Shared at 2004 Washington DC Falun Dafa Conference


Greetings, Master Li.

Greetings, fellow practitioners.

I have spent the past four years clarifying the truth to precious Chinese people over the phone. In the past four years, I started from not knowing the truth to coordinating the Toronto phone team together with other practitioners. Every step has been taken after letting go of ourselves and strengthening our firm belief in Dafa, and we became more and more mature. It is the process of cultivation practice that involves the seemingly simple and common work of buying phone cards, preparing phone scripts and phone numbers, to making phone calls to China as a group every week. During this process, many precious Chinese people have heard the voice of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance from other countries and areas, heard the voices from the hearts of practitioners, heard that the great Buddha Law--Falun Dafa--is being widely spread all over the world, and thus more and more Chinese people that have been deceived by lies for a long time have been awakened.

During the process of calling China in the past few years, I realized that clarifying the truth through phone calls is a manifestation of Dafa practitioners' wisdom, courage, compassion, and righteous thoughts and righteous actions. This is a process of transforming a human into a divine being, and it is the process of removing the attachment of fear and the unrighteous factors in our own dimensional fields; this is a process of Dafa practitioners following Master Li in Fa-rectification and offering salvation to sentient beings; this is a process of completely denying the old forces' interference with the Fa-rectification and their persecution of Dafa practitioners; this is a process of accomplishing the work of great enlightened beings of righteous Fa and righteous enlightenment; and this is a process of offering salvation to the sentient beings that came to China for Dafa.

Next, I would like to share some stories that happened during the process of making phone calls.

In March 5, 2002, Changchun practitioners successfully broadcasted truth clarifying videos by overseas practitioners on cable TV in Changchun City, and greatly moved the local people. At the same time, Changchun police started to wildly arrest Dafa practitioners. In order to reduce the pressure and the persecution of Changchun practitioners, I started to put a lot of efforts into calling police stations in Changchun City to clarify the truth. At that time, when I went back home from work in the evening, an inner sense of responsibility drove me to make phone calls to China because Chinese Dafa practitioners were validating Dafa with their lives. I called one district after another, one department after another. Sometimes I called the head of a police department. One time, a police department head was so surprised at receiving my phone calls and said, "How can you overseas Falun Gong practitioners make phone calls to my police department head's office? Now I would like to chat with you for a day!" I clarified the truth to him precisely and quickly. When he saw that he could not convince me, he hung up the phone. I made more phone calls to the offices of city and district police department heads, criminal police teams, forced-labor camps, police stations. During this process, I would run into all kinds of questions and situations, which I had to handle with righteous thoughts and wisdom. Once when a police department of a district received many phone calls from overseas practitioners, they said, "No, we are not a police department, but a hospital." At that time, I realized that they were telling lies. I didn't want to give up any chance to clarify the truth over the phone, so, I clarified the truth to them quickly, and let those policemen feel the wisdom of Dafa practitioners.

When we make more phone calls, we learn more methods and improve our wisdom and the effects of clarifying the truth also become better and better. Some policemen heard the truth and understood that to broadcast the truth clarifying video was to expose the lies and deception and help the Changchun people see the beauty of Dafa. They were touched by my sincerity and also showed their kindness and politeness to me. Some policemen asked me to call them later when there were fewer people around so as to know more truth about Falun Gong. At that time, I really felt the importance of practitioners outside China making phone calls to China to reduce the pressure on Chinese practitioners.

After the atrocities at Wanjia Labor Camp, the Global Phone Team coordinated practitioners of different areas to make phone calls to Wanjia Labor Camp and Harbin. One day, I got to talk to that most vicious team head in Wanjia Labor Camp and asked him why he persecuted Dafa practitioners so brutally. I asked questions in a peaceful tone and with righteous thoughts. I asked, "Why don't you allow practitioners to eat? Why don't you allow practitioners to sleep? Why do you force them to do overtime of hard labor? Why do you beat practitioners? Do you know that your persecutions have been exposed to the world?" This team head hypocritically answered my questions and said that they didn't persecute Falun Gong practitioners. I feel that in order to expose the evil persecution; we have to expose the deception and the evil lies.

