Blessings for Protecting Dafa Books

During the worst of the persecution, an elderly person in Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province took care of a box of Dafa books for a practitioner. It was a most difficult yet valuable undertaking. Not so long ago, this elderly person had a stroke, and recovered within seven days. Those who understand know that it was a blessing for the benevolence shown to Dafa in protecting the books.

Blessings in Viewing and Understanding the Facts in a Compact Disc

My son's father-in-law visited our home. I clarified the facts to him and told him that the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen was staged, but he did not believe me. A few months later, a fellow practitioner accompanied me to his village to clarify the facts and distribute flyers. I gave him a compact disc and said to him, "Please watch this and discover who is killing. Will you?" He said, "Yes!"

A year later, he visited us and I asked him, "Did you watch the compact disc I gave you? If you do not want to, please return it to me." He said, "I have watched it eleven times, and now I understand what it is about." I told him, "It is a blessing for you to understand right from wrong." He said, "Since I watched and understood what was in the compact disc, I no longer have any illnesses!" I said, "Since you have watched it and no longer have any illness, will you pass it on to others?" He said, "Sure!" I told him that it did not matter whom he gave it to. He agreed.