(Clearwisdom.net) Editor's Note: In both Western and Chinese culture, the principle of karmic retribution, that is, being held ultimately accountable for one's own actions, is widely accepted. The fundamental teaching of Falun Gong is the characteristic of the universe, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The universe will reward actions that are in harmony with this principle, while actions such as beating, torturing and murdering people will incur karmic retribution. Stated another way, good deeds will be rewarded with good, while evildoings will meet due retribution. Articles such as this one are meant as a compassionate reminder of this principle to those who would commit wrongdoing. While many of those who persecute Falun Gong are merely "following orders," the universal law requires that they, too, be held responsible for their actions, and that only by reversing their course of wrongdoing may they escape retribution.

* * *

"Karmic Retribution Does Exist After All!"

In the spring of 2002, I visited a relative's home in Nanli Community of Wuqing District located in Tianjin City, China. After I entered the gate of Nanli Community I could see a lot of people standing in front of the community's security office, discussing the recent car accident and death of a security officer named Wu.

From what I heard, one day Mr. Wu ordered a community janitor by the name of Ms. Hua to tear down some materials containing the true facts about Falun Gong off the walls. Ms. Hua refused to comply with his request and advised Wu that doing such an immoral thing as concealing the truth about Falun Gong would bring him karmic retribution. Mr. Wu refused to listen, and started to slander and curse Falun Gong. He declared that he didn't believe in karmic retribution. Moreover, he produced many Falun Gong related flyers that he tore down, while stating, "Look how many flyers I have torn down! I have never met any karmic retribution! Karmic retribution is nothing but a myth." Two days later, he was hit by a car while riding on a motorbike and died instantly. Those who knew what had happened two days prior to his death said, "Karmic retribution does exist after all!"

Xiao Xifa from Wuqing District, Tianjin City Meets Karmic Retribution After Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners

Mr. Xiao Xifa is a resident from Dawuchang Village, Dongpuwa Township, Wuqing District, Tianjin City, China. He was the head of Dawuchang Village from 2000 to 2002. During his post, he worked with several of his colleagues to arrest and persecute those who practice Falun Gong in Dawuchang Village. Shortly before October 1 (China's National Day) in 2003, after having been tipped-off, police arrested him for paying for sex from prostitutes. Xiao Xifa was detained for fifteen days and fined 10,000 yuan (1).

Police Officers from Anshan City Meet Karmic Retribution After Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners

Police officers from Qidashan Police Station in Anshan City, Liaoning Province met karmic retribution one after another after persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Police officer Mr. Nie Yuanshun went to Tiananmen Square, arrested Falun Gong practitioners and then beat them up. Shortly after he returned from Beijing, he died after suffering a heart attack. Police officer Mr. Liu Ming'gang also participated in the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. He has since had a stroke causing him to undergo brain surgery. Mr. Xu Tongshan is another police officer who has taken part in the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. He fractured his leg while playing basketball.


(1) yuan - Chinese currency; 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.