number: 86-10-61292590
Tuanhe Labor Camp Education Department phone number: 86-10-61292591
Beijing Labor Camp Bureau Head: Zheng Zhenyuan; Political Committee Member: Zhang Xingrong; Assistant Bureau Head: Dai Jianhai etc.
Beijing City Tuanhe Labor Camp Chief and Party Secretary: Zhang Jingsheng; Assistant Chief: Li Aimin (In November 2002, he was transferred from the Holding center to Tuanhe, he is a serious criminal); Zhao XX; Zhang XX; Du Qiwen
Tuanhe 2nd Team Grand Captain: Song XX; Assistant Grand Captain: Ni Zhenxiong; Zhao XX, He Kun; Captain: Li XX
Tuanhe 3rd Team Grand Captain: Grand Captain He; Assistant Grand Captain: Bai Zhongyin; Zhao Jiang; Grand Captain Yin; Captains: Liu Guoxi; Guo Junjun
Tuanhe 5th Team Grand Captain: Yang Baoli; Assistant Grand Captain: Yue Qingjin; Guo Jinhe; Grand Captain Zhang; Captains: Yue Weihua; Wei Guoping; Liu Bin; Captain Yang
Tuanhe 1st Team Assistant Captain: Wang Hua (He was the Captain of 2nd Team. He was mean and vicious)
Tuanhe 7th Grand Captain: Zhao Aiguo (Before January 4, 2002, he was the Grand Captain of the 3rd team. He was deceitful and vicious)
Tuanhe Management Department Head: Ren Baoling (male); Assistant Department Head: Gong Wei; Jiang Wenlai (He was the Grand Captain of the 2nd Team. He was very cruel in treating practitioners)
Tuanhe Education Department Heads: Jiang Haiquan (He is hypocritical but very vicious); Yang Jinpeng; Liao XX; Zhang Fuchao
Tuanhe ex-Assembly Training Team Grand Captain: Liu Jinbiao (On January 4, 2002, he was transferred to production department. He was very cruel in treading practitioners);
Ex-Assembly Team Captain: Zhang Yijun
Tuanhe Assembly Training Assistant Grand Captain: Xu Jianhua
Tuanhe Ex-Assistant Chief: Zhuang Xuhong (He was very cruel in treating practitioners)
Beijing City Female Labor Camp Assistant Chief: Li Jing (male)
Beijing City Female Labor Camp Captain: Li Jirong (He became the representative of 16th People Congress because he was extremely cruel in torturing practitioner); Jiao Xuexian

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.cc/mh/articles/2003/1/29/43593.html

4. Brutality in the Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center and Xin'an Labor Camp in Beijing: Police Hide Violence Behind Closed Doors


by a practitioner in China


I was unlawfully detained and sent to a forced labor camp because I resolutely practice Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). I personally experienced and witnessed how the evil people there persecuted Dafa practitioners.

In order to achieve their objective of persecuting Dafa practitioners, authorities from the Beijing Police Department and Labor Camp Administration Bureau secretly set up a Holding Office in Tuanhe Labor Camp specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The policewomen I saw at the Holding Office were all specially trained in torture methods and good at using electric batons. Immediately after Falun Gong practitioners were secretly detained here, criminals would search practitioners while policewomen would stand watch with their electric batons in hand. Whenever they didn't like you, they would shock you with electric batons. When practitioners were found carrying Falun Dafa books or articles, policewomen would shock them and criminals would curse and beat them together at the same time. After being searched, practitioners were forced to stand in the blazing heat of the summer sun, causing them to get sunburned. Practitioners were not permitted to go inside until late evening, and even after they were brought inside, they were not allowed to sit on chairs or beds but were forced to stand. Some practitioners were forced to stand for seven or eight days.

I was forced to stand for four days and my feet even became swollen from standing. After that, my swollen feet didn't recover for more than 3 weeks. There were criminals taking turns watching over Falun Gong practitioners 24 hours a day. They didn't allow practitioners to talk, communicate in any way, or even make casual movements, nor were practitioners allowed to smile at each other. Because police saw me smile at another practitioner, I was forced to squat down in a torture position for five hours. There was not any freedom for Falun Gong practitioners there. However, those real criminals who actually broke the law could freely talk and walk around. Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to raise their heads to look at police or even at other practitioners when they went to buy food or use the toilet, nor were they allowed to look at other rooms. If any practitioner raised her head and looked in a direction she was not supposed to, policewomen would immediately shout fiercely and then criminals would hit the practitioner's head. Every day, practitioners were given only two minutes to use the toilet, wash their faces, and brush their teeth, and during that time they would usually be beaten and cursed at by criminals. Practitioners had to go to the bathroom and return on time. Even if they didn't get a chance to use the toilet, practitioners still had to go back and had to wait to use the toilet until the next time.

