(Clearwisdom.net) On May 4, 2001, a number of illegally detained, hunger-striking Falun Dafa practitioners were brutally tortured in Yi County Detention Center.

In the morning the prison guards forced the practitioners into the passageway and made them kneel down. One of the guards, Liu, in his 30's, lashed them one by one with a belt. Two practitioners were then called to come out of the yard gate. The director of the detention center suddenly kicked them down onto a steep slope head first. Four criminal prisoners came up and restrained the practitioners by their hands so that they could not move at all. The director was kicking one practitioner's forehead while two criminal prisoners forced a meter-long steel pipe into the practitioner's mouth. They did the same thing to the other practitioner. Their mouths were horribly damaged. Several of their front teeth were broken, they were forced to bite into their own flesh, their gums were cut open, some teeth were loosened, and blood was pouring down all over their faces and clothes. Their mouths had been pried opened with excruciating force. The prisoners then force-fed several spoonfuls of pig food into the pipes. After such inhuman torture, the practitioners were almost too horrible to look at.

In the afternoon, all the practitioners were carried outside the yard and tied to chairs. The doctors inserted a tube into each practitioner's mouth and force-fed them. The prison guards slapped those who were vomiting. Two practitioners who were tortured the most seriously were not able to eat even soft food like steamed bread for several months. It is hard to imagine how painful it was for them during those months.

Practitioners Ms. Li Aimin and Ms. Wang Fengqin, from Xishan Beixiang and Yujia Zhuang, Yi County, suffered the cruelest maltreatment.

September 3, 2004