(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom.net correspondent Li Ming reports: The ruthless persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and his followers is being carried out in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities throughout China. At least 70 million practitioners are directly persecuted, simply because they practice Falun Gong and believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. In the past five years, this savage persecution has resulted in the deaths of at least 1,023 Falun Gong practitioners. The persecution targets not only young and middle-aged practitioners, but also young children and elderly practitioners.

This report discusses the suffering of older Falun Gong practitioners and includes several persecution cases of practitioners who are 60 years old and above. The goal is to further expose the extent and the wide spread of the atrocities committed in this persecution. There are two parts to this report:

  1. Barbaric Murder: 131 Elderly Falun Gong Practitioners Have Died from Torture
  2. The Suffering of Elderly Practitioners Under the Persecution

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I. Barbaric murder: 131 Elderly Falun Gong Practitioners Have Died from Torture

Respect for the old and care for the young has always been a major part of traditional Chinese culture as well as a part of universal morality. Right now, though, systematic abuse and murder of the elderly is happening in China. According to statistics on Minghui.net (the Chinese-language version of Clearwisdom.net), in the period from July 1999 to July 2004, at least 1,006 Falun Gong practitioners were savagely tortured to death. Of these death cases, 131 were practitioners aged 60 years old or older, or approximately 14% of the overall death toll. 82-year-old Mr. Yang Yongshou from Nanchong City, Sichuan Province was the oldest practitioner who died as a result of torture.

These practitioners come from all walks of life and social strata. Among them were senior engineers, retired doctors, outstanding teachers, government officials, factory workers and farmers. They all had touching stories to tell of how they had benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. Yet, they also experienced heart-wrenching suffering during the persecution.

Ms. Gu Chuanying, a 65-year-old senior engineer, died as result of torture at the No. 1 Chengdu City Detention Center

Ms. Gu Chuanying, 65 years old, was a senior engineer at the Hongguang Electronic Tubing Factory in Chengdu City, who lived in the East Residential Quarter of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. On May 23, 2003, perpetrators from Jianshelu Police Station illegally arrested and sent her to Chengdu City's No.1 Detention Center in Pixian County. Ms. Gu held a hunger strike for over one month to protest the illegal detention. The guards brutally force-fed her. Ms. Gu also was suffering from scabies, developed heart failure and was on the brink of death. On July 11, 2003, the detention center authorities told her family to come take her home. The scabies had spread all over her body by then, and infection had set in. Her whole body was swollen and she had difficulty breathing. Gu Chuanying passed away on December 24, 2003. The following are some details about her life:

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, in order to help restore Falun Dafa's good name and explain the facts about the persecution, Gu Chuanying went to Beijing to appeal and was detained several times at Jiurucun Detention Center in Chengdu City. The perpetrators sent her to a brainwashing class against her will. This class had been set up in a hotel under the auspices of the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp. Even when harassed by people from the police station, the "610 Office," the Neighborhood Committee and the Street Administration office, Ms. Gu persisted in her belief in Dafa. She also patiently told these people the facts about Dafa and the persecution, and told them not to aid and abet the perpetrators of the persecution and therefore accompany Jiang Zemin on the path to self-destruction. However, Gu Chuanying, a kind-hearted person, who even when suffering persecution herself still cared for the benefit of others, was savagely tortured to death under the persecution.

Ms. Ye Wenying, 61 years old, was beaten to death at the hands of local "610 Office" personnel in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province

Death of older Falun Gong practitioners as a result of savage beatings is commonplace in the persecution. It has happened in many parts of China, and the perpetrators are still unpunished.

Ms. Ye Wenying, 61 years old, lived in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. Local "610 Office" enforcers arrested her in 2003 in Pengzhou City. She was taken to a brainwashing class where she was viciously and repeatedly beaten by Wang Chengdong (also called Wang Dong). As a result, Ms. Ye's arms and feet were fractured, her internal organs were injured and she suffered from incontinence. Afraid of assuming the responsibility, the "610 Officials" sent Ye Wenying home on November 28, 2003 when she was on the brink of death. That same day, Ye Wenying died, a result of grievous injustice.

