(Clearwisdom.net) In addition to doing the three things well, Dafa practitioners should also pay attention to our cultivation among everyday people. Our behavior is like a mirror, and our cultivation paths will be a reference for future cultivators. Therefore, we must walk our paths well no matter what the situation may be. Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston"

"No matter how busy you are, you have to see yourself as a Dafa disciple; no matter how busy you are, you have to consider how you might affect those around you. You are cultivators, whose conduct is [supposed to be] pure and righteous. There are so many people who think you're great just by having seen how you act. If we don't pay attention to our own behavior in our daily lives, everyday people will see our actions and, since they can't get to know you at a deep level such as by studying the Fa, they will just look at how you act. And it's possible that one sentence or one action of yours will make them unsavable or create a bad impression of Dafa. We need to think about these things."

I would like to share some of my own experiences and understandings regarding Dafa practitioners' speech and conduct among everyday people.

My mother and I started practicing Falun Gong in March 1999. Soon after, the persecution started. My mother was sent to forced labor camps several times because she refused to write Guarantee Statements to give up the practice. Being poisoned by the lies and deceit of Jiang's regime, my uncles had very negative attitudes toward Falun Dafa. When my mother was arrested, they blamed Falun Dafa. One time, one of my father's cousins broke into our home when no one was around and destroyed several of Teacher's books.

After my father passed away, my mother and I depended on each other for survival. She has been supporting my college education with her meager income. My father had three brothers. Before he passed away, my grandparents would spend a few months in each of their four sons' homes in succession. After my father died, [to lessen our burden,] my uncles decided that my grandparents would not live with us anymore. But my mother disagreed. She told them, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner, our Teacher taught us to show respect to our parents and to take care of them. Although my family is not as well-off as before, I will not let my parents-in-law suffer in anyway." Upon seeing her sincerity, my uncles agreed. Since then, they started to look at Falun Gong with a new perspective because my mother did so well.

This past summer my mother brought my grandparents home from my eldest uncle's place on July 1. When my grandfather arrived, there was human excrement on his blanket, his clothes, and his body. Instead of complaining, my mother helped my grandfather wash up. She also took out new clothes and blankets for him; she then cleaned the dirty ones.

Due to his old age, my grandfather could not move around much on his own. Furthermore, two months before he came to our home, he had an accident and injured his leg at my uncle's place. He was bedridden since arriving at our home. He could not eat any solid food; he only drank a little bit of milk every meal. He was also having difficulty urinating and also had difficulty with his bowel movements. Even with medication, his condition persisted. Out of desperation, he asked to learn Falun Dafa (my mother had tried to get him to learn many times before, but he never listened). So my mother gave him Zhuan Falun to read. In a few days, grandfather's bowel movements became normal. He is now able to take liquid food. His appetite is getting better. Before he could only sit up for 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Now he is able to sit and study the Fa for almost an hour. Grandfather said happily, "Dafa is really amazing. Without spending a penny, my illnesses began to disappear. I had taken so many medicines without any result in the past. I learned it too late." My mother replied, "It is not too late. As long as Fa-rectification is not finished, there is still opportunity. You must learn it well."

One day, an old man named Tan from the same village came to visit my grandfather. As soon as he entered the room, he saw the new beddings on the bed and the rosy complexion on my grandfather's face.

"When I saw you at your oldest son's home," Mr. Tan said. "You were skinny as match sticks and your eyes sunk deep into the sockets. You looked so worn out; as if you were going to pass away at anytime. It is hard to imagine how you've become so healthy after only spending a little over two weeks at your second son's home. Who said Falun Gong is not good? There is nothing Falun Gong practitioners have not done well. It is all because of Jiang Zemin, who only brings disaster to the country and people. Now the country doesn't have a single peaceful day and good people can't make a living."

"That is exactly right," my mother answered on the side. "Please remember Truth-Compassion-Tolerance."

"No matter where I go, I always say that Falun Dafa is good. Practitioners are indeed good people." When Mr. Tan was leaving, my mother said to him, "Why don't you learn it too? It is such a good practice!"

"Give me a book then," Mr. Tan replied, "I will read it at home." My mother was truly happy for Mr. Tan.

My father passed away three years ago. In the past three years, whenever my grandparents have come to live with us, my mother would take care of them with meticulous attention. She never complained. It was my mother's words and actions that changed my uncles' attitudes toward Dafa. They used to scoff at us for practicing and they were against Dafa, but now they understand and support Falun Dafa. In addition, with continuous effort of clarifying the truth to them, some of my uncles even started practicing Falun Dafa, including the one who had destroyed Dafa books before. In addition to my family, now most people in our village understand the truth about Falun Gong. In the past, there were only a few families practicing Falun Dafa. Now there are over 50 people learning this wonderful practice. Over 90% of the villagers believe Falun Dafa is good, and they understand that the propaganda shown on TV is only lies to deceive people.

My mother's words and actions saved those who had been deceived by the lies. People are able to see the magnificence of Falun Dafa; they also realize the importance of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. Therefore, Dafa practitioners' words and actions are important, and cultivating ourselves well is validating Dafa.

Please kindly point out any mistake in my limited understandings.