(Clearwisdom.net) In the beginning of May 2004, the Jiangjin City Court in Chongqing illegally sentenced Dafa practitioners who were being held in Jiangjin City's Detention Center. Mr. Yuan Zhiqiang was sentenced to nine years, Mr. Wang Xian'an to eight years, and Mr. Liu Wei to two years. According to fellow practitioners who went to visit them, they have suffered from a lot of brutal torture methods and were also beaten when the police attempted to extort confessions from them.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Yuan Zhiqiang from the Beibei District has been incarcerated in Chonqing's Jiangjin Detention Center for over a year. He is now ill with tuberculosis, probably as a result of torture. Nevertheless, he has now been illegally sentenced to nine years of incarceration.

In August 8, 2004, criminal police in Jiangjin City sent Yuan Zhiqiang to the Yongchuan Forced Labor Farm. As he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, administrators at the Yongchuan Forced Labor Farm refused to accept him. He was then sent back to Jiangjin City's Detention Center.

Another practitioner Wang Xian'an reportedly has been detained in Yongchuan Forced Labor Farm for persecution.

Phone number for the Jiangjin City Detention Centre: 86-23-47581372
Chief: Liang Mingquan
Deputy Chief: Gong Nanbi, Zhuo Liming
Deputy Instructor: Tang Fuhua

August 26, 2004