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Ms. Nie Qinghui, 70, born on August 4, 1934, is of Han nationality, and is the mother of the victim, Zhu Xia. Her address is No. 1, Entrance 3, No. 4 Building, No. 5 Jinrong Lane, Guangrong Residential Section, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

Mr. Wang Xiao, born April 24, 2000, is the son of the victim, Zhu Xia. His address is No. 1, Entrance 3, No. 4 Building, No. 5 Jinrong Lane, Guangrong Residential Area, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.


Zhang Xiaofang, female, is around thirty five years old, and is head of the No. 7 Section of Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. She lives in the labor camp's residential quarters.

He Yuanfu; male, Han nationality, head of the "610 Office" in Guangrong Residential Section in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

The head of Guranrong Police Station, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, and all police officers in that station.

All staff members working at the following brainwashing centers: Pengzhou City, Pi County of Chengdu City, and Xinjin County of Chengdu City.


  1. The above listed defendants' deliberate criminal behavior is responsible for causing the disability of victim Zhu Xia, and is in violation of the Chinese Constitution.
  2. The defendants listed above are required to take financial responsibility to compensate the victim for physical and mental damages.

Statement of facts:

On October 1, 1999, the newspaper Business Morning in Chengdu City claimed Falun Gong to be a "XX cult" in a report that was written purposely to defame Falun Dafa. The couple Wang Shilin and Zhu Xia went to the newspaper to explain the facts about Falun Gong. Zhu Xia, who had been pregnant for several months at that time, and her husband were illegally detained for 15 days by police who charged them with "disturbing social order" simply because they wanted to have a calm chat with the news editors to set the record straight and obtain a retraction of the fabricated report. As a result of their efforts, which were not against the law, the police took notice of them and targeted them for persecution.

Around the 2000 New Year's Day, in accordance with the Constitution and Appeals Regulations, Zhu Xia and her husband Wang Shilin went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Zhu Xia, still pregnant, was illegally detained at Xindu Detention Center and Wenchuan Taiyangdao Detention Center, and was later put under house arrest in her hometown in Arbei Region of Sichuan Province for over ten days.

When she was released and had returned home, she was immediately put under close surveillance by Guangrong Police Station personnel. Li Hong, police officer/registrar, ordered Zhu Xia to sit in the police station reception room all day long, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Zhu Xia was not allowed to go home for lunch. Except for going to restroom, she was not allowed to walk around. People knowing the situation said, "Not eating all day long may not be a problem for an adult. But the child inside the mother needs to eat!" The police forced her to skip the daytime meal for two weeks. Finally, the head of the police station, Du, gave permission for Zhu Xia to have lunch at home.

When the Spring Festival came, Zhu Xia was still not allowed to stay at home. Her mentally ill father, whose condition was brought on due to his being persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, also has heart and lung problems, and was home alone during the Chinese New Year. One month prior to the baby's birth, Zhu Xia was finally allowed to stay at home. However, the police still didn't leave her alone, though. Without any legal cause, the local police continued to monitor Zhu Xia and her mother, tracking their whereabouts. Even going to grocery stores required a report to them. The authorities deprived Zhu Xia and her family members of all their personal freedom and subjected them to great mental pressure.

Whenever so-called sensitive dates arrived, such as the Spring Festival and New Year's Day, while other families enjoyed the holidays, Zhu Xia's family would have a hard time. The local police kept coming to their home and ordering them to write the statement to indicate they would give up Falun Dafa cultivation. The Jinniu District "610 Office" persecutors held brainwashing classes to force people to give up their beliefs. They even threatened to send them to a forced labor camp if they persisted in their belief. For refusing to write a "Guarantee Statement," Zhu Xia's mother had twice been sent to a brainwashing class for several months.

Just about 20 days after Zhu Xia gave birth, the head of Guangrong Police Station and the registrar police officer, Li Hong, started to come to her home to harass her. They threatened Zhu Xia and told her if she refused to give up her belief, her child could be sent to an orphanage. Later the local police tried all kinds of ways to abduct Zhu Xia and her mother and send her severely ill father to other relatives in Arbei Region. They didn't succeed because of Zhu Xia's whole family strongly opposed it.

In December 2000, Zhu Xia's husband, Wang Shilin, was unlawfully arrested by personnel from Xinhuaxilu Police Station. When Zhu Xia paged her husband, the police tricked her into coming to the police station with the ruse that her husband had a car accident. When Zhu Xia went to the police station, showing no scruples, the police tied her up and interrogated her for hours. But they didn't get any information from her.

