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A distant view of the First Detention Center of Jilin City

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The prison facilities in the First Detention Center of Jilin City

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A distant view of the Jilin City Police Station

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A close-up of the Jilin City Police Station

The First and Third Detention Centers of Jilin City are located on Yueshan Road. Since July 20, 1999, the two centers have detained and severely persecuted hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners. With the permission of Director of the Third Detention Center Zhufeng Sun (male, over 40 years old) and Commissar Wang Wenkui, at least three Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered in the center. Wang Lixin, Fu Shengchun and Li Chuanping have all died as a direct result of the persecution they were subjected to in the detention center.

Wang Lixin Was Beaten to Death after Only a Few Days

(See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/2/3/18362.html)

Wang Lixin was taken away by the police department in November 2000 because he made 100 copies of Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Wang refused to cooperate and did not divulge his name. The supervisors and criminals at the detention center all called him "Dafa practitioner."

In the No. 5 prison cell of Jilin City's Third Detention Center, in order to protest the unjust treatment towards Falun Dafa practitioners and the slander against Falun Dafa, Wang refused to eat. After the second day of his hunger strike, he was sent to the No.6 prison cell. Cell monitor, Feng Naiwu, who claimed to be a secret society member and was imprisoned because he embezzled ten thousand yuan, made things difficult for Wang in all kinds of ways. He verbally insulted Wang and refused to let him go to the washroom. On the fourth day of his hunger strike, Wang was sent to the No. 8 prison cell. Cell monitor Yang Hailong tried to persuade and threaten Wang in vain. Criminal Feng wanted to curry favor with Supervisor Yang, so he took the initiative to request that Wang be transferred back to the No.6 prison cell. Feng even publicly announced that Supervisor Yang had already given permission to beat up Wang. When they were force-feeding Wang, they tried so hard to pry open his mouth that it was covered with blood. In the end, Wang suffocated and lost consciousness.

Feng thought of a wicked plot. He made two young criminals aged fifteen to sixteen sob and wail repeatedly in front of Wang to persuade him to eat. Feng threatened to beat up the two young criminals if they did not succeed in their attempt. Wang saw through their plot and was unmoved. Feng flew into a rage. He ordered nine criminals on the night shift to refuse to let Wang sleep. One of them, named Zhang Qun, had practiced boxing for many years. He actively obeyed Feng's order. Once Zhang saw Wang close his eyes, he would pour cold water on him using a plastic mineral water bottle. If Wang closed his eyes again, he would stomp on Wang with his feet. He would also use his heel to stomp on Wang's ribs and legs. He also punched Wang repeatedly in the ribs.

On the fifth day of the hunger strike, supervisors Yang and Zhang summoned some thugs to forcefully bring Wang, who was handcuffed and shackled, to the supervisor's room. There Wang was force-fed one jin [0.5 Kg] of concentrated salt water. Zhang held the plastic mineral water bottle that was used to pour salt water into Wang and swaggered around on an inspection tour around the No.6 prison cell. We could clearly see that the salt left in the mineral water bottle was like thick porridge. On the night of the sixth day, Wang was tormented again for the whole night without sleep, while enduring the corrosive effects of the salt water.

On the afternoon of the seventh day of his hunger strike, Wang's whole body was very weak. He was unable to think clearly and the words he muttered were unintelligible. Criminals Feng, Zhang and another named Xiaohong, who was sentenced to the detention center for robbery and involvement with organized crime, took turns kicking and stomping on Wang. Supervisors Yang and Zhang leaned against the window and watched for two minutes before opening the cell door. They asked Feng, Zhang and Xiaohong to bring Wang into the supervisor's room. Then the screams of pain from Wang could be heard. After more than half an hour, they sent Wang back to the No.6 prison cell. Wang had both his hands tied behind his back, and there was a white towel tied across his mouth. He could only make muffled sounds.

On the eighth day of the hunger strike, Wang was sent to the hospital but he died two days later.

Once, when Zhang kept Wang from sleeping at night by beating him up, a senior supervisor on patrol saw him and tried to stop him. Although this incident was recorded on the blackboard the next day, Supervisor Yang ignored the incident, and his animosity towards the senior supervisor deepened. This made Feng and his gang even more brazen in their behavior. Feng has now been released.

