The methods employed by the Sansui Forced Labor Camp, Guangzhou Province, in torturing the Dafa practitioners are extremely inhumane. Since 2002, Sansui Forced Labor Camp has conducted three large-scale brutal torture sessions on Dafa practitioners.

The first large-scale torture session was carried out from December 6, 2002 to January 23, 2003. The methods they selected include beating, handcuffing and hanging practitioners up, sleep deprivation, forcing into difficult postures, scalding with hot water, jabbing bamboo splinters under the fingernails, toilet facilities deprivation, isolation in a dark room, and torture with high voltage electric shock batons. The following are some of the victims - Lin Fengchi of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province was burned with hot water, Ding Cheng of Shantou City, Guangdong Province suffered the splinters stabbed under the fingernails torture, and Huang Zhufeng of Maoming City, Guangdong Province was handcuffed and his arms were forced apart resulting in the dislocation of a shoulder joint. He is now permanently disabled.

Officers responsible for the above torture are:

The Chief Officer and Secretary Zhang Qingmei, 86-757-87316931 (Home)
The Deputy Chief Chen Ruixiong and Team Leader Lu Jinhu
Overseer Zhu Qi: 86-757-87713500 (Home)
Overseer Zhang Wujun: 86-757-87311418 (Home)

The second massive torture session was carried out from March 20, 2003 to September 13, 2003. Methods such as deprivation of sleep, exposure to the blazing sun, deprivation of toilet facilities and electric shock batons, etc. were used. After 15 days of sleep deprivation, a practitioner was locked up for an additional 15 days, during which he was shocked with high voltage electric batons for two hours every day, sometimes using 7 or 8 batons at once. Having the victim stripped naked and exposed to the blazing sun was another method. The victim was forced down with his back on the hot concrete ground, and his bare chest exposed to the scorching sun. At times they wrapped the victim up in a heavy blanket and left him baking under the sun. Long hours of sleep deprivation were used to break the will power of the victim.

Participants involved in the above torture are:

Secretary - Zhang Qingmei, and Tong Chaoyin
Deputy Chief officer - Qiu Jianwen 86-757-87315204 (Home)
The Deputy Education Officer - He Xiaodong 86-757-87316148 (Home)

The third mass torture session started from February 6, 2004 to the present.

The methods they are using are long hours of sleep deprivation, forcing the victim into difficult postures for long hours, and exposure to mosquitoes and other insects that bite.

In early June 2004, female Dafa practitioner Li Ruqin and two others were shoved into a male cell, where they were attacked by male convicts. Li was formerly the principal of Baihuayuan Primary School in Zhaoqing City. March and April 2004 was the second time that she had been illegally sent to the forced labor camp.

Branch No.2 of Sansui Forced Labor Center is a two-story building. Using the terms of the duty officers, No. 206-209 is a "torture building." After the second session of forcing Dafa practitioners through brainwashing, the rooms were covered with bloodstains. The rooms in the back of the building are used for solitary confinement and for torturing victims with electric batons.