After that incident, Guangrong Police Station enforcers started to monitor and harass her family around the clock. Police cars were seen at all the entrances to her home. Guangrong police forbade Zhu Xia's family to go outside of their home, and her entire family lost their personal freedom. When Zhu Xia attempted to go out with the baby and her mother, they were taken to the police station. The police characterized their actions against the family as, "This is a conflict against an enemy and the fight to live or die!" Zhu Xia and her family had been detained, arrested, beaten, and they suffered all kinds of abuse and mistreatment under the persecution, for a long period of time. They had no place to redress such injustice. They had reported their situation to the related government branches and asked them to stop the persecution. Instead, the situation didn't improve, but became worse, and the police persecuted her and her family more viciously.

On New Year's Day in 2001, Zhu Xia went to Beijing with her eight-month-old baby to appeal. She was arrested and suffered beatings. The police struck the baby with their police baton once and on another ocassion, the police whipped the baby with a belt causing it to scream in pain. After she was sent back to her home town, Guangrong police tried all kinds of methods on a daily basis to force her to renounce her belief in Falun Dafa. He Yuanfu from the local "610 Office" made all kinds of arrangements to monitor her. When Ms. Zhu left home, several people would follow her, even all the way to her mother's home. On any dates that were considered to be sensitive due to public holidays or political gatherings, there were police cars at the gate and police officers monitoring their movements at their back door.

In early March 2001, the neighborhood committee office informed Zhu Xia that she must attend a brainwashing class. To avoid further persecution, Zhu Xia had no other way but to leave home. But on April 11, when Zhu Xia she was found and arrested. Local police sent her to a detention center, but the detention center refused to accept her since she needed to breastfeed the baby. Police officer Li Hong tried hard to have her admitted, but failed. They had to send her home. Almost thirty police were dispatched to monitor her. Although Zhu Xia's family suffered endless persecution, they still treated those who monitored them with a kind heart. Every day they would prepare two thermos bottles of hot water (a sign of hospitality in China) and benches for them. They clarified the truth of Falun Gong to them and told them of the persecution they suffered. However, as soon as her baby was one year old, Zhu Xia was arrested.

Zhu Xia was held at Ningxiajie Detention Center for four months, during which time she was forced to wear handcuffs and shackles for an entire month, which made her feet and hands swell severely. He Yuanfu from the local "610 Office" prepared the charges against her, in order to send her to do forced labor. During the investigation, many of the charges were found to be untrue. For example, the accusation of her having overseas contacts had been fabricated out of thin air. Because of lack of evidence, eventually her sentence was changed to one and half years of forced labor.

After Zhu Xia was sent to Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong, Zhu Xia's mother approached He Yuanfu at the local "610 Office" many times to ask him to pass some clothes and money to her daughter. He Yuanfu always found excuses to refuse or to fool the old lady. For example, on a Friday morning in the middle of July of 2002, He Yuanfu said he would go to see Zhu Xia the next Monday, but on the afternoon of that day he sent someone to inform Zhu Xia's mother that he would have meetings for several days and couldn't go to the camp after all. However, the next Tuesday, when Zhu Xia's mother went there again, she saw him sitting in his office. There were no meetings.

Zhu Xia was subjected to even more inhumane mistreatment, torture, and persecution at Nanmusi Female Labor Camp. According to witnesses who had been in the labor camp, starting in May 2002, the labor camp resorted to diabolic torture methods to try to force Zhu Xia to give up her faith. The tortures were so cruel that even after reading the description of the tortures, we may still have no way to fully understand the pain that the victim experienced, both physically and mentally. The following are merely several examples of torture that were used in the labor camp, from which we can see the abject cruelty of the tortures in the labor camps during the time of "the best human rights era in China," as Jiang's regime has claimed, and the true nature of the reforming (brainwashing) imposed upon Falun Gong practitioners in the manner described as "a gentle breeze and a mild rain."

