(Clearwisdom.net) In the spring of 1993, Teacher went to Wuhan City to give lectures in the assembly hall of a central level scientific research department. Because it was his first time teaching Falun Gong in Wuhan, to let more people know about Falun Gong, Teacher brought three disciples from Beijing and spent three days treating diseases for patients. During the three days, more and more patients came day after day. Especially on the third day, they came in an endless stream. Many people were not willing to leave until nightfall. People with various illnesses, especially those with difficult and incurable diseases came from everywhere. After Teacher's treatment, they all miraculously became well. A lot of people came to realize the mystery of Falun Dafa and Teacher's great mercy through these events.

This true story is very impressive to me:

An elderly lady was brought to the assembly hall by her spouse and daughter-in-law. She had been paralyzed for five to six years and could not take care of herself. They held her up to Teacher. She leaned against a chair because she could not stand steadily. Teacher just looked at her without moving his hands. A while later, Teacher asked her to stand straight. At first she was afraid, but then teacher encouraged her not to fear, so she quickly straightened her body. Then he asked her to step forward, she was a bit hesitant, but finally took a step with everyone's encouragement. After that she walked forward with confidence. Afterwards, she was asked to walk up the stairs, but did not dare to take a step. Teacher told her "Go up, no problem." Then she really walked up the stairs. After the lecture she even walked home on her own. After a while, I walked out the hall and saw her walking around by herself, so I asked her why she did not rest at home. She replied: "I don't know why, I just want to walk. After I went home, I still felt like I wanted to have a walk. So I walked back and forth at the home, and then ended up walking here. I have not walked like this for several years, I am extremely happy!"

There is another incident that I will never forget:

This particular lecture series was ten days long. Teacher spent more than an hour and a half to explain the Fa every day, then taught us the exercises.

One day after the class started, a man in his 40's wanted to come in without an attendance card but the staff held him back and explained that he had to have the card to enter the hall. He would not listen to us but instead started to make a scene saying, "I came here to challenge him (Teacher). My master is over 100 years old, but he is so young." He also said many unpleasant words. Later that day Teacher found out and allowed him to come in. After listening to Teacher's lecture, he walked away very quietly. He found the staff and said, "I won't make trouble again. He is the genuine master." Every time I recall the happy days when I was fortunate to listen to Teacher's lecture, I always feel deep respect and appreciation towards Teacher. From every single miracle that I personally experienced, I realized Teacher's great and compassionate salvation, and through them my faith in Teacher and Dafa became more firm.