(Clearwisdom.net) The Second Section of the Hewan Labor Camp in Wuhan City, Henan Province is designated for male Falun Gong practitioners. Gao Junan, the person in charge of this section, once told some inmates that for every Falun Gong practitioner that they successfully "transformed" (1), the labor camp would give 100,000 yuan (2) to the section as a reward. The funding was from the city's Finance Department. (Other places that detain Falun Gong practitioners also received similar rewards.) This explains why the police resorted to all kinds of vicious means to torture practitioners in an attempt to force them to renounce their belief.

In order to receive this "reward," the Second Section established a series of policies to encourage prison guards and inmates to help "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. The guards sent steadfast practitioners to special detention rooms for 15 days, where they were watched by criminal inmates and tortured in various ways. The fifteen days of torturing practitioners would give the criminals a reduction of fifteen days of their sentences. The special detention rooms were located far from the section area so that others would not know what exactly was happening in those rooms.

In addition, the Second Section forced all labor camp inmates to do slave labor. One example of forced labor was making packaging boxes for the Aidi Underwear Manufacturing Company. The quota was 100 boxes per day.


(1) "Transform" refers to forcing practitioners to renounce Falun Dafa under intense mental and physical pressure.

(2) Yuan: Chinese currency; the average salary in China is 500 yuan per month.