Even in very hot weather, Dafa practitioners could only get a small amount of water every day. Water was supplied once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and at those times, each room of eight people was allowed only two basins of water. Practitioners were not allowed to take showers. They were not allowed to wash their bodies when they washed their faces, nor could they wash their clothes. Some practitioners secretly washed their underwear when they washed their face. If they were caught doing so by criminals or policewomen, the "light punishment" that practitioners received would be either to squat on a piece of square brick, be forced to remain perfectly still, or be forced to stand facing a wall with their nose touching the wall. The "heavy punishment" was that everyone in the same room as that practitioner was not allowed to wash. Criminals here conspired with policewomen and some criminals received rewards from police because they followed their orders to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The quality of their food was improved, or they would be reported to higher authorities for early release from the forced labor camp.

An elderly Falun Gong practitioner from a Beijing suburb asked to practice the exercises and went on a hunger strike to protest her unlawful detention and persecution. Policewomen asked criminals to tie her to a chair force-feed her. The cries of the old lady as she resisted the force-feeding were heartbreaking. Seeing fellow practitioners being persecuted, some other practitioners also started hunger strikes to ask for their right to practice the exercises, and police responded quickly by shocking them with electric batons. In order to cover up their dirty deeds, policewomen took practitioners to a room with the door and windows tightly shut. After closing the door, they would ask you if you still wanted to practice the exercises. If you said yes, some policewomen would pin you to the ground and keep shocking you with electric batons. Because I declared that I wanted to practice the exercises, policewomen fiercely grabbed my hair, held me down, and then shocked my neck and armpits with three electric batons. When I still expressed that I wanted to practice my exercises, they increased the torture to using five electric batons.

Policewomen held down some practitioners and then inserted electric batons under practitioners' arms, between their legs or breasts, shocking their genitals, etc. in order to mask the wounds. During the time when I was detained in the Holding Office, two practitioners were severely tortured because they asked to practice the exercises. They were shocked to the point of losing consciousness, and when they awoke they could not walk. The police were afraid that their evil actions would be exposed, so they carried the practitioners to criminals' cells and didn't let those practitioners come back until they could walk again. One time, police held a meeting for Falun Gong practitioners. After police gave a speech, they ordered everyone to applaud. Because the applause was not very loud, policewomen forced practitioners to squat down in a torture position for a long time after they were brought back to their rooms. Because the Tuanhe Holding Office detained a lot of Falun Gong practitioners, a small room that could only hold eight people was used to detain more than a dozen people. Some practitioners even had to sleep under the beds. The smell in the room was foul because the weather was hot and there were too many people crowded into one room and practitioners were not allowed to take showers or wash their clothes.

December is winter in Beijing and very cold, but police still didn't allow any rooms to close their doors. They forced practitioners to work more than twelve hours every day wrapping chopsticks for use in restaurants. Some practitioners' feet were frozen and frostbitten because police didn't allow them to close the doors. The existence of the Holding Office itself is evidence of the persecution of Falun Gong, and the grotesque actions of policewomen at the Holding Office are countless.

Sending practitioners to the Tuanhe Holding Office is just the first step toward sending them to Xin'an Labor Camp. Some practitioners were brought to the labor camp with injuries they had sustained at the Holding Office. On the way to Xin'an Labor Camp, policewomen would handcuff two practitioners together and force them to kneel down in the van facing the back of the van. Police did not allow practitioners to raise their heads so as not to let people outside see them. The van looked empty from outside, and the kind-hearted people on the street could not see how the police persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Some police cars would lead the way in the front and some cars were escorting from behind.

Xin'an Labor Camp is another place where they persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Policewomen organized evil people to surround, attack and torture practitioners. If practitioners didn't give up practicing Falun Gong, they were not allowed to sleep and were forced to read materials slandering Falun Gong. Practitioners had to stand facing a wall and were not allowed to sleep until close to the time to get up in the morning. Practitioners would then be made to get up right after they lied down. Sometimes, because practitioners refused to give up practicing, policewomen would incite drug addicts to beat them, or they would send practitioners to a special "training room" for 24 hour a day monitoring. In the basement, policewomen could use any method they wanted to torture practitioners at will. Since people could not enter the training room freely, no outsider could find out what was going on there. If Falun Gong practitioners were caught practicing the exercises in the training room, the monitoring staff would call policewomen over to maliciously punish them. Because no one could see them, the police shocked practitioners' faces and mouths with electric batons until their faces became swollen and deformed. If practitioners were still resolute, police would assign someone to watch them closely, and they would also extend the time period of illegal forced labor.

Because they spared no effort in persecuting Falun Gong, some police officers were promoted and thus marketed to the police in Beijing their "expertise" regarding how to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Police proclaim to the outside world that Falun Gong practitioners are living a good life in labor camps and that "everyone has a potted flower and a pet gold fish." In fact, those fish were brought by Falun Gong practitioners' families because police ordered them to do so when they came to visit practitioners. Police wanted to use such things to cover their brutal treatment of Falun Gong practitioners.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the Tuanhe Holding Office and Xin'an Labor Camp.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/4/15/48429.html

5. Police in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center Sexually Assault Female Dafa Practitioners


May 30, 2003


Wang Chao, a policeman in the Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center, brutally beat Sun Li, a Dafa practitioner from Dalian City, Liaoning Province. He also sexually assaulted her, groping and stepping on her private areas while using abusive language.

Ma Xiuyun, a Beijing Dafa practitioner, was hung by her handcuffed wrists for 7 days and nights because she refused to cooperate with the police. She was brutally beaten and not given any food or water, which caused her to lose control of her bowels. On the eighth day, she was stripped naked in front of many people (including men and women) and thrown into a rest room.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/5/30/51307.html

6. Facts of Police Brutality Against Practitioners in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center



(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of June 28, 2000, police went to my house trying to detain me but I happened to be out at that time. After that, I had to run away from home and was at large, drifting here and there for almost 10 months. Then on April 10, 2001, at around 2 a.m., police broke into my temporary residence, I was startled from sleep and a gang of police offices jumped on me. That began my life in jail.

The following serves as my personal account exposing the crimes of the police at Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center . After being held in a regular detention center and before being unlawfully sentenced, those falsely arrested Beijing practitioners are illegally detained in this concentration camp, known as the "Labor Camp Holding Center." Police here commit serious crimes in their persecution of practitioners.

On May 29, 2001, several fellow practitioners and I were sent to this center located in a Beijing suburb. Upon our arrival, two police teams came out from behind a big iron gate and lectured us with stern words. Then they told us to form two lines, male and female, and keep our heads down. The young lady practitioner in front of me at first stood holding her head high but was forced to yield after being shocked repeatedly with an electric baton. After we had entered the gate, police repeated the order for us to keep our heads down. One policeman shouted at me, "The white haired one in No. 4 keep your head down!" and then a policewoman rushed forward to punch me in the head. They did not scare me but made me think scornfully of the police.

The police took us along a twisting path to a courtyard in an old torn down gray building. They ordered us to put both hands behind our heads and squat on the ground. Then called us one by one to the office for copying and signing a "Guarantee Letter." The lead policewoman sat in a chair. She had the non-cooperating practitioners squat around her so she could keep kicking them with her pointy-toed boots. She also punished us by forcing us to keep our heads down between our thighs with both feet close together. She forced us stay out in this painful squatting position all night long and be bitten by swarms of night mosquitoes.

Later we were forced to stand still facing a wall. To torture us, no movement was allowed rain or shine for 24 hours. Some practitioners incurred big blisters on their knees due to long-term exposure to the hot sun. The police also forced Falun Gong practitioners to remove their clothes for a "search" in order to humiliate us. Furthermore, police personnel tore our clothes into ragged pieces.

Only when night arrived, were we sent to our education unit. At the unit, the unit police leader lectured and cursed us then forced us to shout out loud "Report to the unit!" and "Yes Sir!" or "Yes Ma'am!" They declared that from now on we should shout out these words while entering a door. If we were not loud enough, we were to repeat it again and again until we lost our voice.

In the education unit, Dafa practitioners were deprived of all our basic human rights. The unit police leaders arbitrarily jumped on us, cursing and beating us at will.

