(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at Huhhot Women's Labor Camp have adopted many inhumane measures to torment determined Falun Dafa practitioners. Ms. Zhang Yuhua, Ms. Zhu Xiaoying, Ms. Duan Yuzhen, Ms. Liu Xiaoxin and Ms. Xu Meiqing from Inner Mongolia were all severely tortured there. Some practitioners were hung or handcuffed and suspended from the ceiling, their feet hanging above the ground, for over half a month at a time. As a result, many were physically disabled. In spite of this no one made inquiries into these practices or shouldered the responsibility.

The camp also took a lead in holding brainwashing classes every month, each lasting for two weeks. Determined practitioners were brainwashed and tortured physically in turns. During brainwashing sessions, the policemen tortured the practitioners, deprived them of sleep, prohibited them from using the bathroom, and beat them. They also handcuffed practitioners and used electric batons to shock them. The policemen were worried that the practitioners might call out "Falun Dafa is good," so they taped their mouths shut. They forced practitioners to wash their heads in the dirty water that had been used to mop the floor. The police used all kinds of methods to humiliate practitioners. In the winter, they allowed determined practitioners only to put on their underwear and dragged them along the snow-covered ground. When practitioners were fettered to the ceiling with both feet suspended in the air for two weeks, the handcuffs cut deep into the flesh, exposing the bones in both arms. As a result, both hands become permanently crippled. So far, the hands of six or seven practitioners have become crippled. Practitioner Ms. Zhou Caixia was tortured to death at the Huhhot Women's Labor Camp. Her hands were crippled as a result of this hanging torture before she died. In addition, she was force-fed with lime (calcium carbonate), which burned the lining of her stomach. She was finally driven to madness from pain.

Ms. Zhang Yuhua (45) is a farmer from Jianchangying Village, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. In 2001, she was sentenced to two years in the Huhhot Labor Camp. Zhang Yuhua did not succumb to the monthly brainwashing class. She called out: "Falun Dafa is good" and had another seven months added to her sentence as a result. When Zhang Yuhua went on a hunger strike to protest, she was force-fed viciously and tortured severely. She was often shocked with electric batons and beaten. Later, she was hung up for two weeks and her hands became crippled. As a result, Zhang Yuhua became mentally unbalanced for a period of time, and her present situation is unknown.

Below, please find the phone numbers of the responsible persons who tortured Zhou Caixia and Zhang Yuhua:

Huhhot Women's Labor Camp:

Director Guo, who is very cruel, and in charge of the detained practitioners: 86-13847848169 (cell);

Kong Guihua, the former leader of Squad One. Many times, she either tortured practitioners herself or instigated the drug-addicts to torture them. At present, she is the section chief of the security section: 86-13947156342 (cell), 86-471-5692946 (home);

Zhang Shiqin, the current leader of Squad One: 86-471-5692962 (Office);

Squad Two: 86-471-5692961 (Office).