(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners often talk about "the progress of the Fa-rectification." This shows that their main concern is the situation of Fa-rectification. There are various mentalities we all carry, including expectations, and the mentality of cherishing things. However, most practitioners want to know whether they or their area have kept up with the progress of Fa-rectification. During this progress, Teacher has made cultivation arrangements for us at each stage. However, coming with the arrangements are interference and sabotage arranged by the old forces. In each stage there are Fa-rectification things that we need to do well, standards we need to reach and mighty virtue that we need to establish. The progress of the Fa-rectification will not stop because one practitioner or a group of practitioners have not kept up, nor will it repeat because a group of practitioners did not do well. Therefore, every opportunity is precious and will not come again.

Although we can make up for and redo something that we have not done well at first, the environment and the requirement of the process of Fa-rectification will be different. Therefore, some practitioners saw that whenever they did not do well, lives and materials from the part of the celestial body they represented would be eliminated. Although this is only the scene these practitioners saw at their various levels and not the ultimate truth of the universe, at least it tells us how important it is for us to keep up with the process of Fa-rectification.

1. To understand the progress of the Fa-rectification is a precondition for keeping up with and doing a good job in what we are required to do.

To understand the progress of the Fa-rectification is a precondition for keeping up with and doing a good job in what we are required to do. Then how are we able to understand the progress? My personal understanding is that we should study the Fa more. We must, first of all, read "Zhuan Falun" (1) repeatedly. We should also study Teacher's new articles, Fa lectures and comments on practitioners' published articles during the Fa-rectification period. Teacher made arrangements and set requirements for us in these documents. We must "truly believe" in Teacher and take the Fa as master. We must study more. We must read the Clearwisdom articles that provide guidance in a timely way, especially those written by the Clearwisdom editing team. Teacher has already told us that, "Practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Clearwisdom.net on all important matters." My personal understanding is that the Clearwisdom articles that give guidance are part of Teacher's arrangements for us. However we should truly take the Fa as Master. This is only my personal understanding. As for personal sharing published on Dafa websites, including the scenes perceived by practitioners who have their third eye opened, my understanding is that it is not accidental that these articles are published on Dafa websites. If all practitioners can measure themselves according to the Fa, they really can find the things they have not paid attention to and the reason behind them. The sharing amongst practitioners is one of the cultivation forms left by our Teacher. It is also an indispensable environment for us to get rid of our notions, and push us to be more diligent and improve ourselves.

2. The things that need to be done well in the process of Fa-rectification.

On August 8, 2004, the Minghui.net editors (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) made an announcement soliciting articles for the First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China. The announcement states clearly the reasons for convening such a conference, the point of view from which practitioners in China should look at it , and the security issues that need to be taken care of. My personal understanding is that such a conference is a joyous event for all practitioners. It will be a grand conference in which practitioners can sum up their experiences while checking for their shortcomings so that they can upgrade themselves and keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. It is not important if one's article is selected or not. The important thing is that every practitioner should take this opportunity to sum up their progress in their cultivation, to report to Teacher and to share with their fellow practitioners. At the same time we can find some of the reasons for not doing well with the things that we should, so that we can wholeheartedly do the three things (2) that Teacher asked us to do. We should not consider the conference as the task of a small amount of practitioners or practitioners who are considered to be doing well in their cultivation. We should take the experience sharing conference as an important event in the Fa-rectification process. As a matter of fact, the process of experience sharing is the process of upgrading ourselves.

3. Taking the task of providing information for anti-torture exhibitions as our own responsibility

On August 12, 2004, Minghui.net published an article talking about the effects of frightening the evil and the results achieved by awakening the world's people through the anti-torture exhibitions run by overseas Falun Dafa practitioners. At the same time, most of the Dafa practitioners outside of China have not suffered from the persecution directly so they are not able to depict as vividly the persecution suffered by the practitioners in China. Therefore the overseas practitioners sincerely hope that more and more fellow practitioners in China can shoulder the responsibility of providing more information about the torture they have suffered, so as to stand side by side with the overseas practitioners and together expose the persecution and eliminate the evil. My personal understanding is that the anti-torture exhibitions have caused strong repercussions overseas while playing an effective role in frightening the evil and awakening the world's people. Through the demonstrations conducted by the practitioners outside of China, the exhibitions have displayed the great image of Dafa practitioners' faithfulness, unyieldingness, as well as their great mercy and tolerance in their striving to live by the characteristics of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