We had no freedom or privacy at all. They did not leave us alone even to go to the toilet. The authorities would only permit us two minutes for our restroom break after forcing us to go through the humiliating procedure of asking for permission from three levels of authorities stating with the police group leader, unit leader, and team leader. Sometimes they told us to go to the bathroom in a group, hands on the backs of our heads, walking bent at a 90-degree angle to the thigh, then stomping each step with a pounding sound. If it were not loud enough, the escorting police officer would hit your head hard. While sitting on the toilet, they had an officer sit across from us to watch us. In this ugly environment, I could only move my bowels a few times a month at best.

Only 5 minutes were allowed for morning teeth-brushing and face-washing (for the group). When the time ran out the police officers would force us to stop and dump out the water. So generally we could not brush our teeth, but only rinsed once in a while and then spit out bloody water.

Ten more practitioners were confined to a small room of 130 square feet with 4 bunk beds. So the remainder of the practitioners slept on the floor under the bed. They had to stick out their heads for the police inspection. The space under the bed was very dirty and full of flies and mosquitoes. At night, the room would be locked after the nightly body search and roll call. A small bucket by our heads served as the toilet. We were under surveillance even in sleep; A few times I was awakened and accused of doing the Falun Gong exercises in my sleep.

We slept little every day and had to work very hard upon waking up. For example, when we were packaging chopsticks we were expected to carry, load or unload bags of 130 pounds or more. If the task were not complete, there would be no shower or sleep and no changing of clothes (in the summer). This center depended on our slave labor for extra income.

No talk was allowed between Falun Gong practitioners while a non-practitioner detainee was inserted in between two practitioners in order to watch us. The only communication among us practitioners was to glance and smile at each other. Inside the center, the police kept trying new ways to harass practitioners.

In the camp we not only suffered police tortures but also received insults from other criminals. Besides the usual tortures as mentioned above, there were some more inhuman punishments. Such as "flying an airplane"- squatting for a long time with both hands raised up behind the back with the head bent down; squatting up and down more than 300 times; and more disgusting the police tactic of shocking female practitioners' genitals with electric batons.

After a little more than 30 days detention in the camp, I was tortured to the point where I only weighed 90 some-odd pounds. What I just stated is only a small part of our suffering and the mental trauma is beyond words. Human language is unable to describe it.

Later I was transferred to Beijing's Xin'an Labor Education Camp, also known as the Beijing female forced labor camp. Originally it had started with only one division with 100 detainees and later expanded to add 6 more divisions, reserved for Falun Gong practitioners detained illegally. The only purpose of the program of torture is to damage us physically and mentally so as to cause practitioners to collapse, and then force us to sign the Guarantee Letter renouncing our belief and abandoning Falun Gong, against our will. For this purpose, the evil police use all available methods to harass practitioners who are only following the principle of Truthfulness -- Compassion -- Forbearance in our daily lives. How could we give it up?

There are practitioners of all walks of life being illegally detained there -- from illiterate farmers, to college professors, from young people to 70-year-old senior citizens. We have one thing in common; we firmly believe in the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our practice of Falun Gong. Even the camp's police leader admitted, "Never has never happened before that so many senior citizens and women have been put in jail." However, almost none of the Dafa practitioners have renounced their belief. We are able to endure the horrendous suffering and tribulations as well as insults and tortures because nothing is wrong in firmly believing in Truthfulness -- Compassion -- Forbearance. We are right to behave as good people so we are innocent. Dafa is most righteous. We the Dafa practitioners shall never be crushed by the evil.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/6/1/51416.html

7. Guard in Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center Admits: "We Have a Quota for Deaths"



Beijing Labor Camp Holding Center moved to a new address at the end of 2001. Every one of the people who were sent to labor camps through this holding center was forced to do one particular "ceremony."

They were taken to a place away from their dormitory. Two rows of fully armed police stood several feet away from each other. All had electric batons in hand. A policeman stood in the front. All the people going to the forced labor camps, including Falun Gong practitioners, were ordered to squat down with hands around their heads. Then the police officer in front held up a shiny knife and started to give them a lesson, "From now on you are a person in 'forced labor education'." Then the policemen and policewomen sent the newcomers to their dormitories, shouting along the way.

Since many Falun Gong practitioners had endured all kinds of torture before being sent to the labor camps, many of them had wounds and injuries from the torture. Also, many practitioners had gone on hunger strikes in the detention centers to protest the illegal detention. So many of them were very weak. It was difficult for them to walk fast while carrying their luggage. The police then said viciously, "Don't think you will get released for having health problems. Even if you die, it doesn't matter. We have a quota for deaths."

Chinese version available at http://minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/7/30/54856.html