Example 1: Zhang Xiaofang, No. 7 Division chief of Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Sichuan Province ordered two drug addicts to stuff Zhu Xia's mouth with a dirty rag, and then dragged her over the rough, gritty, gravel and sand-covered ground. When she was dragged to where an electronic monitor was placed, they stopped dragging her and started to laugh and chat, because they were afraid of being seen on the monitor. After passing through the monitored area they would resume the dragging. When one group of them became tired, another group took over. The badly bruised skin on Zhu's hips and legs were full of sand and gravel and covered with blood. Even when seeing that Zhu Xia's life was in danger, persecutor Zhang still did not stop. Instead, she changed torture methods, and ordered more than a dozen inmates to simultaneously attack Zhu Xia. Some spat on her, some pulled her hands and feet, and others held her down and beat her. They did not stop until they became tired from the beating and verbal abuse. When Zhu Xia lost consciousness during the heat of the summer when the temperature was as high as 38¡ãC [100¡ãF], they revived her by dousing her with cold water. By now Zhu Xia was unable to stand up. Zhang called in a doctor and ordered him to pick out the sand and gravel from her body, but there was no way for the doctor to remove them. Zhang also demanded that Zhu Xia pay a large amount of money for the medical treatment.

Example 2: Zhang Xiaofang ordered the drug addicts to put a long bench on the ground and then put bricks on the bench. She then forced Zhu Xia to sit on the bench. After that, they placed bricks on Zhu Xia's legs. Zhang then had someone sit on the bricks and rock back and forth. She also gagged Zhu Xia's mouth so that no one could hear her painful screams.

Example 3: Zhang Xiaofang often grabbed Zhu Xia's hair and then smashed her head against a wall. While beating her, Zhang sneered, "I'll smash you to death! I'll smash you to death! Nobody will know if I throw you into a ditch in the mountains! I'll smash your head and give you a concussion! Make you go mad!" When she became tired, she would tell the drug-addicts to take over. One time Zhang's bracelet broke when she beat Zhu Xia. Zhang lied, saying that Zhu Xia broke it and ordered Zhu Xia to pay for it.

Example 4: There are many methods commonly used to torture practitioners in the forced labor camp, such as forbidding practitioners to use the restroom, bathe, do any kind of washing, change clothes, or change a feminine sanitary pad. The guards ordered others to humiliate and verbally abuse the practitioner, or exposed her to the scorching sun in the summer or the cold weather in the winter. The practitioner was stripped naked and then doused with buckets of dirty water, until soaking wet. She was only allowed to sleep three hours each day, and sometimes was not allowed to sleep at all, but instead had to stand in an "army corps" posture, facing the wall, for the whole night. During the daytime, she would be forced to sit or stand in "army corps" postures. When in the "army corps" sitting posture, she was forced to sit on a plastic stool that was only 20 cm. high (eight inches), keeping the feet together, bending the upper and lower legs in a 90 degree angle, making the upper body and the upper legs to form a 90 degree angle, keeping fingers together and then putting the hands on the upper legs, straightening the back, raising the head and showing no facial expressions or mouth movement. Any mouth movement was considered as the practitioner reciting Master's articles. The practitioner could not close her eyes, otherwise she would be considered to be meditating. Moving any part of the body would result in beating with spiked wooden clubs and batons, or punching and kicking. When a practitioner was forced to sit in an "army cops" position, the members of the Inmate-Discipline Committee, formed of male drug-addicts, would hold spiked wooden clubs and electric batons, and watch over the practitioner. Being tortured this way for just a short while would make the practitioner suffer from intolerable pain in the hips and back. After sitting this way for several days, her buttocks would be covered with ulcerous scabies, causing the practitioner to feel extremely itchy and painful. When sitting or standing in the "army cops" postures, the practitioner was forbidden to move at all or to even blink her eyes.

Zhang Xiaofang often walked back and forth in front of Zhu Xia. She frequently incited inmates to beat, verbally abuse, or otherwise humiliate Zhu Xia. If Zhu Xia moved even a little, Zhang would grab Zhu Xia's hair and smash her head against a wall. To convince those former practitioners who had been reformed (brainwashed) to fiercely beat Zhu Xia, the guard told the brainwashed persons that the reformation was false, and they had failed to closely follow the central government's orders if they did not follow orders and beat Zhu Xia hard enough.

Zhu Xia and other Dafa practitioners were often hung up in a big tree. Sometimes, when Zhu Xia heard miserable screams from the other practitioners who were being tortured, she would rush out to try to stop the beating. After Zhu Xia was taken back, the guards would torture her in the same way. If she staged a hunger strike, she would be subjected to cruel force-feeding and other even more barbaric torture. What Zhang Xiaofang did to Zhu Xia caused severe damage to her physical and mental health.

