(Clearwisdom.net) A person's single thought towards Dafa had a direct influence on the future of his life.

On the fifth year of my abduction into the labor camp, I secretly told a young drug addict who had been kind to me, "Today is Teacher's birthday and it is also World Falun Dafa Day." After he heard that, he replied offhandedly, "Happy birthday to your Teacher! I also wish that all Falun Dafa practitioners can leave this terrible place as soon as possible, because all of you are good people!"

I was very pleased hearing this because his attitude had laid the foundation for his future. Since then, I tried my best to provide opportunities for him to obtain the Fa during the rare and limited occasions that I could talk to him.

First, I started our dialogue on culture. A few days later I tried to tell him my understandings about Gods, Buddhas, Daos, fruit status, why sentient beings should cultivate, as well as the relationship between religion and Dafa.

I explained to him why there is often a wan (swastika) symbol on the chest of a Buddha statue, and the meaning of the symbol. I told him that this was the symbol of a Buddha's level. A Buddha has the wan symbol only after reaching the level and fruit status of a Tathagata Buddha. Of course, the higher they attain, the more wan symbols they will possess, obtaining two, three or even more.

Interestingly, after a day or two, he actually saw a Buddha who had a wan symbol on his arm, and another grand Buddha who had a wan symbol on his middle finger. I felt that I had a very significant responsibility to him since he could see such sacred and marvelous sights. I started explaining to him the relationship between the wan symbol and fruit status in more detail, and he felt quite surprised after he listened to me.

After another 2-3 days had passed, he saw a frightening scene. There was a human figure above and in front of him, dressed in contemporary attire. There were four dragons coiled around the figure's body. The figure pointed to him and said solemnly, "You cannot be forgiven!" He was really worried because that figure appeared to be just like him. When he told me about this experience, I knew that that figure was his Assistant Spirit.

I then explained to him the relationship between the Main Spirit and the Assistant Spirit, as well as human anatomy. I told him, "Your Main Spirit originally came down here to cultivate. But you not only failed to cultivate, you used drugs to poison yourself. That was why that figure told you he could not forgive you. However, what is done is done. You must strive to do better and must never use drugs again." I elaborated further on the value and meaning of life. I told him that the best choice was to practice Falun Dafa, to right the wrongs, and re-establish his predestined relationship.

During the next few days, he went into a deep and long self-rumination. How could a delinquent drug addict, full of sins like him, hear the voice of Dafa? Why could he see sights that ordinary people could not see, even things at such high levels and so much of it? In these few days, I also mentioned to him about cultivation and predestined relationships. However, he was still not sure after I spoke with him.

After a few days passed he quietly told me that he finally understood it all, and he told me what he had experienced. One day, while he had been working with full attention on his job assigned to him by the labor camp, he suddenly heard a very clear voice. It was the voice of his Assistant Spirit. The voice told him, "The purpose of letting you know so much was to let you obtain the Dafa."

Even though I wished that he would study the Fa and obtain the Fa, as well as told him the notion of "One could die in the evening, without fear after obtaining the Dao in the morning," there were no Dafa books in the labor camp and the environment there was very bad. He thought it would be better to start practicing after he got out of the labor camp. After this encounter, he started to have the real intention to study the Fa and start cultivating.

I recited some articles of Teacher's such as "Lun Yu" and "Enlightenment." Later, I recited some shorter articles and poems from "Hongyin." The way he studied the Fa was word for word. Each word of the Fa would appear floating in front of his forehead, and they appeared three dimensional in large sizes.

He saw another scene one day. Two or three god-like figures in other dimensions told him compassionately, "You finally came back!"

Since the labor camp strictly prohibited practicing the exercises, I recited the formula for all five sets of exercises, one set at a time, and insisted that he memorize them. It would only be complete when cultivation and practice are combined. Later, I went out of my way to get a piece of scrap paper. I had been forbidden from carrying paper and pen and they arranged a 24-hour surveillance on me with several shifts each day. I could not speak with others. Anyone who spoke to me, or listened to me talking in the labor camp, was in danger.

In order for him to further understand Falun Gong, I embroidered a Falun symbol on the paper with a sewing needle, and explained to him about the structure of Falun and the meaning it represented. After a while, he saw another Buddha. A giant Falun stood behind the Buddha. The Falun was colorful and rotating. He also sensed that somewhere inside his body there was something turning. I told him it was Falun adjusting his body. Sometimes he experienced the whole body being warmed up. He sneezed a lot during the day, but the sneezing stopped during every evening, so that he could sleep without problems. It was like this for several days. All such symptoms were often associated with new practitioners. I congratulated him on his obtaining the real Dafa, a chance that came but once in a millennium. I treated him as a new practitioner from then on, and I recited articles that I could remember, since we did not have books.

When he was trying to memorize the formula for the third exercise with full attention, he told me that he felt as if he was floating in space with a blue sky and white clouds. The air was so refreshing. Later, I showed him how to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts. After he recited the formula, he could feel that several beings flew away from his body, then combined together to form a single entity, before charging off to eradicate the evil.

One day he told me that he could see that there was a white light in front of his forehead. It appeared like the sun or the moon. In fact it was Master opening his celestial eye, and he felt exactly like what the book (Zhuan Falun) described. At noon on another day, he felt a hot current flowing down from the top of his head. It was so warm that his spirit was uplifted as well. He did not know what it was all about until I told him that it was Guanding, where Master was cleansing his body. He also felt that his body was unfathomably huge, as though the earth was a tiny star in front of his eyes.

Overall, all the encounters and experiences could only happen to a Falun Dafa practitioner. Because there was no book for him to read, he always came to ask me whenever he experienced something new. I would recite from my memory. Usually he went from one encounter to another quite fast. I knew he had already obtained the Dao and was cultivating diligently. I told him that his cultivation was in the semi-enlightened state. It was quite possible that Master arranged for him to cultivate in this way in such a hideous environment, during this special historical period. It was arranged to strengthen his resolve and to encourage his dedication. I repeatedly told him to pay attention to certain issues while cultivating semi-enlightened to prevent interference, and to strive forward diligently.

Later, he mentioned to me that he was very content and happy learning so many principles. If he would die right then, he had pretty much nothing to regret or fear. His only regret would be that he had still had not read the Fa of the cosmos in its completeness and his understanding about Dafa was still rather limited. He stated that he would cultivate all the way and command himself rigorously according to the Fa that he knew. He would find Dafa practitioners once he got out of the labor camp.

In a short span of two months, he stopped smoking and arguing with others. He became more peaceful and was at ease. Even people around him felt surprised by his transformation. He also quietly mentioned to others that Falun Gong was good, and Falun Gong taught people to be more compassionate.

This was how a delinquent young man broke away from drugs and how a kindhearted life was saved. After his Buddha nature was awakened, he joined the great path of cultivation and started saving other sentient beings in this crooked and mutated environment. I personally witnessed his transformational development and I was overjoyed for him.