According to a witness, Wang Dong once told Ye Wenying to come out of the cell and then kicked her hard without saying a word. Wang was wearing leather boots with pointed toes. The kick caught Ye Wenying in the pit of her stomach, which caused her to be thrown to the ground several meters away. Ye Wenying opened her mouth, but could not speak for quite awhile. Wang Dong just swaggered away. Once, Luo Ke, another person working in the "610 Office," pulled Ye Wenying down from a concrete bed that was more than three feet high. The impact of Ms. Ye hitting the cement floor made such a loud noise that it stunned all of the people present. Luo Ke, however, said, "Now, this at last satisfies a craving!"

After Ye Wenying died, the "610 Office" never returned to her family the more than 10,000 yuan (1) in bank deposits and cash that the police had confiscated from her. They also assigned plainclothes police to monitor her family members.

Wang dong, 30 years of age, one of the chief persecutors of Ms. Ye Wenyin, is from Group 12, Section 1 of Gongtian Village in Tongji County, Pengzhou City. He served in the army in Xinjiang Province for four years. After his discharge from the army, supervisors at the "610 Office" hired him. Together with Luo Ke, he often cruelly tortured Falun Dafa practitioners. They always speak filthy language, saying such thing as, "A man will disappoint the Central Committee of the Party if he does not patronize prostitutes. A woman will disappoint Jiang Zemin if she does not prostitute herself." Such are the thugs that Jiang Zemin has hired to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Zhong Yanzhong, 67 years old, from Hengyang City, Hunan Province died as a result of persecution

Mr. Zhong Yanyong, 67 years old, was a retired official from the Farmer's Credit Union in Jibing Town, Hengyang City, Hunan Province. Shortly before the 2001 New Year's Day, Mr. Zhong was abducted while clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to the public. The Hengyang "610 Office," the detention center and Yang Zeng, head of Jibing Town Police Station detained him without following any legal procedure or producing any warrant for Zhong Yanzhong or his family. They tortured Mr. Zhong barbarically, attempting to force him to tell them the source of the truth-clarification materials. The police ordered inmates to "ride" on his body and pull his ears to move forward. They also hit his head with hard objects. His head was often bleeding from the beatings. The two people who examined Zhong Yanzhong after he was sent to the Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp in Changsha City, Hunan Province were both shocked by such brutality. Seeing an elderly man tortured beyond recognition by the police, they couldn't help but condemn the police.

On April 1, 2001, Mr. Zhong suddenly fell to the ground as a result of some violence from policemen. He was rushed to the People's Hospital in town for emergency treatment. Not wanting to take responsibility, the detention center authorities ordered his family to pick him up the same night. Before his family members left the hospital, however, the police demanded that they pay 5,000 yuan. They had to hand in the 2,000 yuan they had with them, without receiving a receipt.

After Mr. Zhong was taken home, he lapsed in and out of consciousness from the injuries he sustained at the detention center. He would sleep for long periods of time without waking up. In the early morning of May 2, 2002, he passed away. Mr. Zhong's death perplexed his fellow villagers who all knew him to be a great person. Why would the police be so cruel to such a kindhearted elderly gentleman?

Sixty-year-old Mr. Zhang Guoqing died as a result of beatings at Rujiang Labor Camp in Fuzhou City

Mr. Zhang Guoqing was originally from Hebei Province and was a lieutenant colonel in the army. After serving in the military, Zhang Guoqing worked at Zhangzhou Daffodil Refrigerator Factory and was deputy supervisor of the technical section and assistant engineer.

Mr. Zhang Guoqing was arrested and sentenced to two years of forced labor on May 31, 2003 for practicing Falun Dafa. During the time of his incarceration, the guards enticed inmates to beat Dafa practitioners with the promise of reductions in their sentences and forced labor. The inmates beat Zhang Guoqing almost every day, from October 2003 to January 2004.

Zhang Guoqing was severely beaten on January 19, 2004 and suffered internal injuries. The guards sent him to Jianxin Hospital in Fuzhou City. The doctors didn't take his injuries seriously and sent him back the same day. Mr. Zhang Guoqing was on the verge of death by January 29 and was again sent to Jianxin Hospital. By this time he couldn't be revived and passed away on January 31, 2004.

Sixty-five-year-old Mr. Zhang Quanfu and his son both killed at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City

Zhang Quanfu used to suffer from osteo-proliferation, uremia and several other severe illnesses. He became healthy after he began practicing Falun Gong in January 1999. After July 20, 1999 when the persecution began, he and his son went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. As a result, they were harassed and illegally detained by the police. The latest arrest took place on March 6, 2002 when the police took away both father and son. They sentenced both to one year of forced labor and held them at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City.

