1. Pliers are used to pinch and pull on fingers and toes

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The perpetrators first isolate and pinch the two top segments of a practitioners' finger; then they use metal pliers to clamp hard on the bones and fingernails. (The practitioners lose consciousness during this procedure.) They do the same with the practitioners' toenails. This is how they proceed: They first clamp the index finger of the left hand and then they crush the big toe on the left foot.

2. Stomping on the practitioners' bare feet and grinding them into the concrete floor

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The perpetrators force the Dafa practitioners to stand on the cement ground barefooted. Then the perpetrators stomp on the practitioners' feet with their heavy shoes. Following that, they stomp down and grind the practitioner' feet back and forth against the rough ground.

3. "Tiger Bench" (another version, see also inserted note)

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The perpetrators spread the practitioner's arms out and handcuff their hands separately to some fixed object (such as a bedpost). The practitioner is forced to sit on the cement ground with their feet placed on a chair and their legs lifted. The perpetrator then puts a chair on the practitioner's knees and uses their feet to stomp down on the chair, which causes the practitioner excruciating pain.

4. "Tying the Ropes"

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The perpetrators tie the practitioner's hands behind his back with a nylon rope (usually the torturers first kick the practitioner's leg joints to force the victim to kneel down on the ground). They put a rope around his neck and connect it with the rope that ties his hands. They make a slipknot. Other perpetrators twist the practitioner's elbows, press down on his shoulders and lift his wrists up, and at the same time, reduce the distance between the practitioner's neck and hands by tightening the two ropes that are connected to each other, which causes excruciating pain in the practitioner's elbows, shoulders and wrists. They also insert bricks, beer bottles and police batons into the space between the practitioner's back and arms to increase the pain. As this torture is being applied, the perpetrators simultaneously shock the practitioner with electric batons or hit him with police batons. After they untie the rope, the perpetrators often pin the practitioner to the ground and hit his buttocks with police batons. They even increase the intensity of the beating 30 minutes later, just to increase the pain.

There are two types of ropes used in this torture ¨C a thick rope and a thin rope; the thick one is 8-11 mm (0.315-0.433 inch) in diameter. It leaves no scar but can cause internal injuries; the thin rope is 4 - 6 mm (0.16-0.236 inch) in diameter. It cuts into the flesh and the wound it leaves behind heals very slowly.

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Scars left on a Falun Gong practitioner after being tortured with the method known as "Tying the Ropes."

5. Force-feeding with alcohol

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The perpetrators purposely force-feed practitioners hard liquor, knowing that Falun Gong practitioners do not drink alcohol. Several perpetrators force-feed one practitioner. One of the perpetrators grabs the practitioner's hair and jerks his head backwards; then he pinches the practitioner's nose so the practitioner is forced to open his mouth to breathe; another perpetrator presses and holds the practitioner's arms and legs down so he cannot move, and yet another perpetrator pinches the practitioner's mouth and force-feeds the practitioner with hard liquor from a small glass or ceramic cup.

This torture was carried out at the Hebei Province Capital City Brainwashing Class (Beicheng Road, Shijiazhuang City), and the Forced Labor Camps in Hebei Province, among other places. Two female practitioners near us were force-fed with alcohol at the labor camp where we were held.

6. Force-feeding

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Force-feeding is an often-used torture in Chinese detention centers, labor camps, prisons and brainwashing classes. The perpetrators who carry out the force-feeding often do not have any medical knowledge about force-feeding, and as a result they often cause severe injury or death to many Falun Gong practitioners. Some of the perpetrators pin down the practitioner's head; some use their feet to press the practitioner's body down. Sometimes the practitioner is handcuffed on the cement ground with his limbs spread out; other times his hands are shackled to the two ends of a bed, or a practitioner is handcuffed on a bed with his limbs spread out, so that he cannot struggle. They force-feed corn porridge, vegetable soup, high-density saline solution or food mixed with unknown drugs. Sometimes the practitioner experiences loss of bowel control, mental collapse or loses the ability to think clearly after the brutal force-feeding.

Force-feeding has taken place in many labor camps, prisons and detention centers throughout Mainland China.

