Caption: These methods of torture were used in the year 2000 on practitioners detained in Group 3 of Brigade 6, Xinhua Labor Camp, Sichuan province. The police instigated drug addicts to tie up practitioners' hands, and hung them up by the feet to a basketball support. Then these thugs cursed and beat the practitioners with their hands and feet. Sometimes over a dozen would together beat one practitioner. The man who beat the practitioners the most fiercely would be given a reward by the guards - he might be named a detainee leader and given authority to order other detainees. Other drug addicts who beat practitioners were also given rewards, such as a reduction of their sentences. This way, many inmates were very cruel in their treatment of Dafa practitioners. The wooden sticks they used to beat practitioners were each 80 cm long, with a diameter of 5-6 cm. The whip they used was made with a wooden stick and metal wires. Practitioners lashed with the whips would immediately bleed.

In another episode, after instigating drug addicts to beat practitioners, the guards then tossed the practitioners into a filthy, foul-smelling cistern with rotting food and sewage. While practitioners were suffering, the police were sneering by the side.