Testimony about the "self-immolation" incident: Eye witness accounts of authorities bandaging a perfectly healthy person

One day in 2001, right after the alleged "self-immolation" incident took place, some people who were not Falun Gong practitioners accompanied their relatives to see doctors in the Jishuitan Hospital, in Beijing. When they passed by a sickroom they saw a number of people inside, many of whom were policemen, trying to bandage several other, healthy people. They thought it was strange that they were bandaging healthy people.

They then decided to stop and see what was happening. At the time a policeman saw them and rushed out from the sickroom and tried to push them away. He shouted to them: "What are you doing here?" At that moment other policemen also rushed out to push them away from the door. In the end they were detained and interrogated. They were released only when the policemen were convinced that they were not Falun Gong practitioners.

Later, they learned that the first policeman who rushed out was the head of a certain branch office of the Xicheng branch police station of Beijing. The bandaged people, who were perfect healthy, were the allegedly "seriously burnt Falun Gong immolators" who had injured themselves during the incident.

Fu Yibin's mental history disclosed by an insider

I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Prior to her death, Fu Yibin's wife was a very good friend of my cousin. Many years ago Fu Yibin was diagnosed as having a mental health disorder, and he would intermittently lose control of his faculties. His wife was very sad about this, and had frequently expressed her concern to my cousin. Even before 1996, Fu Yibin had run outside wearing only underpants. He had also seriously beaten his mother. His colleagues also knew he had a mental health problem.

Prior to his attack of his family he had shown signs of mental instability. He was unable to sleep, he was frequently in a daze, and every morning his wife saw his eyes became redder, and his manner was quite terrifying.

Before the incident, all his family members had been to the home of my cousin and his wife, had told my cousin about this matter. Later, the couple planned to go to the home of Fu Yibin's parents, but their child insisted that they should stay home. In the end they went without their child. After they arrived at the home of his parents, his wife called the child by telephone and asked him to come. Right at the time of her calling, Fu Yibin was murdering his parents. Luckily their child was not there at that time; otherwise something bad would have happened to him also.

After Fu Yibin was sent to the Xicheng branch police station, more than 30 psychologists diagnosed him as mentally unfit to stand trial. Afterwards, he was sent to a prison hospital for medical treatment. A policeman there said: "The family can take him back home after two years of treatment."

However, it has now been over three years since he was placed in the prison hospital. The hospital and police have asked his family members to pick him up, but they have refused, as they fear he will kill again. They said: "It's good for him to live in the prison hospital because he is cared for there and the government pays for the treatment."

After the incident, my cousin was threatened by police: "You must not speak out that he is a mentally ill."

Although I knew the truth about the incident and was eager to tell the world the truth, I could find no way to contact Minghui.org. Later, I was illegally sentenced to re-education through forced labor. So it is only now I can clarify the truth.