(Clearwisdom.net) The distinguishing feature of the distribution of practitioners in Germany is that although there are not many people in every city, practitioners are scattered everywhere. There are practitioners and practice sites in many small cities, even in the countryside. On September 4, practitioners in Aschaffenburg, W¨¹rzburg, Regensburg, Waldshut, and Trier simultaneously held Information Days. Practitioners from surrounding areas also joined the activities. There are only a few practitioners in every city, but their righteous actions with righteous thoughts ensured that the Information Day and the Anti-Torture Exhibition had a very good effect.

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Introducing Falun Dafa and collect signature in downtown Trier

Introducing Falun Dafa in Waldshut
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Falun Gong practitioners holding live anti-torture exhibit

People wait in line to sign our petition

In the city center of W¨¹rzburg, people stopped in front of a cage holding a Chinese female practitioner. A Chinese man in police uniform was standing beside the cage, holding an electric baton in his hands. Some people concentrated their attention on the big display boards with text and pictures of the brutal torture, while others were listening to a German practitioner explaining what is happening in China. Many people silently walked towards the desk and signed the petition. The petition sheets prepared in advance ran out very quickly and practitioners had to photocopy many more.

Two German practitioners spent the whole day letting people know the truth ceaselessly. A seventy-five year old German practitioner whose legs were disabled, persisted in handing out leaflets until the end of the activity.

Why are you beating this lady?

There was an episode during the torture exhibition, a German gentleman with a sense of justice interrogated the practitioner acting as policemen, "Why are you beating this lady?!" When he realized that the practitioners were acting out what was happening in the labor camps and prisons in China, he was really shocked.

"Let's see this devil, then for your whole like you will not forget how an evil and shameless devil looks like."

There was a family standing in front of the picture of Jiang Zemin, the father said, "Let's see this devil, then for your whole like you will not forget how an evil and shameless devil looks like." Then the whole family stood there, looking carefully, and memorized the evil shameless devil's appearance.

More and more people want to learn Falun Gong

The practitioners in Regensburg realized that with the speed of the Fa-rectification, the obstacles preventing people from understanding Falun Dafa were getting weaker and weaker, and more and more people want to learn the practice. Some new practitioners who have not finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time also came out to hand out leaflets and let people know the truth. There were also several passersby wanting to learn the practice. In Trier, a passerby told our practitioners that he knew of Falun Gong, he used to practice Falun Gong about two years ago and he always wanted to start it again. He said he never thought that he would see Falun Gong in Trier. He was very glad to know that he could resume the practice with another practitioner in Trier.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200409/22176.html