(Clearwisdom.net) My husband doesn't practice Falun Gong. At the beginning of the persecution he gave me much trouble. I clarified the truth to him continually and he also recognized that our four family members were all strong and healthy. All these years, whatever bad things we came across, they finally turned into good things. This changed his notions so much that it was hard to describe, even with the expression "earth-shaking."

This year he attended four Fa conferences. Three times he was fortunate to hear Master's lectures. Every time he would very carefully listen to Dafa practitioners' speeches until the end. During this year's conference in Washington DC, many practitioners were quite casual and the orderliness was really a little unsatisfactory, but my husband was just not disturbed by that and listened carefully to the speeches from the beginning to the end, which made me, a practitioner, really glad.

Sometimes I clarify the truth in web chat rooms or write articles to discuss how people should treat the persecution. My husband then warm-heartedly watches beside me. When he saw that many people read my posts [posted messages], he would be very happy and notified me at any moment when somebody else had problems again. Seeing that I occasionally couldn't handle all the friends in the chat room, he would be anxious, eager to do something to help me and questioned why I didn't ask more practitioners for help. He often talked to me about the importance of telling the truth on the network.

One day, my husband finally couldn't wait to do something and assembled an old computer by himself. He was so enraptured at his first post that he looked like a child. From then on, as long as he was at home, it would be difficult for me to keep quiet. He would ask me to go over to have a look at this topic or that discussion for a while. After a while he would ask me how to write this word or how to answer that question; two minutes later he would ask me again how to post a picture of the torture, and once in a while he would laugh loudly and insist that I go over to share a humorous response. Two children as well as him make me hurry-scurry. It's just lucky that I have cultivated for many years so I could reach the state that no matter how hurried the matter was, I could still keep a clear mind.

One time during his arguing with somebody, the opposite side verbally abused him. My husband couldn't tolerate it and replied the same way, resulting in his being punished by the Internet monitor, that his IP was closed. During those days, my husband was really uneasy. I told him that we should be compassionate when telling others of the truth; many people were deceived by the lies and we couldn't treat things the same way as others do; others can only recognized us by our treating things peaceably and with tolerance. My husband didn't say anything then, but he was for sure agreeing with me. It was not long after that he could continue telling truth on the web.

My husband now understands that if "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" were persecuted to the point of disappearing, nobody would have a future.

Lately a friend on the web joked with my husband by calling him a "practitioner." He replied immediately, "I'm ashamed because I haven't read Zhuan Falun yet and cannot be called a practitioner. When I have time, I will read the book." Looking at my husband, busy telling truth on the Internet after being busy with work, I seem to already see mankind's wonderful future. I believe that in the near future all the kind people who know the truth will act just as my husband. They will stand up and support "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance."