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In Dawa County, Panjing City, Liaoning Province, family members of elderly Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ning Bo sued police officers Zhang Mingjiang and Gao Xianbao, for severely beating Mr. Ning. They filed their suit with the procurator's office, but so far the office has been unresponsive to this case. Ning Bo's family members have enquired at the procurator's office for information on the proceedings of the case, but the procurator replied that, according to legal proceedings, the accusation materials have already been sent to the People's Court. They told Ning Bo's family members that they needed to continue to wait, but they did not say for how long.

One week ago, Ning Bo was secretly put on trial, but none of the other departments related to the case were told of the trial. Ning Bo's family members went to see the heads of the procurator's office stationed at the detention center, Ma Minghai, and Zhao Kai (Procurator Section Chief). Ma Minghai said: "The old man's case has already been dealt with." When the family members asked for the results of the case, Ma Minghai responded that Zhao Kai had already taken the records. When the family members asked Zhao Kai about the case, he said that he did not know the results. It was obvious that he was concealing something.

Ning Bo's family members went to the detention center to visit the elderly man, but the detention center's chief, Deng Guorong, refused to let them see him.

Dawa County People's Procurator's Office, Panjin City, Liaoning Province:

Chief Prosecutor - Zhai Deli
86-427-2801638 (Office); 86-13364272888 (Mobile)
Assistant Prosecutor - Li Xianhua: 86-427-2681621 (Office); 86-427-6862808 (Home); 86-13364277779 (Mobile)

Assistant Prosecutor - Liu Yixue: 86-427-2681603 (Office); 86-427-6868448 (Home); 86-13188556608 (Mobile)

Assistant Prosecutor - Zhang Chongliang: 86-427-2681619 (Office); 86-427-6900588 (Home); 86-13942731466 (Mobile)

Section Chief - Xiang Lidong: 86-427-2681602 (Office)

Procurator's office stationed in the Detention Center in Dawa County of Panjin City

Section Chief - Zhao Kai: 86-427-2681601 (Office)

Other contact information related to the persecution of Ning Bo:

Dawa County Politics and Law Secretary - Ding Xiqing: 86-427-6862905
Dawa County Police Department Chief - Yang Wanguo: 86-427-2684201
Dawa County Deputy Police Department Chief - Liu Jingli: 86-427-2684007
Dawa County Detention Center 86-427-2684130
Xi'an Police Station Police Inspector - Zhang Mingjiang: 86-427-6870056 (Home); 86-427-8892541 (Office)
Police Station Observation Room: 86-427-8892110
Zhang Mingjiang's wife, Wang Chunxiang, Tangjia National Clinical Center: 86-427-6870166