(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty-year-old Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xia from Bayannaoermeng, Linhe City, Inner Mongolia was tortured in Hohhot City Prison until she was left in a coma as little more than skin and bones. The perpetrators planned to cremate her alive to destroy the evidence.

The incident was widely reported in the international media. Many people around the world condemned the perpetrators, officials from Linhe City "610 Office," the police and the judicial department, who then visited Wang Xia in the name of sympathy and threatened to put her into jail again to have her "serve out the rest term of five years."

Wang Xia still lapses in and out of coma. She cannot take care of herself at all. Her parents and sister take turns looking after her. Her family cries every day from grief and indignation.

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The video records the current situation of Wang Xia. Wang Xia' personally recounts her experience of practicing Falun Gong, tells why she stepped forward to speak publicly about the grandeur of Falun Gong, and reveals some of the torture she endured while in detention.

Several days after Minghui and Clearwisdom reports of Wang Xia's torture, the head of the local "610 Office" and Wang, head of the police department, went to Wang Xia's home with some milk powder, claiming to "console" her. They repeatedly asked her who had visited her' home and taken the photos of her that were published on the internet. They also said that September 26 was the last day of her' three-months of custody outside prison, threatening to return her to jail to let her "serve out the rest term of five years."

Wang Xia's four-year-old son pointed to the two perpetrators and said, "You bad people! You hurt my mom and that's why she is in such a terrible state right now."

Wang Xia, who was unconscious up until then, suddenly came to, and in a weak but firm voice asked that all incarcerated Dafa practitioners be unconditionally released. She lost consciousness right after she finished speaking.

The officials claimed the Wang Xia's mind was clear and agreed she should be returned to jail.

Sources report that officials from Inner Mongolia '"610 Office" and the head of the judicial department will travel to Linhe City to deal with Wang Xia's case. Wang Xia and her family may be facing another round of persecution.

After the pictures of Wang Xia's emaciated body of skin and bones were published on the internet, people were shocked. They recalled what was shown in historical documentary films of the holocaust victims who were similarly reduced to near-skeletons being put into ovens and burned in the Nazi concentration camps.

Before that, Wang Xia experienced the mistreatment of force-feeding for two years and three months, during which she was shocked with electric batons, tied in a bed with her four limbs spread out. The scars on her legs resulted from the long-term rope tying are clearly visible in the video. The perpetrators left the feeding tubes in her stomach for a long time, and took out for a simple wash only every couple of weeks. Wang Xia was on the brink of death several times.

Wang Xia is tortured at Hohhot City Female Prison and was unconscious

During her incarceration, the perpetrators lost patience with Wang Xia after she refused to give up her belief. They yelled, "Let's throw her in the crematory and get rid of her." The head of the "610 Office said, "Her story was published on Minghui. We can't let her die in prison. Tell her family to take her home. If she dies there we'll say she committed suicide."

The prison doctor said Wang Xia would live for only two or three more days, and he even tried to extort 2,000 Yuan from her, but failed.

On the way home, the perpetrators gave Wang Xia unknown drugs. Several hours after she returned home she was in critical condition. Although she was revived through emergency treatment, her condition worsened and she constantly drifted into a deep coma.

When they drove Wang Xia home, the perpetrators from the prison and the "610 Office" forced Wang Xia's family to write a "guarantee statement." The content of the statement includes, "Do not accept any form of an interview; do not take Wang Xia to see a doctor outside of Linhe City and particularly not in Beijing; do not let her contact other Falun Gong practitioners or appeal or file lawsuits."

Before she was sentenced to a seven year jail term, Wang Xia was already being held in a forced labor camp. Her mother was also sent to a forced labor camp for persisting in Falun Dafa practice. The perpetrators ransacked her home and fined her many times. Her family is destitute because they were extorted so many times. In the two months she was home, Wang Xia's life was in danger several times. She returned home from the hospital because her family could not afford the medical bills incurred by her hospital stay.