Fu Chunsheng Died from Force Feeding and the Police in the Third Detention Center Make up Evidence

Falun Gong practitioner Fu Chunsheng, 52 years old, was originally an employee of the Jilin Transportation Company. On December 28, 2001, the police abducted him at his home. After several days, inhumane force-feeding caused his death in the Third Detention Center.

When Fu Chunsheng was first detained in the detention center, he began to fast as a protest against the persecution. The prisoners in the center, under the command of the police, force-fed Chunsheng. On the eighth day of force-feeding, Fu Chunsheng died. To cover up their crime, the policemen transferred Chunsheng's body to a nearby hospital--Hospital 222 of the People's Liberation Army in Jilin City--and pretended to try to save Chunsheng Fu's life in the emergency room. In fact, they were trying to collude with the hospital doctors to make up evidence. The doctors in the hospital helped the detention center police by forging a false certificate of death, which stated that Chunsheng had died of heart problems and that hospital emergency measures could not save his life. The policemen in the detention center then used this falsified death certificate to deceive Chunsheng's family members.

To cover up their crime, the prison management division of the Jilin Police Station held a special meeting. The directors of the prison division announced to all the police officers that they were forbidden to ask for information related to the death of Fu Chunsheng or any other details relating to his case.

Persecuted in the Detention Center, Chuanping Li Died after Returning Home

Li Chuanping, 50, lived in the Longtan Shuidian District in Jilin City. In July and August 2001, she was detained in the Third Detention Center, where she was persecuted. After being tortured, Chuanping started to vomit blood. Even after seeing her so seriously ill, the policemen did nothing to help her. Only after they realized that Chuanping was going to die did they release her to go home so they could avoid bearing responsibility.

After going home, Li Chuaping died shortly thereafter because of severe wounds and delayed treatment in the center.

The Responsible Officials Are Transferred to Cover Up Their Crime

Several days after the tragedy of Wang Lixin's death, his family members remembered that his behavior, mental state, and physical state were normal when they had visited him on December 4, 2000, and began to doubt the cause of his death.

To cover up the truth and avoid further questions pertaining to their responsibility, the directors of the Jilin Police Station quickly decided that Director Sun Zhufeng, Commissar Wang Wenkui and Deputy Director Zhang Guanjun would be dismissed from their positions. In actuality, the Jilin Police Station directors lied to the public when they promised that these people as well as anyone else responsible had been dismissed from their current positions or transferred to other positions. Sun Zhufeng was simply repositioned as the Director of the First Detention Center, Wenkui Wang as the Commissar of the First Detention Center, and Zhang Guanjun as a director of a unit in the First Detention Center.

Those Responsible Still At Large and the Witnesses Sent to a Forced Labor Center

Persons responsible for the murder of Wang Lixin include: a) Zhang Guanjun, the arresting officer and Deputy Director of the Third Detention Center. Currently he is a unit director in the First Detention Center in Jilin City; b) Yang Zhonghua, a policeman in the Third Detention Center; c) Feng Naiwu, a prisoner assigned to monitor prisoners. He pretended to be a gang member and was sent to the Third Center because he bilked someone out of 100,000 yuan. Currently, he is home and at large.

To block the news, the policemen in the center sent any Falun Gong practitioners who had witnessed Wang Lixin being beaten to death to a forced labor center. Currently, the First and Third Detention Centers of Jilin City still detain and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The center officers order the prisoners to beat Falun Gong practitioners and persecute them physically. They force-feed practitioners on hunger strikes and persecute them with other methods.

The Crimes of the First Detention Center of Jilin City

Since July 20, 1999, hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted in Jilin City's First Detention Center. Among Jilin police, policewoman Xing Shufen was notorious for her aggressiveness in beating practitioners in the center. On October 14, 1999, Yu Lixin, a cadre of the Organization Department of Jilin General Labor Union, was persecuted in this center. When Wang Lixin went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, Xing Shufen not only beat her severely but also ordered prisoners to force-feed her. Because Wang Lixin persisted in practicing Dafa, Xing Shufen fastened Ms. Wang's arms and legs onto a bed. The policemen in the center then subjected Yu Lixin to various inhumane methods of torture. On October 14, 1999, Liu Mingwei, an employee of the Jilin Water Supply Company, was also beaten severely and force-fed by Xing Shufen. Practitioners Cui Zhengshu and Deng Shiying, who were persecuted to death by the police, were also tortured in this center.