After suffering abuse in detention, Zhang Quanfu was dragged up and down stairs for meals because his muscles had atrophied and he had lost the ability to walk. He passed blood and pus in his stools and his body was covered with scabies. Although Mr. Zhang was only skin and bones, Wang Fuli, a prisoner on duty, still ordered him around. Vicious police chief Li Zhongbo slapped his face. On January 2, 2003, Zhang Quanfu was tortured to death in Brigade 2, Division 6 of the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp.

Half a month after Zhang Quanfu passed away, on January 18, 2003, his son Zhang Qifa was sent back home. His whole body was covered with wounds and dark bruises. The flesh and bone were separated in several places. His skin was black and blue and covered with lesions and ulcers. He had severe leg cramps and could not walk. He had difficulty breathing and suffered from constipation. The next day, on January 19, 2003, Zhang Qifa died at 11:35 a.m. at the age of 38.

Eighty-two-year-old senior doctor Mr. Yang Yongshou died as a result of persecution

Dr. Yang Yongshou, 82 years old, lived in the No.3 Commune of the No.2 Village, Qingshan Township, Yingshan County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. He was the director of Laolin Regional Hospital. After he retired from the hospital in 1985, Dr. Yang opened a private clinic and a drug store on Mozi street, Yingshan County and continued to treat patients.

Mr. Yang Yongshou started practicing Falun Gong in February 1995. In May 2000 he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested, detained for 15 days and had 2,000 yuan extorted from him. In January 2001 he was abducted again and was detained for another 15 days. He was abducted for the third time in May 2002 and was detained for another 15 days.

On September 30, 2002, perpetrators from the Yingshan County "610 Office" ordered that Dr. Yang should be moved to live in the Central Hospital in Lushui Town, Yingshan County, where he was to be put under close surveillance; he was not allowed to walk around freely, nor was he permitted to contact others. They withheld his entire retirement pension and only paid him 300 yuan a month as a basic living expense. When they saw that Dr. Yang had become very weak, yet he still refused to give up his belief, the authorities stopped paying his living expenses for two months. Under severe mental and physical pressure, Dr. Yang passed away on December 10, 2003 in the hospital. No one took care of his body until three days after he died.

Retired teacher Mr. Liu Yupu from Luoyang City, Henan Province died as a result of persecution

Mr. Liu Yupu was a retired teacher from the Zhongxin Company Technical School in Luoyang City, Henan Province. He developed cirrhosis of the liver in 1988, and his condition worsened in 1993. Over the next few years Mr. Liu suffered greatly from excess fluid in his liver. Unable to find a cure for him, the doctors asked him to simply go home and rest, and also advised his family to prepare for his funeral. In 1996, while he was on the verge of death, Mr. Liu was fortunate enough to come across Falun Dafa and started cultivation practice. He diligently studied the Fa (2) and practiced the exercises, and followed the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" in his daily life. In less than one year he was freed from his illnesses. He developed a rosy complexion and was energetic again. An over 60-year-old man, he could carry a 45-pound flour bag and go up to the fourth floor without any difficulty. He often told others, "I am only alive today because of Master Li's compassionate salvation."

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started the persecution of Falun Gong. In March 2000, Liu Yupu brought his medical history and a letter to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He trusted in the government and believed that they would understand when he explained the truth about Falun Gong. He wanted to use his own experience to clarify the truth to the government, but he was arrested and put in detention for 15 days. Mr. Liu was forced to go through a 20-day brainwashing class. Since then he was listed as "a key target" by Luoyang City authorities. They sent people to monitor him around his home and tailed him wherever he went. His once peaceful life was thus disrupted. In November 2000 Liu Yupu went to his hometown to visit his mother who was terminally ill. The police even followed him to his hometown. Because they couldn't find him, they instructed the security section chief at his work unit to keep calling him and telling him to return. Mr. Liu had no choice but to return. But as soon as he got home the police came to arrest him. They took him away and sent him to Jianxi Detention Center. The police also ransacked his home and ordered his work unit to hold a 20-day brainwashing session for him.

On November 27, 2003 Mr. Liu's work unit again forcibly sent him to a brainwashing class, where he completely lost his personal freedom, and was monitored by two people. Every day he was forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong. The staff there knew that Mr. Liu used to suffer from a liver disease and should not eat spicy food, but they intentionally sent him to a nearby restaurant daily to eat spicy food. For 40 days, Liu Yupu was forced to eat spicy vegetables, spicy soup and spicy rice every day. He suffered enormous mental and physical torment from the long years of continuing persecution, and as a result, he passed away at around 11:00 p.m. on April 2, 2004.

