(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Huishuang, 47, is from Benxi City, Liaoning Province. In 2002 she was incarcerated in the Benxi City Detention Center, where she suffered horrible torment. The police pushed a nail into her body that almost killed her. She went into a deep coma for a long time. Thanks to Dafa's power, Ms. Zhang later came out of the coma, but her health was still poor and she had trouble walking. In 2004 Zhang Huishuang was transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. As soon as she arrived she started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She refused to cooperate with the perpetrators in any way. To force Ms. Zhang to terminate her hunger strike, the guards administered brutal force-feeding. Each time she was to be force-fed, the guards dragged Ms. Zhang from the bed and threw her onto the floor. Because Ms. Zhang refused to wear the prison uniform [because she is not a criminal], guard Pei Feng ordered some collaborators (1) to strip her to her underclothing before force-feeding her on the floor. After each such force-feeding procedure, Ms. Zhang would lie on the floor and vomit for a long time. Hygiene conditions were very bad. On the afternoon of June 23, 2004, for refusing to wear the camp uniform, the guards took off all her clothes and videotaped her naked body. The police claimed that she was mentally ill and refused to wear clothes, blaming this on Falun Gong. So far, all the physical tortures and mental torment have failed to change Zhang Huishuang's firm belief in Dafa.

Practitioner Ms. Shi Yun from Huludao City was arrested and sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in May 2004. Soon after her arrival, Shi Yun started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Her health is extremely poor. Her nose is red and swollen from the collaborators' force-feeding and other torture, and her legs are injured so badly that she has trouble walking.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Su Ming, 36, is a resident of Dalian City. She has been in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for nearly three years. Long-term physical torture caused her to develop heart disease. She is very weak, but despite her condition, Su Ming shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great" to defend Dafa's honor on several occasions. To punish her defiance, the guards locked her in a "small cell" for solitary confinement four times. Several times she almost died when the guards sent her back to Building One (regular cells). Even under these dire circumstances Ms. Su never stops clarifying the truth and introducing Dafa to those around her. Su Ming exemplifies the great compassion of Dafa practitioners' offering salvation to all people.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Hu Ying has been detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years. Her belief in Falun Dafa and Teacher is rock solid, and she has never made any concessions to the evildoers. Every day during the past two years Ms. Hu was forced to sit on a small plastic stool with her hands tied. The guards deprived her of sleep, and she lost her freedom to move around. All these mistreatments did nothing to change her conviction. For calling out "Falun Dafa is Great" they sent her to a "small cell" five times, for intensified torture. In March 2004, the guards ordered Ms. Hu to promise to "neverpractice again," as a trade-off to sleep in a bed. She strongly refused. The angry guards sent her to a "small cell" again for intensified persecution.

Practitioner Ms. Huang Guifen, 47, is from Fuxin City. The tortures she suffered in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (Laogai) caused her leg muscles to atrophy. Her arms were injured badly and she has trouble moving them. Her belief in Dafa and Teacher is as strong as ever. She never stops her efforts to redeem these former practitioners who have given up under pressure. She remains diligent in clarifying the truth and introducing Dafa. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great" to defend Dafa's honor on various occasions. As a result, the guards sent her to a "small cell" for harsher mistreatment twice.

Practitioner Ms. Xia Ning openly shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great" at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to defend Dafa on many occasions. The guards sent her to a "small cell" for intensified mistreatment eight times. While in the "small cell" Ms. Xia held hunger strikes to protest. She became so emaciated that she weighs less than 88 lbs., but Xia Ning's firm belief in Dafa and Teacher has never changed. She persists in promoting Dafa, sending forth righteous thoughts and memorizing Dafa books. Now, the Masanjia police don't dare to abuse her any further.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Cao Yanzhuo once found a copy of Teacher's article on the ground and read it. The guards saw this and sent her to a "small cell" for punishment. Although her physical health is very poor, Ms. Cao's belief in Dafa is very firm. She held a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Xue Lei is 24 years old. Because she refused to betray Dafa, the depraved guards handcuffed her to a radiator pipe and denied her of sleep for 24 hours. After three days of torture, Ms. Xue has partially lost the function of her hands and legs.

Practitioner Ms. Yang Hong began her detention at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on April 8, 2004. She refuses to obey the perpetrators' every request and demand. To protest the illegal detention, Ms. Yang held a hunger strike. She openly shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great" and memorizes Teacher's books and promotes Falun Gong. To punish her, the guards sent her to a "small cell" four times. The harsh torture nearly killed her. On August 8, 2004, Ms. Yang was sent to Dabei Prison and her current situation is unknown. Despite her weak physical condition, Yang Hong's firm belief in Dafa has never changed. She has demonstrated the great, heroic behavior of a Dafa disciple in this Fa-rectification period.

Practitioner Ms. Pan Jing has insisted on doing the Falun Gong exercises and memorizing Falun Gong books during her detention in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Evil-minded police officer Zhang Huang ordered some collaborators to violently beat Pan Jing. They made her wear handcuffs and taped her mouth shut with plastic tape. She was sent to a "small cell" four times for intensified torture. Nevertheless, all those evil abuses and mistreatments failed to sway her. Today, Pan Jing remains strongly faithful to Dafa and Teacher. She is as determined as ever to be a true Dafa disciple in this Fa-rectification period.

These examples are just a few from a long list of persecution cases at Masanjia. Many other practitioners' stories are similar. We call on all Dafa practitioners around the world to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.


(1) Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture.