On March 27, 1994, Teacher came to Dalian to give lectures on the Fa (1) for the first time. We saw a woman in her fifties in front of the lecture hall. She had difficulty walking by herself, so her husband carried her on his back into the hall. She sat on a sling chair that they brought to the front row, which drew the attention of many practitioners.

From talking with her, we found that she was a scientific technician. She had had a major operation on her cervical vertebra in 1991, and wasn't able to return to work until two years later. Soon after she returned to work she caught a cold on a business trip and became seriously ill. She tried various methods but could not cure her illnesses. Later a practitioner who had attended Teacher's lectures introduced Falun Gong to her and recommended that she read the book Falun Gong. That practitioner also told her that Teacher would come to Dalian to give Fa lectures soon. She read the book and came to understand Falun Gong, so she bought tickets and went to the lecture seminar.

Before the lecture began, Teacher saw her. Teacher asked some practitioners who were helping with the seminar and some staff from the Dalian Qigong Association to persuade her to return the tickets and leave. Her husband went to talk to Teacher. Teacher told her husband that he would not treat anyone's illnesses. Her husband said, "We are not here to have illnesses healed. We read your book and listened to audiotapes of your lectures two weeks ago. We are here to cultivate." Teacher said, "This practitioner has good enlightenment quality." Then Teacher went to meet the woman.

She stood up when Teacher came to her. Teacher asked her to sit down and patted her neck twice and her head twice. Then Teacher purified her shoulder. After that, Teacher asked her to walk. When she walked to the center of the hall, Teacher asked her to stop. Then Teacher purified her legs. After that, Teacher said, "Okay. Try walking again."

She walked back and forth. Many practitioners stood up and clapped for her.

After the lecture, she felt her legs were very light. She walked out of the hall by herself and went home on the bus. Later, not only could she walk by herself, but she could also go up and down stairs by herself. She no longer needed others to carry her. It was a miracle. Teacher purified this genuine cultivator's body.

From attending the lectures and through her own experience, she came to realize that Dafa is truly magnificent and supernormal. She decided to diligently and firmly cultivate in Falun Dafa. To thank Teacher for saving her, they made a beautiful banner that read "Falun Gong is a Gem of Science" They presented the banner to Teacher when the lectures concluded.


(1) Fa - Law and principles of Falun Dafa