Most of these elderly practitioners used to suffer from numerous illnesses. Nowadays in China, many state-run enterprises have gone bankrupt and millions of people cannot find a job. Many of these older people cannot afford medical bills and even their basic pension is not guaranteed. Many of these seniors were near the end of their life, suffering from terminal illnesses. They obtained Falun Dafa towards the end of their lives and got a new life. Their belief in the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance helped them regain their health at the same time that they were taking a righteous path. What a wonderful blessing it is for them, for their families and for society! However, who would have expected that simply because of their belief in Dafa they would lose their lives --persecuted to death by Jiang's criminal regime. Each of their cases reveals the evil nature of this brutal persecution.

II. The Suffering of Elderly Practitioners Under the Brutal Persecution

According to a Minghui report on July 6, 2004, it was confirmed that in the period from January 2004 to June 30, 2004, 165 deaths of Falun Gong practitioners were verified through non-official channels, and 75 practitioners were tortured to death in 2004. Among them, there were older practitioners in their 60s.

Practitioner Zeng Lingxiu from Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, was beaten to death along a road

Dafa practitioner Ms. Zeng Lingxiu, 60 years old, was a farmer from Group 7 of Minzhu Village, Nanxing Town, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province. At around 5:00 a.m. on March 17, 2004, she was beaten to death on a road close to her home by the police who had been monitoring her activities. When her son learned of this, it was already past 8:00 in the morning and Ms. Zeng's body had already been taken to the crematory. When her son arrived at the crematory he could not recognize his mother, as she had been beaten beyond recognition. He could only tell it was his mother from the clothes. One of his mother's hands and feet were broken from the beating. The police claimed that she died from a car accident. Witnesses who happened to pass by the scene of the beating, however, said that the police dragged Ms. Zheng by her feet and pulled her along the road. The brutal scene was too horrible to watch.

Mr. Bi Guohua of Rongcheng City, Shandong Province was beaten to death by the police

Mr. Bi Guohua, 64 years old, lived in Beiche Residential Area in Shidao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. At about 7 o'clock on June 4, 2004, seven police officers from the Rongcheng City "610 Office" broke into Mr. Bi's house, arrested him and beat him cruelly until he was seriously injured. He died on the way to a hospital. To cover up their crime, the police told the public that Mr. Bi Guohua had a sudden heart attack and that he fainted and fell accidentally and killed himself. His family saw his body after his death and said that the right side of his head was terribly swollen and his left shoulder had scratch wounds, which obviously were not caused from falling. Also, all of Mr. Bi's acquaintances knew that he was very healthy and did not have any heart problem.

Ms. Liu Xiaolian, 63, from Chibi City, Hubei Province, suffered five more months of severe torture

Ms. Liu Xiaolian, 63, from Chibi City, Hubei Province benefited tremendously from practicing Falun Gong since she took up the practice in 1996. In 1958, Liu Xiaolian suffered excruciating pains in her eyes and her right eye eventually went blind. Half a month after she began practicing Falun Gong her eyesight was restored. Her temperament also became pleasant, kind and cheerful.

After Jiang's group began persecuting Falun Gong, Liu Xiaolian suffered all kinds of tortures. She was subjected to the torture called "Five Horses Separating the Body" and was injected with toxic drugs. After her story was published on Minghui net, people around the world paid attention. The Chibi City "610 Office" and the National Security Bureau panicked and arrested her again in order to block the facts of her persecution.

On December 29, 2003, the Chibi City "610 Office" and the National Security personnel, together with county officers and Administrator Yu from the Women's Association broke into Ms. Liu's home. They searched the apartment and took away 1,000 yuan, which was the hard-earned money fellow practitioners had given her to have a physical checkup for her injuries. They threatened her spouse not to move or talk while dragging Ms. Liu from the 3rd floor down to the police car. They stuffed a sock they had removed from her foot into her mouth and pushed her head down onto the floor of the car, while several people bent her arms behind her back. They kept Ms. Liu in that position for more than one hour. Then, in a meeting room they tortured Ms. Liu, making her bones feel as if they were broken and her joints dislocated. The torture caused her to become incontinent for a week.

