(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 13, 2004, Falun Dafa practitioners from New Zealand have been distributing Falun Gong truth-clarification materials and demonstrating the exercises in New York City's Municipal Government Square. The following are several short stories about events over the past several days:

"I came from New Zealand"

There are many people in New York City, but probably less that 20 percent of the people accepted the truth-clarification material when handed them. Some showed very little facial expression; and some didn't want to even spare a glance at the practitioners who were handing them the materials. But as soon as they slowed down for a moment, our fellow practitioner would tell them, "I came from New Zealand; I only want to tell people in New York about Falun Gong and about what is happening in China." When hearing that, the New Yorkers who were in such a hurry to pass showed amazement in their eyes and almost every one of them reached out and accepted the truth-clarification materials.

One Chinese man shook his head and said to the practitioner who was handing him the truth-clarification materials, "No, no, I don't want it." After he told the man he was from New Zealand, the practitioner added, "Chinese living in New York are all fortunate." The man changed his indifferent attitude and a smile showed up on his face. He took the materials and said, "OK, then I will read it."

"Will you pay me money?"

One man came over and said to our fellow practitioner who was handing out truth-clarification materials, "You pay me money and I'll also help you to hand out the materials." This practitioner looked him straight in the eye and said slowly and carefully, "I came all the way from New Zealand. Nobody pays us money to do this and I paid for all the travel expenses out of my own pocket. All these materials are printed and paid for with the money that our Falun Dafa practitioners saved from our living expenses. We hope that you will come to know about Falun Gong and know about the persecution that is happening in China." Upon hearing this, the man suddenly changed from his ridiculous facial expression to a solemn expression; he took the literature and walked away. It was not difficult to see that he felt embarrassed for what he had said. Our practitioners' sincere words and behavior have made the lies of Jiang's faction collapse.

"Please save this VCD for the people who still don't know about the truth"

When one practitioner handed a VCD to a gentleman, the man responded with many words. The practitioner could not understand him because of the practitioner's limited English. So the gentleman said to the practitioner, "May you find one of your friends who can speak English?" This practitioner then led him to the other end of the municipal government square and found a practitioner who could speak English. The gentlemen said, "I believe that I have enough understanding of Falun Gong. Please save this VCD for other people who still don't know Falun Gong. I know you all did very well, but you are still not doing enough. You need to have more people come to demonstrate the practice; you should hold large-scale assemblies; you should let members of the government and attorneys all know about Falun Gong; you should let the entire population of New York City know your situation. They will then help you." While saying that, he could not stop his tears running down his face; he was still wiping his eyes as he walked away.

"I've been in Beijing, and I've seen the police beating your people..."

When a practitioner handed some Falun Dafa materials to a woman about 50 years old, she immediately showed a serious facial expression and said, "I know that. I know what is happening in China. Two years ago I visited Beijing, and I saw a group of Falun Dafa practitioners practicing the exercises on Tiananmen Square; a crowd of police surrounded them and beat them; they beat and kicked the practitioners and it was terrifying. It is very difficult for many Western people to imagine and to believe it; I've seen it with my own eyes. I sympathize with you very much. You are doing very well; you must let more people know that they are suppressing a group of good people."

The New Yorkers who are constantly in a hurry and who seem indifferent are changing day by day. When we hand them the truth-clarification materials again, more and more of them will smile and say, "I've already got one," or, "I've learned about it, thank you."