(Clearwisdom.net) During the first time classes were held at Dalian in April 1994, the Dalian Qigong Association invited Master Li to go sight-seeing by the seashore on Haibin Road and Tiger Beach.

The practitioner Gao Qiuju excitedly talked with her fellow members of the Dalian Qigong Association about what they observed through their celestial eyes: "See, one dragon is paddling in the water over there; a female immortal is pulling another dragon up from the water by its nose; there are many treasures in the heavens..." While she was taking pictures, Qiuju delightedly said: "This is to welcome our Master."

Hearing their talking, without saying anything, Master quietly wrote a sentence in the sand of the beach: "Supernormal abilities are small skills, Dafa is what is fundamental."