On January 10, 2004, the "610 Office" personnel and National Security personnel transferred Ms. Liu from the lockup to the detention center. Before entering the cell, the head of the detention center, Deng Dingsheng, hit and beat her head while saying, "We'll give you ¡®Five Horses Separating the Body' again!" (Deng was the prime culprit in previously subjecting Ms. Liu to those crude tortures.)

On February 19, 2004, while Ms. Liu was meditating and sending forth righteous thoughts, detention center deputy head Qian Yulan used a heavy leather boot to violently hit Ms. Liu's head. The impact made her eyes and ears bleed, and blood gushed out of her nose and mouth, covering her whole body and her cotton quilt.

On March 27, 2004, that same perpetrator, Deng Dingsheng slammed two washbasins full of water upside down onto Ms. Liu and a 71-year-old practitioner, Ms. Huang Cengxiu's heads. Ms. Huang's nose was smashed flat and there was a big bleeding cut from her nose to her right ear exposing the flesh. On March 30, 2004, the guards were worried that these two steadfast practitioners might shout out "Falun Dafa is good," so they put the two women into an isolation cell, where the police blasted them with high volume propaganda all day long and shackled their feet together.

The long-term illegal detention and torture led Ms. Liu Xiaolian to lose her ability to take care of herself and she became bedridden in the cell. The guards were afraid of being held responsible for her death, so they told her family members to take her home. Ms. Liu's family members demanded three things from the detention center:

  1. Rescind her 2.5 years forced labor sentence and clear her good name;
  2. Take responsibility for all abuse, mistreatment and torment she suffered;
  3. Promise not to harass her anymore.

The police did not respond to the conditions, but merely carried Ms. Liu home.

Senior Engineer Ms. Zheng Ping from Shijiazhuang City was abducted again

Retired senior engineer Ms. Zheng Ping from the No. 2 Valve Factory in Shijiazhuang City has been practicing Falun Gong for over nine years. She was weak and sickly before she practiced Falun Gong and could barely go to work. She collapsed from sudden illnesses several times on business trips and on family vacations. She developed a bad temper and often vented it on her family. She divorced her husband a decade ago.

After she took up the practice of Falun Gong, Ms. Zheng became healthier than she was in her youth, without taking any medication. Her temper completely changed and she was able to be tolerant of everyone. She took care of her bedridden parents for three years and gave their money and property to her sisters and brothers after her parents passed away. In order to relieve her children's burden and out of consideration for her husband, she proposed to re-marry her husband, because she thought the divorce was the result of her stubbornness in the past and she wanted to make up for it.

After July 20, 1999, Zheng Ping was viciously persecuted for continuing to practice Falun Gong and clarifying the truth to the people. The perpetrators ransacked her home and "fined" her 7,000 yuan. The officers from Yudong Police Department beat her savagely. They sentenced Ms. Zheng to three years of forced labor and tortured her in the labor camp until she was so weak that she had to be released on medical parole. Later, the labor camp authorities tried to arrest Ms. Zheng again and she was forced to become homeless in order to avoid being arrested from home. They also harassed her family on a constant basis.

The perpetrators continued to try to track her down, and on February 28, 2004, enforcers from Hehuaidi Police Station and Yuhua Police Department abducted her at the home of practitioner Jiao Yanqiao. It was said that she was savagely tortured at a brainwashing class. The perpetrators asked her family for money but they refused; then the evildoers tried to force her work unit to pay up.

Mr. Liu Shuwen, 70 years old, from Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province was abducted and beaten in April 2004; his current whereabouts unknown

On January 29, 2003, Guo Libing, the Party Secretary from Jincheng Village, Xiadian Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, with his cousin Guo Jianquan held up 70-year-old Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Shuwen. They beat him for half an hour and took his wallet with 1,505 yuan cash in it.

Guo Libing and his cousin threw the rest of Liu Shuwen's belongings and his tricycle into a ditch and beat him until he also fell into the ditch. Liu Shuwen sustained numerous abrasions from tree branches. Afterwards, the perpetrators even shamelessly boasted in front of others of how they had beaten up Liu Shuwen.

Around 10:00 p.m. April 1, 2004, they broke into Liu Shuwen's home and ransacked it. They abducted him and left his nearly blind wife at home, with no one to look after her.

Professor Wang Lei, in her 60's, is suffering in Fuzhou Female Prison

Minghui.net report: Team leader Lin Yan and deputy team leader Lin Tianhong of Team 16 in Fuzhou Female Prison incited criminal inmates Su Jingxuan and Shi Suyuan, as well as others, to barbarically torture Dafa practitioners. The inmates were coaxed with praise and with reduction of their prison term. Their methods of torture are unspeakably cruel.

