In "Touring North America to Teach the Fa" released March 2002, Teacher stated,

"In China, other than the city where the head of the evil resides, in other areas the evil no longer controls the whole area. The evil beings have been eliminated so much that not many are left, and the situations in large areas are becoming better. If you send forth righteous thoughts at the head of the evil from nearby it, the evil won't keep replenishing and protecting it fast enough, and that creature will take his last breath."

I was deeply enlightened by this statement, and I decided to take advantage of the May 1st (Chinese Labor Day) long holiday to go to Beijing and send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the evil. I arrived in Beijing at the end of April 2002.

I overcame much difficulty during my trip, before I arrived in Beijing safely and successfully. I checked into a hotel that was very close to the "evil's lair," (in Zhongnanhai, the compound of the Chinese government) located on Beltway 1. I was quite aware of Teacher's protection and arrangement that allowed me to stay in this excellent place, which was perfect for sending forth righteous thoughts.

My sending forth righteous thoughts was very intense during those days in Beijing. Basically I started sending righteous thoughts every hour on the hour from 5 o'clock in the morning. I would do it 3 times at dawn, 3 times in the morning, 2-3 times in the afternoon, and 5 times in the evening. The day before I checked out I sent forth righteous thoughts all night long until I checked out at 4 p.m. the next afternoon. The power for sending forth righteous thoughts was supported by doing the exercises right after each session since such high intensity righteous thoughts without exercises could not be sustained. I mostly did the 2nd and 5th exercises. There was no interference or disruption during my sending righteous thoughts, meaning that I had not left any gaps for the evil to exploit. This was another advantage of staying in a hotel. I always stayed by myself in the hotel and only the hotel workers contacted me. Since they all worked in shifts, they were just employees and they did not care what you did in your room. It was therefore quite safe.

I encountered a phenomenon on the 5th day of sending forth righteous thoughts. I had not been able to see anything with my third eye throughout my cultivation. But I sensed a kind of pressure that evening while sending righteous thoughts. My power seemed to hit something resembling a curtain of water. It was quite resilient; it even formed an impression in my imagination as a living being that was pressing on me. It was a human figure sitting in the lotus position. I could not see how its palm was positioned, but it seemed like it was positioned vertically. I felt the pressure from that dimension. At that moment I had one thought, "I am a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi. I am sending forth righteous thoughts. If you are interfering with my sending forth righteous thoughts then you are on the opposite side of Truth, Compassion, Forbearance." As soon as my thought was generated, that life form suddenly lost ground and disintegrated. It disappeared completely. The pressure on me also evaporated in that instant.

From arriving in Beijing on April 29, 2002 until my departure on May 7, I stayed in Beijing for nearly 8 days. The result of sending forth righteous thoughts was very good, and I accomplished what a Dafa practitioner should.

There was another interesting experience: After I read about Clearwisdom's announcement of the "First Chinese Dafa Practitioners Experience Sharing via Internet" I planned to write down my understanding of the Fa (1). At the same time I felt that there was a lack of understanding on issues that we faced during the Fa-rectification period on the part of some fellow practitioners. I thought I should write my own understanding of the Fa-rectification so that I could share and exchange with fellow practitioners. Then I read on the Clearwisdom website that some practitioners mentioned that evil forces overseas were converging in New York, while evil forces in China were converging in Beijing. I thought if I could write my experience about sending forth righteous thoughts in Beijing in 2002, then the evil would be destroyed completely if fellow practitioners followed suit and went to Beijing together to send forth righteous thoughts. What an idea!

The next day after I had this thought. I noticed that people stared at me as though something was wrong. I thought to myself, "Did I do something wrong?" Then I touched my face and noticed there were two long traces of finger scratch marks. I live by myself, and this was clearly a manifestation of the evil's last hysterical interference! I thought further and realized that my thought about practitioners going to Beijing to eliminate the evil squarely hit the critical part of the evil. Immediately, I started writing my experience of sending forth righteous thoughts in Beijing, and named the article, "Go to Beijing to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts." My intention was precisely to recommend that fellow practitioners who could afford to go to Beijing, do so and send forth righteous thoughts when the evil converged in Beijing. This way we could leverage our efforts to more effectively eradicate the evil and therefore save sentient beings.

"Since you're Dafa disciples, you shouldn't put your hopes in so-called "natural" changes, external changes, changes in the ordinary society, or in some favors that someone might do for us. You are Gods, and you are the future rulers of different cosmoses, so who would you count on? All the beings are counting on you! (Applause) That's truly how it is."

("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.")

If the evil was eradicated by practitioners who could go to Beijing and if the evil factors that controlled people were eliminated, then sentient beings would awaken, with some of their Buddha nature liberated... Then think about it everyone: how could there be any room for the evil to remain? Just like Teacher mentioned, "You are the ones saving the ordinary people's society, and you are the ones saving sentient beings!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") Therefore I recommend that all practitioners who can afford to go to Beijing to send forth righteous thoughts, should do so.

As a Dafa practitioner in China, and like millions of other Dafa practitioners, I have not had the honor of meeting Teacher. I admire the fact that overseas practitioners have the opportunity to listen to Teacher lecturing on the Fa himself. All Dafa practitioners, whether they are in China or overseas, are a unified group. I hope that overseas practitioners can relay our respects to Teacher. Please send greetings to Teacher on our behalf.

1. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.