As the main body of Falun Dafa practitioners, the practitioners in China have personal experiences in suffering from the persecution so they have the responsibility to provide more detailed and more true-to-life information, especially their personal experiences of being tortured. Practitioners who suffered torture can draw or video-tape their own demonstration of the torture they suffered. They can also describe the torture in words to show the seriousness of a certain torture method. This will help the overseas practitioners stage more true-to-life anti-torture exhibits. It will also be a case of Dafa practitioners opposing the persecution while exposing and eliminating the evil as one body.

4. Using legal knowledge to oppose the persecution and clarifying the truth with everyday people, those in the legal system in particular.

At present there is more need to expose the human rights violations taking place in China. From the surface, it is a movement of everyday society; however, from the Fa perspective this situation does not exist by accident. No matter how the old forces arranged things and no matter what the goal of the Jiang group is, it has provided us with a very good opportunity to oppose the persecution and clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. In recent months, Minghui.net has published a series of articles on how to use legal knowledge to oppose the persecution and clarify the facts. It also published articles with detailed clauses exposing the Jiang group's violations of the law. In recent days, Minghui published a special edition of this issue on its home page. My personal understanding is that all Dafa practitioners in China have personally experienced the criminal acts violating the law by the evil clique, so to make use of this good opportunity, using this legal knowledge to fight against the persecution and clarify the truth, is an opportunity to establish our mighty virtue. It is also an opportunity for the families of Dafa practitioners and the world's people to see clearly who is violating the law so as to save the sentient beings, especially the ones in the legal system who suffer from the lies most. This will also create conditions for the unconditional release of those detained Falun Dafa practitioners and to push forward in the Fa-rectification process.

5. We should strengthen our efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth, take part in the battle between good and evil by eliminating the evil forces that have retreated to Beijing and New York.

Recently, Dafa websites have published articles depicting the scenes that some practitioners with supernormal abilities have witnessed in other dimensions. The battle between good and evil in the period of Fa-rectification is unfolding as the evil elements are retreating to two places: one is Beijing in China and the other is New York City (Manhattan) in the United States. At the moment, some practitioners in China are guessing about the manifestation of the battle between good and evil appearing in the human world, some are still waiting for further insights, some still take an attitude of wait-and-see, but the majority have thrown themselves into the battle. My personal understanding is that no matter how the battle manifests in the human world, the most urgent thing is to strengthen our effort in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces.

6. Please help those fellow practitioners who still fail to step forward or those who have deviated from the righteous path.

This is the requirement set by our merciful Teacher in his lecture, "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference," on May 23. My personal understanding is that this is not only an opportunity provided by our merciful Teacher to the practitioners who have failed to step forward, those who have not done well and whose who deviated from the righteous path; it also provides opportunities for practitioners who have stepped forward and those who are doing well to further cultivate their steadfast righteous thoughts and profound mercy. Powerful righteous thoughts include righteous enlightenment, and the steadfast but unshakable belief of a cultivator as well as righteous belief toward Teacher and the firm belief in one's own abilities. As for the righteous enlightenment based on the Fa, this includes the principle that what we see is only on the surface level, and on another level, Teacher's law bodies and righteous Enlightened Beings are also participating. It also includes the principle of how to further establish mighty virtue in tribulations and who it is done for. If we fail to righteously enlighten to the Fa from the Fa we will have feelings of "hate," "fighting," "discouragement" and other mentalities that Dafa practitioners should not have in the process of helping other practitioners. Whenever tribulations appear we must look inside ourselves to see if we failed to eliminate the interference by the dark minions, or whether we truly tried to help fellow practitioners out of pure compassion and not with a mentality and concept of fulfilling a task or pursuing a result. Does this mean that we cannot distinguish between personal cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation or between the two paths, one arranged by the old forces and the other by Teacher? As long as our thoughts are pure and righteous we should all be able to see our own shortcomings.


(1) The book, Zhuan Falun, comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa.

(2) The "three things": Study the Fa (Law and principles, the teachings of Falun Dafa), clarify the truth, send forth righteous thoughts