I once saw a movie about how a little girl faced death. It was a touching story and I was moved to tears. Many other people were also deeply moved by the same story. Unfortunately, I came to realize that currently, many people have become numb about how Falun Dafa practitioners are being tortured to death, although they may be sympathetic to our cause and may be angry at the malicious people that actively take part in the persecution.

In order to save more sentient beings, we should not only rationally explain the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, but we should try to move them so they'll have a more lasting impression of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners. When telling them how a practitioner has been tortured, we should also add a personal story about the practitioner. For example, we can share what the practitioner's family and friends felt about the practitioner. We can talk about moving things the practitioner said or did. This will make others feel closer to the practitioner, make it easier to establish a bond and generate righteous thoughts about Dafa. At the same time, it validates the Fa and clarifies the truth by telling people the good deeds of Falun Gong practitioners.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I said anything inappropriate.