(Clearwisdom.net) On March 25, 1993, I went to a lecture Master was presenting. When I was on the bus, my purse was stolen, and the lecture ticket was also stolen with it. So when I arrived at the Lecture hall, I could not go in because I didn't have a ticket. I was really anxious and I waited there until most people had entered the hall. Just before the host started to speak, I suddenly had a vision in my brain of the seat number on the ticket which should have been "row 10, seat 9." So I told the door keeper and she confirmed that "row 10, seat 9" was indeed empty, so they let me in.

I believe this was the same as what Master had said about it all depending on predestined relationships, in that if I should attend, they would let me in.

Before I went to the lecture, I took some Chinese medicine to cure an ailment, and after listening to Master's lecture, I really felt healthy enough to be able to throw the medicine away. I've been so healthy that I've never needed to take any medicine since. I used to have illnesses that spanned 20 years, including a prominent lumbar vertebra, chronic colitis, heart disease, reduction of blood platelets, lump in the womb, constipation, etc. My employer had to pay hundreds of yuan of medical expenses for me every month. I hope whoever listens to my story will realize that Falun Dafa is truly wonderful!

In April 1994, I heard that one of my colleagues contracted leukemia and was hospitalized. I went to see her, and her skin was covered with yellow spots. The doctor said her blood was also a yellowish color and they wanted to draw it out, purify it with chemicals and then transfuse it back to the body; each process costs 10,000 Yuan. But whenever she went home after the operation, the illness would come back, so she had to stay in the hospital. I told her my story, and she expressed interest and wanted to learn the Falun Dafa exercises. Within a few days, she was able to leave the hospital and requested me to teach her the exercises. After learning the exercises and studying the Fa, she recovered gradually, and her skin color returned to normal. When we went to Guangzhou for Master's lecture, she saw a Falun covering the sky during that time.

Before we left for Guangzhou, her husband learned of our plan and he also wanted to go with us. He said "if Dafa can cure my wife's illness then Teacher must be very great. How can I be left out when Teacher was to give a lecture in Guangzhou?" At that time, I only had one ticket for his wife. I didn't have a spare ticket for him. He said, "Even if I can't go in to attend the lecture, it would be my honor if I could simply see Teacher." So he insisted on going with us. After we arrived in Guangzhou, his wife and I went in to listen to the lecture. He, along with over 500 other people who didn't have tickets, sat outside the stadium to listen to Teacher's lecture, which was broadcast via loudspeakers. On the second day, a practitioner had to take care of an emergency and needed to return the ticket, so he got the ticket and went in.

During the lecture, Teacher asked us to think about the part of our body that we felt uncomfortable with. If we were fine, we could then think about our relatives who felt uncomfortable with any part of their bodies. My colleague's husband talked about his daughter, who was a teacher. Her vocal cords were damaged two years ago and she could not speak. No medical care could cure her problem. On that day during the lecture, he thought about the uncomfortable state in his daughter's body.

After he returned home, his daughter told him, "The third day after you and mom went to Guangzhou (the day when Teacher cleansed practitioners' or their relatives' bodies), I regained my voice and can speak again."

On that day, I thought about my heart. It felt like Teacher grabbed my heart and when he did, I felt much more comfortable. Staying in the same hotel as us was a young college student who wore glasses, and we talked to him about the lecture. He said that when he heard Teacher say, "Have you ever seen a Buddha or a Dao sitting there with a cigarette dangling from his mouth?" (Zhuan Falun) he thought that no Buddha or Dao would wear glasses. On his way to the hotel, he heard a cracking sound that seemed to come from his glasses. He ignored it and by the time he got back to the hotel, he found the glasses were all broken. At that moment, he realized he should not wear glasses anymore. So he removed his glasses. Gradually he was able to see more and more clearly without them.