(Clearwisdom.net) In the autumn of 2000, Yishui County expanded its persecution of Dafa practitioners. The degree of brutality inflicted on practitioners has caused people to boil with anger. Now, the record of the persecution in the "Fengjiazhuang Transformation Sessions" is being revealed to the world.

Record of the Persecution

In the autumn of 2000, about twenty Dafa practitioners from Yishui County were detained at an abandoned school in Fengjiazhuang and brutally subjected to mental and physical torture.

Weeds had taken over the yard around the abandoned school. The people in charge forced the Dafa practitioners to clear all the weeds, severely assaulting them as they worked. An elderly Dafa practitioner, Ms. Pang Zhuanzhi, had merely casually said something and was kicked in the ribs by Li Hongwei, which caused her pain for five to six days. On that day, after everyone ate some salted vegetables and steamed buns, the people in charge immediately forced the Dafa practitioners to do push-ups. Those who did not conform to their requirements were indiscriminately beaten and kicked. They would pour water on the floor so that the Dafa practitioners' bodies would be covered with mud. They would also pour cold water on the practitioners.

Practitioner Mr. Ma Wenhua (who was a worker at a noodle factory) was forced to hold a wine bottle in his mouth. When he refused to comply, he was savagely beaten to the ground. They did not stop beating him until they felt tired. Practitioners Ms. Hu Fanxia and Ms. Wang Guixiang were forced to sit on the floor. Ms. Hu Fanxia had to carry a porcelain washbasin full of water on her head. Anytime she moved, they would beat her up. Ms. Wang Guixiang was also forced to hold up a huge tub of cold water. They made Ms. Miao Defang and Ms. Liu Lijun stand side by side and asked them if they would continue to practice Falun Gong. Miao Defang said, "Practice." The original chief of the Xinminxiang police station kicked Miao Defang to the ground. When Miao Defang got up, she was kicked to the ground again. This was repeated several times. Finally, he stepped on the neck of Miao Defang and told the other practitioners: "This is the fate of being steadfast in your practice."

On the next day, the Dafa practitioners were forced to read aloud articles which attacked Dafa and its founder. Liu Lijun and Miao Defang both refused to read. They were then forced to stand and bend forward with both palms touching the floor. Later, Miao Defang was taken into a room where Li Hongwei, Wang Jianhua, and another person, a youth by the name of Li, joined together to assault Miao Defang. They used rubber tubes to beat Miao Defang on the buttocks, thighs and waist until they were black and blue. There was an area in the school field that was used for growing soybeans. It was just after the harvest and the area was covered with stubble. The Dafa practitioners were forced to run there. Twigs from the trees were used to whip the practitioners. Though the legs of Dafa practitioner Liu Shizhu were festering due to the beatings, he was forced to continue running.

During the brainwashing class, the Dafa practitioners were forced to curse Teacher in succession before meals. Only those who had complied were allowed to eat. Those who did not were beaten up. Dafa practitioner Ms. Tang Zhaoling refused to curse Teacher. Li Hongwei slapped her on the mouth until it was swollen. Her mouth felt so painful she could not eat for a few days. Initially, when Tang Zhaoling was sent to the brainwashing class, she said that she would continue practicing and was severely assaulted by eight hooligans. When she fainted, they splashed cold water on her to awaken her and continued assaulting her. The body of Tang Zhaoling was covered with green and purple colored bruises. Many parts of her body were swollen. She could not walk about, and when she had to visit the toilet, fellow practitioners had to carry her there. Finally, Tang Zhaoling could no longer withstand the beatings, and said that she would not practice anymore.

Hao Guijin again forced her to curse Teacher. She refused and was again beaten up. They kept beating her until she could no longer withstand it and she yielded to them so they would stop the beating. There was a day when the practitioners were forced to run. Because Tang Zhaoling had swollen legs, she was feeling so much pain that she could not run and was walking slowly. In that instant, Li Hongwei (he has been in charge of four brainwashing classes) kicked Tang Zhaoling in the lower abdomen. She lost control of her bowels and fainted. At that moment, Li Hongwei shamelessly announced to the practitioners: "In one kick I have made her pass all the urine!" The practitioners carried Tang back to the dormitory. She lay down on the floor and could not get up for a few days. The pit of her stomach ached for several months. Later, her family members handed over 1,200 yuan (1), and many friends stepped forward to provide 5,000 yuan as guarantee. She was then allowed to go home.