Another devious strategy used in the center is to punish the criminal prisoners in the name of Falun Gong practitioners, thereby stirring up their animosity towards Falun Gong. The policemen do not allow the criminal prisoners to meet with their family members, go outside, or purchase food. They prisoners are also punished physically with such methods as sitting on a board and sleep deprivation.

Officer Zhao Yanbo force-fed practitioner Ms. Zhu E and persecuted her with many kinds of torture.

In September 2003, police force-fed and otherwise tortured practitioners Yan Zuo from the Transportation Bank, electrical engineer Wang Guihua, and Sun Fengqin. On September 18, 2003, practitioner Zhao Yinjie began a fast to protest the persecution. Zhao Yanbo, Chen Lili and other male police officers force-fed and tortured her. In 2004, practitioners Wang Shufan, Wang Yugui, Xiao Lihua, all over 50, and Xin Xin, about 30, also were force-fed and tortured with different methods. Currently, several Falun Gong practitioners are still detained illegally and being persecuted in the center.

We request that the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" put these criminals on record and investigate their crimes.

Persons Primarily Responsible for Practitioner Deaths:

  • Zhang Guanjun, a policeman and originally the Deputy Director of the Third Detention Center, he is now the director of a unit in the First Detention Center. Home phone number: 86-432-2763192
  • Yang Zhonghua, a policeman in the Third Detention Center. Home phone number: 86-432-4679115

Others Responsible for Practitioner Deaths:

  • Prisoner: Feng Naiwu, monitor of other prisoners (He was sent to the center because he cheated someone out of 100,000 yuan)
  • Prisoner: Zhang Qun was sent to prison because he/she broke someone's nose in a fight
  • Prisoner: Xiao Hong was sent to prison because for participating in gang-related fights between factions and for illegal possession of a gun
  • Prisoner: Lai Hongxiang

Other Police Officers That Have Participated in the Persecution:

  • Xing Shufen (female): Originally in the First Detention Center, she is now assigned to the Third Detention Center. Home Phone Number: 86-432-2026730
  • Zhao Yanbo (female): Assigned to the First Detention Center. 86-432-2455060(Home) 13904415711 (Cell)
  • Chen Lili (female): Assigned to the First Detention Center. 86-432-2455243 (Home)

Police Officers with Major Responsibilities

  • Original Director of the Third Detention Center of Jilin City: Sun Zhufeng

86-432-4687526 (Home) 13904407750 (Cell)

  • Original Commissar of the Third Detention Center of Jilin City: Wang Wenkui

86-432-2588147(Home) 86-432-7807228

  • Current Director of the Third Detention Center of Jilin City: Liu Xuezhi 86-432-2578266 (Home)
  • Current Advisor of the Third Detention Center of Jilin City: Liu Changjun 86-432-7807299 (Home)
  • Current Deputy Director of the Third Detention Center of Jilin City: Cong Maohua 86-432-2017071(Home)

The Hospital Responsible for Forging False Evidence

  • Hospital 222 of People Liberation Army

Yuan Shan Rd. #47, Jilin City, 132015

Related Police Officers with Responsibilities in Monitoring Subdivision in Jilin Police Station

  • Director: Piao Yongzhi 86-432-2580555(Home)
  • Deputy Commissar: Yang Fenglin 86-432-2576988(Home)
  • Deputy Director: Dong Ping 86-432-2584567(Home)
  • Original Deputy Director Li Dechen 86-432-2578506(Home)
  • Original Deputy Director: Xinwu Tian 86-432-2455766(Home)
  • Director of Political Department: Zhu Caixia 86-432-2589996 (Home)
  • Deputy Director of Political Department: Sun Aiming 13009156527(Cell)
  • Director of Secretary Department: Wang Xin 86-432-2584831(Home);
  • Deputy Director of Secretary Department: Sun Lijun 86-432-2574088(Home)
  • Director of Coaching Department: L¨¹ Haiquan 86-432-2571925(Home)
  • Deputy Director of Director of Coaching Department: Zhou Yong 86-432-4650646(Home)
  • Personnel in Crime in Prison: Zheng Wenjie 86-432-4871788(Home)
  • Director of Management Department: Chu Haiqing 86-432-2773059(Home)
  • Deputy Director of Management Department: Hong Guochen 86-432-2032552(Home)