Story 1:

Practitioner A of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province quit her Falun Gong practice after the illegal persecution started in 1999. One day she went to see a doctor because of her high blood pressure. She told the doctor that she had not needed to take any medication for over six years, but now the problem had come back, so she had to come to the hospital. The doctor asked her right away why she didn't have to take any medication, and she said she used to practice qigong. The doctor asked her if it was Falun Gong. She said yes. The doctor then said: "You didn't need any medicine in the past six years because of your practice of Falun Gong. Why don't you hurry up and resume your practice?

Story 2:

A senior citizen suffering from diabetes in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, knows practitioner B. B explained to her the truth about Falun Gong quite often. B also gave her Falun Gong books and cassette tapes to listen to. The elderly woman took good care of the books and listened to the tapes over and over. In the beginning, she was too sick to walk and had been hospitalized for a long time. Her doctor commented that she was unlikely to recover. However, this elderly lady has now been discharged and can walk with a cane. Her doctor is very surprised and said that the she must have accumulated a lot of virtue in her past lives, otherwise, such a miracle could not have happened.