7. Toothpicks and large pins being pounded under the fingernails

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The perpetrators hold the practitioner's body still while pounding a toothpick or a large pin into the practitioner's nail bed. Sometimes they even burn the practitioner's bleeding fingertips with a cigarette lighter. A 40-year-old female practitioner suffered this torture at a police station in Shijiazhuang City in October 2001.

8. Hanging up and beating

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The perpetrators handcuff the practitioner and hang him up so his toes barely touch the ground. Then they hit him with electric batons or police batons. Geng Xingjun, Zhou Yilin, Pei, Cui Yanfang and other guards at Division Four in the Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp used this torture on practitioners Zhang and Li during the Dragon Boat Festival in 2001. Practitioners Li and Zhang were hung up and beaten. Li lost consciousness twice, and Ms. Zhang's blood soaked through her pants. Ms. Zhang collapsed to the ground after she was let down and the perpetrators kept on beating her.

9. Sexual insults and beating

The perpetrators strip off all of a female practitioner's clothes. Male police officers ride the practitioner and beat her. He will then grab her hand and demand that she writes a "Guarantee Statement" to give up practicing Falun Gong.

10. Hitting sensitive parts of the body with electric batons

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The perpetrators at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province shock the practitioner's sensitive body parts or acupuncture points with electric batons, including the top of their head, the back of their head, their lower backs and the soles of their feet.

11. "Five Horses Splitting the Body"

The perpetrators spread the practitioner's limbs in four directions and stretch his arms and legs, which causes excruciating pain. The practitioner feels as if his muscles are rupturing and bones are fracturing.

12. Placing steel wire through the nipples

The perpetrator penetrates a female practitioner's nipples with a steel wire. Then he walks around pulling her by the wire.

13. Wet nylon rope whipping the buttocks

The perpetrators at the labor camp pull the practitioner's pants down below his buttocks and throw him out in the courtyard in the winter to freeze his buttocks for a long time. After his buttocks become swollen from the freezing, the perpetrators whip him with a wet nylon rope.

14. Alternating freezing-baking torture

In the winter, the perpetrators at the labor camp or brainwashing class throw a practitioner into a freezing room for a long time, then handcuff him to a heating radiator, which causes unbearable, excruciating itching all over his body.

15. IV infusion

At the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City, the perpetrators tie the determined practitioner to a bed with his limbs spread out and then administer unknown drugs through an IV infusion.

16. Drugs mixed with food

The perpetrators put drugs, including sleeping pills and other unknown drugs, in the practitioner's food.

17. "Training the Eagle" torture

The perpetrators don't allow the practitioner to drink anything (some for as long as two weeks at a time); don't allow the practitioner to sleep (some as long as 49 days at a time) and they don't allow the practitioner to use the restroom for a long time.

18. Shocking female practitioners' vaginas with electric batons

A perpetrator at the Xingtai Detention Center in Hebei Province shocked practitioner Qian Wanyun's vagina with an electric baton and yelled, "I'll do this so you can't be a woman!"

19. Torture of sitting on a metal chair for a long time

The perpetrators force a practitioner to sit in a special metal chair, in which the practitioner cannot move. Practitioner Wang from Shijiazhuang City was handcuffed in the chair for 15 consecutive days and nights.

20. Plank with nails torture

The labor camp has a torture tool, a wooden board with many nails imbedded in it, with their sharp ends facing upwards. The perpetrators force the practitioner to squat slightly above the plank, and if he grows tired and sits down, the nails will pierce his buttocks and the backs of his thighs.

21. Backward handcuffing

One of the most-often used tortures: The perpetrators handcuff the practitioner's hands behind his back and hang him up from the handcuffs, with his feet barely touching the ground. Pei Fuhai, head of the Jize Detention Center in Handan City, first beats the practitioners and then he backward-handcuffs and hangs them for as long as five days and five nights.

22. Use of poisonous snakes and toads

The perpetrators at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province handcuff the practitioners and force them to sit on the ground while shocking them with three or four electric batons. Then they throw poisonous snakes and toads onto the practitioner's body.