Dafa practitioner Liu Zaixiang from Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, was tortured to death in Suihua Labor Camp, Heilongjiang Province in October 2003. Officials from the labor camp claimed that he died of "sudden heart failure."

Those responsible and their deeds in the Suihua Labor Camp are listed below.

Yang Bo: Instructor in charge of forcibly brainwashing Falun Gong practitioners. Using a superficial knowledge of Buddhism, he distorted Falun Dafa's teachings and deceived those Dafa practitioners who had an insufficient understanding of the Fa and were suffering from torture in the labor camp. He also assisted the police from the provincial Public Security Department to arrest Dafa practitioners around Daqing and Harbin.

Gao Zhonghai: Instructor who used extreme violence to persecute Dafa practitioners

Zeng Lingjun, Fang Xiaodong, Diao Xuesong, and Chen Xinlong used violence and multiple forms of torture to persecute Dafa practitioners, such as electric batons, the "iron chair," sleep deprivation, and solitary confinement.