On October 27, 2002, Ms. Zhu's time in the labor camp was up, but He Yuanfu and others from the "610 Office" in Guangrong community transferred her directly from the labor camp to the Pi County Brainwashing Center for continuing detention and brainwashing. She was tortured and detained there for nearly six months. The brainwashing center forced Zhu Xia to say that the paperwork that He Yuanfu had previously prepared before sending her to the labor camp was correct. They tried to force Zhu Xia to write "a guarantee letter" [indicating tbe practitioner is giving up Falun Gong practice], otherwise they would forever detain her there. It was already the middle of March when she was let out to go home. Ms. Zhu Xia, who originally weighed 60 kg. [132 lbs], was now very thin and unrecognizable. To achieve the goal of continuously watching her, He Yuanfu arranged for Zhu Xia to work in an activity center for senior citizens.

On June 9, 2003, Zhu Xia suddenly disappeared. An investigation revealed that He Yuanfu and others from the Guangrong Community "610 Office" had abducted her. Later, a practitioner who had been detained in the Pengzhou Brainwashing Center was able to prove that Zhu Xia had also been detained in that brainwashing center. By then, due to the abuse she had endured from being persecuted, Zhu Xia was unable to speak coherently and had become disoriented. She often said things that did not make any sense, and showed symptoms of delusion. However, instead of releasing her, He Yuanfu and others transferred Zhu Xia to Pi County Brainwashing Center and Xinjin County Brainwashing Center for further brainwashing and persecution. It was not clear when the transfers occurred. They also paraded Zhu Xia through the streets and humiliated her. These physical abuses, mistreatments, and mental torment aggravated her symptoms. By April 2, 2004, when Zhu Xia was released and sent back to her home, she still experienced symptoms of delusion. She kept crying, laughing, swearing, pounding the door or the windows, relieving herself everywhere, tearing the stuffing out of her quilt, and other odd behaviors. She often covered her head with her hands and loudly screamed in fear, "Do you want to rape me?" (Sadly, Zhu Xia's four-year old child has learned to repeat this sentence.) She also said that she had not slept with anyone for over twenty years, and this was something she could not bear, and she particularly disliked those dirty men. When she spoke these things, she often cursed the following persons: Lu Zhonghua, Wu Bo, Chen Ying, Zhao Wei, Liu Wei, and others. She also asked her mother to call Wu Bo and others to ask them to behave themselves. From the reactions that Zhu Xia showed after she had the mental collapse, it was most likely that she was raped by the authorities when she was detained in the brainwashing centers. She either had a collapse after the severe mental trauma as a result of the rape or the trauma had caused her condition to become worse. Zhu Xia is now in a state of complete mental collapse and her condition is very serious. This has caused my whole family, relatives, and friends to suffer tremendously. We are in deep sorrow and are very indignant over this situation.

After consulting with many concerned people including law professors and attorneys, we believe that as a Chinese citizen, Zhu Xia's legal and human rights should be protected by the state and government's political and judicial departments, as it is stipulated in the Chinese Constitution. According to Chinese Criminal Law, the earlier mentioned defendants have committed severe crimes!

Zhang Xiaofang, in her position as the No. 7 Division chief of Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Sichuan Province, committed crimes while supposedly engaged in enforcing the law. This woman incited others to mistreat Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhu Xia, threatened her, and was personally involved in brutally torturing, mistreating, and beating her. According to the Chinese Criminal Law, she committed many crimes, including crimes of mistreating detainees, intentionally hurting others, depriving citizens of their freedom of belief, humiliating others, abusing her power, plus many other criminal deeds.

According to the criminal law, the Guangrong Police Station chief and police officers there have committed crimes of illegal detention, depriving citizens of their freedom of belief, abusing their power, bending the law for personal benefits, as well as crimes of obtaining confessions by violence, mistreating detainees, intentionally hurting others, and the crime of invading others' homes.

According to the criminal law, He Yuanfu, head of Guangrong District "610 Office" has committed crimes of abusing his power, slandering and framing others, bending the law for personal benefits, as well as crimes of abduction and illegal detention.

According to the criminal law, staff members of the Pengzhou Brainwashing Center, Pi County Brainwashing Center, and Xinjin County Brainwashing Center have committed crimes of depriving citizens of their freedom of belief, mistreating detainees, intentionally hurting others, and the crime of rape.

We demand the Chinese government's law enforcing bodies uphold justice, support the innocent people, and punish the above-named criminals according to the law.


Plaintiffs: Ni Qinghui and Wang Xiao

July 22, 2004