Elderly practitioner Ms. Pang Zhuanzhi was told to curse Teacher, but she refused to do so. As a result she was forced to pull a cylindrical roller for the whole afternoon (such a roller is used to thresh grains on the farms, and it weighs one hundred kilogram [about 220lbs.) to flatten the field. Afterwards, the wicked people made her stand beside the roller with both her hands hanging on the top of the roller frame, where her toes barely touched the ground. They whipped her in that position.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Hongqi from Gaoqiao wrote a letter clarifying the facts to the secretary of the township, Wang Shengjian (Chief of the Administration of Justice Department). Li Dawei (staff member of the Administration of Justice Department), Yi Xiao and Ma Fengde (persons in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong) sent him to the brainwashing center because of this. His father accompanied him. After arriving at the center, the officers forced his father to pay 1,200 yuan as living expenses before he was allowed to leave. Liu Hongqi was then made to run around the field. As he ran, he was beaten up and kicked, and when he could no longer run, he was forced to do push-ups and pull the cylindrical roller. Liu Naiqing used the sole of his boot to thrash both of Liu Hongqi's cheeks until they started to bleed. Finally, he rolled Liu Hongqi over on the ground and used a bucket to splash cold water on him. He used a triangular strap to whip Liu Hongqi's thighs until a purple colored swollen mark as large as two clenched fists appeared on his thigh. He was unable to lay sideways when he slept as it was too painful to sleep in that position. Liu Hongqi was forced to pay 3,000 yuan before he was allowed to go home.

In order to protest the persecution, Dafa practitioners Ms. Liu Lijun, Ms. Liu Jingfen, Ms. Wang Guixiang, Ms. Miao Defang, and Ms. Hu Fanxia began to go on a hunger strike. The officers started to persecute them more violently, savagely beating the Dafa practitioners on hunger strike, and after a few days they forcibly dragged them to the hospital. The practitioners' hands and legs were tied up and they were given injections of anesthetic. Then tubes were inserted to force feed them. One time, Ms. Hu Fanxia was dragged to the courtyard and savagely beaten. The officers stopped beating her when she went into shock. They thought of all the vile methods they could to persecute Hu Fanxia. They whipped her with bamboo strips and triangular straps until her skin and her underclothing were all stuck together. Then they rubbed their hands and feet all over her body. Ms. Hu Fanxia was screaming in pain. Fellow practitioners who heard her pitiful screams were in tears.

One day, they dragged Ms. Liu Lijun into a room and savagely beat her up. Li Hongwei was standing on one side and threatened the Dafa practitioner Wang Guixiang who was also on a hunger strike, saying, "If you do not start eating, we will beat you up like that too." They lifted up Liu Lijun's blouse, and two hooligans commenced to whip the back of her body. When they were tired, they poured cold water on her, and then continued the beating until the back of her body was covered with black and blue bruises. The officers then dragged Liu Lijun and her elder sister, Liu Jingfen to the courtyard and savagely assaulted them in front of their aged father until Liu Lijun fainted and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. One time, the officers used some eight gauge steel wires to whip Liu Lijun until her back was a mass of open flesh and blood. They then sprinkled alcohol on the wounds. Liu Jingfen finally fainted when she was struck with a stool. Then they poured cold water on her and put her in the hot sun, depriving her of sleep. Whenever she closed her eyes, they tugged at her braided hair, hitting her savagely. Hao Guijin was one of those who savagely assaulted Liu Jingfen.

The villains forced practitioners to squat, they poured cold water on them, pulled them by their hair, and used other vile ways to torture them. The practitioners were forced to run in the field until their clothes were dry before they were allowed to stop running. They took hold of Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Hongsan's hair and bashed his head against the wall. When he could no longer talk, it scared the officers, and they stopped beating him there, but started to strike him on other parts of his body. They used lit cigarettes to burn the chin of Miao Defang, and slapped her face, giving her two black-eyes. Hao Guijin savagely assaulted Ms. Li Guanglian, especially attacking her calves. She could no longer stand up. He then splashed cold water on her. After Gao Zhenjin and Zhang Zaizhi were whipped with bamboo strips, they were doused with cold water and dragged away. When those two practitioners were assaulted, no one was allowed to look on. There was a practitioner whose name was not revealed who was stripped of his underpants and beaten up. His hands had open wounds. The officers applied salt on the wounds and then poured cold water on him. He was shivering from the cold as he lay on the floor in pain. Ruan Bo could not stop laughing loudly as he witnessed it!

The vile officers tormented the Dafa practitioners horribly at the brainwashing class. They also forced the relatives to attend and to accompany the Dafa practitioners in the reading sessions. The officers forced the family members to pay fines. They threatened, intimidated, and even ransacked the homes of the family members. The Dafa practitioners were even forced to sing.


(1) yuan - Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 yuan.

Li Hongwei: Director of the Combined Administration Office, Yuanshui Township (now transferred to the Linyi City Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention Station) 86-539-2264789(Home)

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