(Clearwisdom.net) Through clarifying the truth I have gradually realized that the process of clarifying the truth during Fa-rectification cultivation is the process of extensive elimination of the evil, doing away with the arrangements by the old forces and thoroughly purifying oneself.

1. Clarifying the truth is to get rid of the arrangements by the old forces and to save sentient beings.

Teacher points out when "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference",

"Clarifying the facts is something you must do, and you must do it to the end. It's not something we do according to the old forces' arrangements; we completely negate everything of the old forces."

The old forces not only made concrete arrangements for each one of us, but also created the environment even at the cost of the lives of sentient beings, testing us to have us reach consummation by their standards. We learned from the Fa that people in today's world all come from very high levels, however, poisoned by the arrangements of the old forces they are in an extremely dangerous plight. The purpose of the old forces is to destroy people who don't meet their standards. This runs counter to ours since our fundamental aim is to save the sentient beings. During the process of clarifying the truth, how much of the poison arranged by the old forces will be eliminated depends on how much the person has understood. When we send forth righteous thoughts we have a very clear target or targets in view. Therefore, the process of our clarifying the truth is to break the arrangement of the old forces and save the sentient beings from the old forces' poison.

2. To clarify the truth explicitly eliminates the persecution.

Cultivation in the past was passive, but the cultivation of Falun Dafa is up to our own initiative. We are constantly assimilating to the Fa. The reason for us to cultivate among everyday society, according to my understanding, is that we want to maintain contact with people so we can discover and let go of our attachments. If we only passively endure the tribulation whenever it appears, our cultivation would be no different with that of the past. Today, in the evil environment when Falun Dafa practitioners are cruelly tortured and sentient beings are poisoned, silence is actually indulgence of the evil. If we fail to step forward to clarify the truth and make up the losses brought by the persecution, we have actually acknowledged the arrangements of the old forces. We must make use of the best method to assimilate Teacher's Fa at this level. If we can be able to maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions when clarifying the truth, let go of all our attachments and steadily walk our way to the end, it means we have successfully done away with the arrangements by the old forces and have successfully put the Fa principles at this level into practice.

3. The process of truth-clarification is the process of going into selflessness

In the past the universe was selfish, however, we will cultivate to reach Consummation in the righteous Law, with righteous enlightenment. We are taught to consider others before ourselves. If we cultivate according to the arrangements of the old forces, then at the end of the day we are still selfish. How can we enter the new universe? Then how can we get rid of selfishness to enter the realm of selflessness? I think, at the moment, the process of clarifying the truth is the transitional process. In the process of truth-clarification we meet all sorts of people and encounter all kinds of things and dangers. We must look inside ourselves, cultivate ourselves and make sure that our hearts are getting purer and purer in dealing with these things.

The effectiveness of our truth-clarification is not only a test of how well we study and assimilate the Fa, but also a test of how effectively we send righteous thoughts. If we hold our attachments tightly when clarifying the truth it will offset the effectiveness of our truth-clarification and maybe it will also become a loophole that the old forces will take advantage of, so as to put ourselves into a very dangerous situation. When we sum up the experiences and become purer and purer we are eliminating the principles of the old forces, neglecting the arrangement of the old forces, actively assimilating to the Fa, and walking towards selflessness.