(Clearwisdom.net) We are Falun Dafa practitioners who are currently illegally detained in the Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison, where we have suffered all kinds of savage torture in an effort to force us to renounce our belief in Dafa. We are calling for the help and support from the international courts of law and kind and righteous people around the world to severely punish those perpetrators who have committed crimes in persecuting practitioners. Such inhuman, evil savagery should no longer continue.

The prison guards assign criminal prisoners to monitor the practitioners. The guards also incite the prisoners to beat and verbally abuse us; practitioners are often punished by being put into solitary confinement for as long as half a year or longer. The perpetrators torture practitioners cruelly, such as shocking them with an electric baton or stripping our warm clothing from us and forcing us to stand in freezing temperatures. Prison guards force prisoners to do bad things to practitioners in exchange for the reduction of their prison sentences. If a practitioner refuses to identify herself as a prisoner (1), her family will not be allowed to see her. Under such depressing and terror-inducing conditions, practitioners have suffered extreme physical and mental devastation.

We practitioners are good people who cultivate ourselves by the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. We keep improving ourselves, aspiring to high moral standards. There are so many people who have freed themselves from all kinds of physical and mental suffering though the practice of Falun Dafa; painful illness have been cured and broken families have been mended. Therefore we firmly believe in Falun Dafa without any doubts. How can we be called wrong?

We have the right to freedom of belief, the right to appeal and the right to be good people. We sincerely petition the international courts and people with upright minds to view our situation from the basis of fact and the law, and to stand with us on the side of righteousness. We believe that evil will not be able to prevail over righteousness, and that truth will defeat all evil lies. The net of justice is large and it lets nothing through. Return our respected Teacher's unblemished reputation! Return Falun Dafa's unblemished reputation! Release all detained practitioners!

All practitioners in the Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison

Practitioners detained in the No. 9 Prison Section:

Yuan Chengfen, Feng Haibo, An Qingbo, Wang Yuhua, Qu Yuping,

Sun Maorong, Wang Li, Wei Zhongling, Dong Limin, Zheng Shuqin, Liu Kun, Jiang Benshan, Quan Hongli, Zhang Baoying, Fu Lihua, Liu Guiqin, Wang Jinfan, Wang Yuzhou, Cui Jinglian, Wang Ying, Zheng Guiqin, Wang Lili, Wang Guijie, Ding Fenglian, Sun Fengling, Yu Xiumei, Shi Lijun, Sun Chunhuan, Huang Ying, Song Wenying and others, about 50 practitioners total.

Practitioners detained in the Training Assembling Division:

Huang Xiuying, Zhou Yanmei, Han Shaoqin, Zhou Qiaohang, Li Xiaotong, Liu Yujuan, Li Guilan, Sun Fenghua, Li Yuanyuan, Yu Zhenping, Kao Qiulan, Jiang Shuhua, Chang Xueju and others, about 50 practitioners total

Practitioners detained in the Infirmary:

Liu Qian, Gao Jingyun, Gong Lan, Wang Jingcui, Xu Yawen, Shao Benyan, Wang Shuqing, Chen Yulan, Wang Fang, Lu Shuqin, Lu Hongfang, Li Haiyan, Shi Yuxia, Ma Guilan, Qu Jie, Liu Qianqian and others, about 50 practitioners total

Practitioners detained in the No.1 Division:

Wang Yanping, Jia Shuying, Liu Liping, Zhao Xin, Wang Juyan, Wang Aihua, Nan Yuqing, Wang Hongjie, Zhang Shuzhe, Yu Fengying, An Ling, Xu Yongqin, Zhang Jianhui, Li Xiuru, Pu Yingsu, Li Yusu, Wang Liping, Wang Shuling,

Ren Shuxian, Zhou Xiuli, Gao Renbo, Ding Yu, Wu Meiyan, Ma Guangxia,

Zhou Chunzhi, Ni Shuzhi and others, about 50 practitioners total

Practitioners detained in the No. 2 Division:

Wang Tao, Meng Shuying, Wang Shuxia, Fu Lihua, Wang Liwen, Guan Shuzhen, Tang Hengfen, Liu Xuewei, Wang Yanbo, Liu Chunlan, Liu Yuying, Yan Shuhua, Geng Yafen, Xiao Shuzhen, Zhan Qiuling, Song Qing, Yao Yuming, Gao Guizhen, Sun Libin, Gao Jingmei, Guan Xiuling, Yan Shuhua, Wang Liping, Wu Xiufang, Zhang Feng, Zhan Quirong, Zhang Xiaobo, Zhang Liping, Pan Hua, Jiang Weiming, Wu Yulan, Wang Yuling, Yu Xiuying and others, about 50 practitioners total

Practitioners detained in the No. 7 Prison Section:

Li Dongxue, Chen Yunxia, Pan Qingli, Du Guichun, Liu Hongxia, Wang Yuxian, Lu Xiuqin, Liu Yaqin, Shen Jing'e, Song Xiuyu, Chen Weijun, Sun Daoying, Ba Lijiang, Tian Guiying, Wen Jie, He Chunhua, Zheng Jinbo, Sun Guizhi, Li Guizhi, Song Xiuyu, Chen Yanmei, Zhang Yanhua, Wang Jinyue, Xu Xiaowei, Guan Fenglan, Wei Liping, Xu Hongmei, Wang Shuzhen, Wang Hua, Jia Shumin, Miao Xiaolu, Wang Shufang, Gao Xiurong, Meng Zhaoqin, Tan Fengying, Shi Fengli, Wang Guili, Du Fenghua, Li Jingwei, Shi Shuyuan, Han Xingli, Wang Fajuan, Tie Junying, Sun Yafang, Zhou Lili, Sui Shuchun, Zhu Xiangqin, Chen Li, Lu Xiufen, Bai Jing, Lu Meirong, Yang Min, Zhang Li, Hao Yuying, Song Xiuqing, Gao Shuqing, Wang Shuzhi, Zhan Gedan, Zhang Guilan, Zhang Yujie, Yang Xiaolin, Wang Xiuling, Huang Liping, Zheng Liping, Li Ping, Zhang Yan, Zhu Xiumin, Liu Lihua, Gu Yarong, Song Yong'ai, Shi Yuxia, Du Guijie, Xu Xianping, Wei Limei, Dong Yazhen, Han Yuxia, Hao Shuxian, Chen Junbo, Xu Shufen, Ren Jihong, Wang Wenrong, Li Qingzhen, Li Xuelian, Shi Li, Xu Wenying, Zhu Huijun, Li Yuhua, Zhang Weijian, Li Yanjie, Li Bingqing, Hu Guiyan, Gao Ying, Zhai Xiuying, Zhang Xiuying, Chu Li, Liu Guihua, Lu Yingchun, Ma Aiqiao, Fu Zhaocui, Liu Chunxia, Yang Yongping, Wang Yan, Yang Xiuhua, Yan Shufen, Cheng Peiying, Xiao Ailing, Cheng Fengying, Wang Jiaozhen, Zhu Wenfang, Zhang Chunjie, Fei Lianzhi, Jiang Fengrong and Tang Yajun

September 2, 2004

(1) Dafa practitioners often refuse to identify themselves as prisoners because they have committed no crime and there is therefore no legal reason for their incarceration. In protest, some practitioners refuse to wear the prison uniform and refuse to answer to roll call.