Zhao Ming wrote an article for the 60th Session of UN Human Rights Commission, called "Who makes the brutality so beautiful". In that article, he compared the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by Jiang in China to the persecution of Jewish people by Hitler in World War II, and helped people see that the brutality and crimes today are being covered up. The propaganda machine and media under Jiang's control deceive countless precious Chinese people.

In order to clarify the truth more deeply and thoroughly, in the past two years, the global phone team coordinated practitioners from different areas to clarify the truth to the families in different cities in China. This helped me to see the momentum of truth spreading across China. It has high requirements on how to make good phone calls to Chinese families. During the process of making phone calls, we have to not only clarify the truth, but also help everyday people see the purity, kindness, and sincerity of Dafa practitioners. Once, when I dialed a family number, a middle-aged woman picked up the phone. She wanted to hang up the phone when she heard it was a phone call from a Dafa practitioner. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and told her the most important Dafa truth: so, she started to listen to me patiently. I told her that we were both women and mothers. At present, many women in China are receiving inhuman torture, have been raped, or fiercely beaten. Some couples were both Falun Dafa practitioners, and policemen detained them in jail and their children had no one to take care of them. As Chinese people with a sense of justice, we should stand up to ask for justice for those women who practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. In the end, I told her about how jails and forced-labor camps persecuted Dafa practitioners. This woman was very surprised. During the process of clarifying the truth, worldly people will see more and more clearly who is righteous and who is evil. I talked to her for about 20 minutes over the phone, and I felt that this woman changed a lot.

Once I called a family, and I could tell that the man who answered the phone was a very kind person. I told him that all the Chinese people would oppose this persecution in China in the near future. He was very interested in the topics that I brought up. I started from the facts of the persecution, and clarified the truth to him from various perspectives: the wide spread of Dafa in the world, bringing Jiang to justice in the world, the morality of the society and family, and the torturing that Dafa practitioners receive in jail, etc. When I talked to him, he said, "Thank you for your reminders." I also asked him questions: "Did you have a sandstorm during the People' Congress Annual Meeting. Please think about it. So many good people who practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance are detained, injured, and even killed in detention centers or tortured in mental hospitals. There have been so many accidents and disasters in our country in the past few years and this is heaven's warning message to people." This kind-hearted person said, "Thank you for your reminders." He also told me sincerely that, "You should make more phone calls to mainland China and encourage more Chinese people to stand up and ask for justice for Falun Gong. Falun Gong issues should be redressed as soon as possible."

When I made phone calls to Qinghua University, I met some kind university students who were willing to listen to the truth and they made a deep impression on me. It is different to clarify the truth to university students, compared to ordinary residents. University students have higher requirements for practitioners' wisdom, knowledge, and language. Those students are more willing to listen to us and the truth can be clarified more deeply and thoroughly.

When we clarify the truth, we should focus on the real person and the facts in everyday people's society. When we meet kind, predestined people, we can open up their thoughts, talk about the history and reality and include Buddha, Tao, and Gods in our topics.

When I talked about the persecution that Qinghua University faculty and staff received, I also told them about the lawsuits against Jiang and about the differences between the oriental and occidental social systems of treating beliefs, human rights, and freedom.

When I talk about the bitter experience of Wei Xinyan, I mention that the persecution of women, children, and elderly people who practice Falun Gong is persecuting all women, children, and elderly people in China. And I try to awaken students' sense of justice.

When I run into the students who want to hang up the phone quickly, I say: please hold on for a minute, and I would like to recite a poem about Qinghua University. The First sentence of this poem is: the persecution of Qinghua students damages the essential resources of China. All those students who heard this would not hang up the phone and usually would listen to me patiently because they feel that you love their university even more than they do.

I told them that the good morality of students is the most important thing in their lives. Everyone should purify their hearts and let Truth-Compassion-Tolerance melt into every cell of their lives. One young student asked me, "Are you a PhD or a psychologist? How can your words deeply penetrate into our hearts?"

When practitioners from the Toronto phone team clarify the truth, we always add the news about bringing Jiang to justice in our phone messages and use it as a necessary topic to talk about.

Master Li said in Zhuan Falun:,

"Chinese people were strongly influenced by Confucianism in the past, and their personality is pretty introverted. When they're angry it doesn't show, and when they're happy it doesn't show. They make a point of polite restraint and enduring things. Since it's been so deeply ingrained, our people have developed a very introverted personality overall."

Because people in Mainland China experience many political campaigns and lack democracy, their thoughts are quite conservative. Sometimes, as soon as we talked about suing Jiang, they would become silent or hang up the phone. But we would not be disturbed by such reactions and still kept exposing the evil nature of Jiang. Once a person from Mainland China told me the words from his heart. He said, "Falun Gong practitioners are really magnificent. It is the wisest choice to sue Jiang using the international laws. Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. Why does Jiang persecute Falun Gong so brutally? We have Falun Gong practitioners in our workplace, and they are all good people. But they are detained and fiercely beaten up. Jiang is not a good person, and he should be brought to justice. In these years, Jiang hasn't done any good things, and what a mess he has created for China. The social morality has abruptly dropped, and Chinese people all curse him. He said, "You don't know that many Chinese people all admire Falun Gong practitioners. You are really remarkable, and work together to bring Jiang to justice in international courts."

Previously, I cooperated with other practitioners in Toronto to coordinate the work to clarify the truth to China through mail, fax, and phone. I was mainly responsible for preparing truth-clarifying materials and collecting the feedback from Mainland Chinese people about our materials. Therefore, I often made phone calls to China to get feedback and opinions, and this was really helpful for us to clarify the truth well. Once I mailed three VCDs to an acquaintance and told him that these VCDs were really good and he should show them to more people. The more people he showed, the better, and he would have good fortune too. He seemed to understand some of my words, and loaned the VCDs to some of his relatives and friends. After some time, I called him again and asked him about the situation. He told me, "The VCDs that you mailed to me have been shown to a certain number of people. After seeing the VCDs, many people now understand Falun Gong. In fact, they also felt puzzled when watching the propaganda on the TV and newspaper because they didn't understand Falun Gong at that time. Now they are all clear." He also said that a VCD called "Plum Blossom Poem" was extremely good. Other people asked him where he obtained such a high quality video, and he told them that he found it in a taxi.

The Toronto phone team makes phone calls to China as a group, once every week, and the effects are quite good. This not only helps those practitioners who don't know how to clarify the truth over the phone to pick up the phone, but also provides practitioners on other teams a good chance to learn to clarify the truth over the phone. During the process of making group phone calls, practitioners on the phone team improve very quickly and clarify the truth better and better. Master Li said in the article "Environment",

"The lofty conduct that Dafa disciples have established in this environment--including every word and every deed--can make people recognize their own weaknesses and identify their shortcomings; it can move their hearts, refine their conduct, and enable them to make progress more rapidly."

In the phone team, practitioners don't blame each other, nor do they complain. Practitioners learn from each other and encourage each other because we all know that we have heavy responsibilities. We have to cultivate ourselves well, and in this way, we can offer salvation to sentient beings with pure hearts and strong righteous thoughts. Master Li said, "however high a person's character is, that's how high his gong is" (Zhuan Falun). Our cultivation states are shown in the process of offering salvation to sentient beings over the phone; so, we have to cultivate ourselves well.

The environments of making phone calls at home and in the phone team are different. To make phone calls with the phone team, one has to let other practitioners listen to what you say. I used to have an attachment: if I didn't speak well in the phone-team: what would other practitioners think about me? I am one of the coordinators of the phone team, if I didn't clarify the truth well, what would other practitioners think about me? This attachment interfered with me for a long time and made me unable to let go of it myself. It was like a thick layer of substance in another dimension that suppressed me and unconsciously enlarged my ego.

It is an encouragement and also a learning process to listen to other practitioners make phone calls, and it also helps me to see my own attachments and gaps. Practitioners' pure words from the bottom of their hearts deeply touch me and also help me to upgrade together with them.

I would like to conclude my sharing with Master Li's words in the article "Congratulatory Statement to the New York Fa Conference":

"In history's past, you brought to humankind the splendor it should have; in history's present, Dafa has bestowed upon you the mission of saving all sentient beings; in history's future, everything of yours that is pure and righteous will be what ensures that the colossal firmament has formation and stasis, but not destruction."

Thank you Master Li. Thank you everyone.