(Clearwisdom.net) While talking about how to make Dafa materials, I felt Teacher's great benevolence. I am 60 years old and was only educated to the third grade. Not long ago, I was captured and sent to a brainwashing class, two months after I was released from a detention center. At the brainwashing class, I saw that the police viciously tortured young and educated practitioners, especially those who were involved in producing Dafa materials. As a result, most of them were sentenced for a long period of time. Once I had a conversation with a policeman. I asked him the reason for long-term sentences given to young and well-educated practitioners; the policeman simply replied that locking up those practitioners would reduce the production of Dafa materials. After that conversation I thought that if the educated practitioners are arrested, then the less educated practitioners like me should learn how to make Dafa materials.

After I got back from the brainwashing class, I was responsible for delivering the Dafa materials. I could not share ideas with the other practitioners, because I had no knowledge about electronic equipment except for turning them on and off. I could not even handle the on-off button of the TV. However, since I thought about this, Teacher made arrangements for me.

One day, a practitioner suggested creating a Dafa information center at my home, including myself and another practitioner. She promised to teach us to use the computer. But where would I find a person who could work with me? Some practitioners were too afraid. Finally, I found a female practitioner A, who was responsible for material delivery, just like me. But she was disabled and also had less education. Nevertheless, the Dafa information center was created.

At the beginning, the practitioner taught us step by step with patience. She made sure that we could handle ourselves before she left for other responsibilities. We knew how to handle the computer when she was there beside us. But, as soon as she stepped out the door, we forgot the whole thing. I had learned how to type using a single finger for several days. Sometimes I was so tired that I got cramps in my hands. Practitioner A was younger and learned things faster than me. By the time we learned how to turn the computer on and off, we had screwed up the computer system. The practitioner, who taught us and had a better education and computer skills, encouraged us not to give up. She had the computer system reinstalled. When we saw that the computer was moved in and out of our house, we were worried about being watched by the police.

The practitioner with the computer skills also taught us how to download, print and organize the Minghui website articles when they came out. She also walked us through the whole process and put together the weekly articles as an example of how to make pamphlets. She was very busy and did not have enough time to watch the whole process again. She left before making sure that we knew how to operate the computer. However, after she left, we forgot some of the things. We ended up spending a whole night to make six Minghui weekly pamphlets, and did not quite finish the job. Finally, we had to reprint some of the missing pages and paste them in the pamphlets.

We also had quite a lot disruption. Practitioner A went to work during the day. When we just started the information center, she had met with a car accident and one of her collarbones was swollen. Yet she was very firm and insisted on going to buy paper and ink. I saw she was too tired and offered to go out shopping with her in order to get a large quantity of the materials required. We ended up getting a whole box of paper. As the money was from the fellow practitioners and was to be used for Dafa materials, we did not want to spend that money on a taxi. We tied the paper box on the backseat of the bicycle. I was holding the bike and practitioner A was holding the box on the back. On the road back home, A's hands slipped, and the entire box of paper fell onto my ankle. I felt great pain, which was hard to bear. I walked slowly back home on my injured ankle. I saw that A was dragging the big box using her uninjured hand.

After days of practice, we were able to independently handle the information center. Now, we can get on the website, download and print the files, and we can also type. We soon will learn how to make books.

The reason behind telling my story is to let everyone know the following: Don't be afraid. We have Teacher with us and have Dafa with us, as long as we listen Teacher's words, and do the three things well and deny the old force arrangements, we can do everything.