Professor Wang Lei, a Dafa practitioner in her 60's, had been illegally sentenced to prison for practicing Falun Gong. She has suffered all kinds of inhumane torture since her imprisonment. She was forced to stand for many days and nights without sleep. The inmates intentionally did not let her have enough food. Oftentimes, when she had only finished half of her meal, they would slap her face, making her nose and mouth bleed and her food bowl fall on the floor. They did this in order to keep Ms. Wang Lei hungry all year long and at the same time they overloaded her with forced slave labor. As a result, Ms. Wang Lei has become dangerously thin.

There is yet additional savagery: the criminal inmates did not permit Ms. Wang to finish using the toilet. They would pull her up from the toilet, pull her back to the cell and beat her up, not even giving her a chance to pull up her pants. They often beat her up to the point of her losing consciousness. Afterwards they would force-feed her unknown drugs or other harmful substances. Sometimes, as soon as Ms. Wang fell asleep, they would strip her, beat her up, and shamelessly clamp her nipples with clips and pull out all her pubic hair. Criminals Su Jingxuan and Shi Suyuan even savagely bit her and coated the bite wounds with hot pepper solution, making Ms. Wang scream in extreme pain.

Engineer Ms. Liu Fenglan passed away after brutal torture

Ms. Liu Fenglan was an engineer of the Forestry Design Institute in Yakeshi City in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. She was the person who designed the famous Construction Bank building on Xing'an Avenue in Yakeshi City.

Ms. Liu retired in 1992. She had previously suffered from many diseases. Before she began practicing Falun Gong, the government had to reimburse her around 10,000 yuan every year to cover her medical expenses. In 1996, Ms. Liu and her husband went to Harbin City for medical treatment and learned about Falun Gong. All of her illnesses disappeared after she began practicing Falun Gong. She began to enjoy good health and no longer needed to take medicine or have injections, and she was completely free from the suffering she had to endure in the past. All her family members were extremely happy. Many of her former colleagues know about her miraculous recovery, and some of them came to her to learn to practice Falun Gong themselves.

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin started to persecute millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Liu Fenglan was one of the victims. The police closely monitored her family, with police cars parked right in front of their building. One day, when her husband (also an engineer in the same design institute) came home from work, the police stopped him and unlawfully searched his briefcase. When Liu Fenglan went to attend a funeral in Fulaerji City, Heilongjiang Province, eight policemen followed along to monitor her. It is unthinkable that a retired woman in her 60's would be harassed in this way.

After Liu Fenglan was forced to stop practicing Falun Gong, all of her old illnesses relapsed. She is now suffering from diabetes and hemiplegia, and has to take daily injections to control the illnesses. In addition, she often has facial convulsions and slurred speech.

This accomplished, elderly woman, who had regained good health and happiness after practicing Falun Gong, has turned into this miserable state by being forced to stop her practice of Falun Gong. Jiang Zemin never cares about the wellbeing of other people. He is a real criminal, a tyrant who abuses his power.

82 year-old female practitioner was tortured to death

There was an elderly lady in her 80s in Zhenben Village, Yangzhuang Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, who used to suffer from many illnesses and was feeling depressed. Soon after she started practicing Falun Gong, all of her illnesses disappeared and she could walk with light and quick steps and her face glowed with health. She told everyone, "Falun Gong is wonderful! All of my illnesses are cured!"

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Even such an elderly woman was not spared. Tao Degui, director of the Political and Security office in Yangzhuang Village, took several police officers to the old woman's home and threatened her, "You must stop practicing Falun Gong! If you don't, we'll do such-and-such to your family..." The old lady stopped Falun Gong practice because of the pressure.

From then on, her health declined and the smile disappeared from her face. She said, "I let Teacher down. Teacher cured all of my illnesses. Why won't they let me practice?"

Not long after, the old woman passed away. Later, her daughter-in-law said to a Falun Gong practitioner, "If those perpetrators hadn't prohibited her from practicing Dafa, this kind old woman wouldn't have died!"

The above are only a few cases of Jiang's persecution of millions of Falun Gong practitioners. Currently, more and more fair-minded people around the world are condemning the brutal persecution by Jiang Zemin and his gang. Every condemnation deals a heavy blow to Jiang's terrorism and protects human rights. Let us join hands and stop this persecution together.


  1. Yuan is the unit of Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.
  2. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.