(Clearwisdom.net) One day I went to a hospital and came across an acquaintance walking in the corridor. I saw when approaching him that his whole body appeared charred and new skin had just grown in some places. His two hands were limp and hung, immobile, close to his body. I asked anxiously, "What's happened?" He said, "I was burned by gasoline." I asked him, "Why aren't you covered with bandages? You saw that those people who were burned in the Tiananmen self-immolation incident were wrapped with bandages." He smiled and did not answer.

Patients with burns need to keep uncovered, and medical staff must wear clean white coats and masks over their mouths in order to prevent infection

I work in a ward of the hospital. My acquaintance with burns came over to borrow a cigarette lighter from someone, to have a smoke. I asked him about the details of his burns. He said that he was burned rinsing machine parts with gasoline while he was repairing a machine for his work unit. A colleague nearby was using an open flame which ignited the gasoline vapor in the area and then on his skin. I asked, "How come the flame burned you so badly?" He said, "Because I was using gasoline." When I inquired further, he told me that it had been ten days since he was burned.

I asked him, "How long were you actually in contact with the gasoline flame?" He answered, "Only two to three seconds." I asked, "You were burned so severely after only two to three seconds?" He affirmed, "Only two to three seconds!"

He was burned badly. The damaged skin had sloughed off in some places and new skin appeared. The burned skin on his hands made it look like he was wearing gloves. His back was burned the worse and medical ointments were applied to the burned areas. Large scabs had formed and a bloody fluid seeped out between the scabs.

I said to the people in the ward, "Look, everyone, his burns still look this bad, even ten days after he was burned. If the burned areas were covered with bandages what would have happened?" Some people answered, "He could not be treated like that. The wounds would fester and putrefy. The burned area can only be left uncovered, with ointments applied."

The people "burned" in the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident were fully covered with bandages. Reporters interviewed the patients without wearing protective lab coats or masks

I asked again, "Why were the people in the Tiananmen self-immolation incident fully covered with bandages after they were burned?" The people in the ward suddenly understood, and said with one voice, "It is false!"

Actually, many people have the common sense to know that a person with burns cannot be covered with bandages.

In addition, my acquaintance told me, "At that moment after I was burned, I felt extreme pain. I knelt on floor and could not stand. I felt relief only after being injected with a drug for anesthesia in the hospital."

Wang Jindong in the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident was supposedly burned so badly, but he sat there firmly and recited his "actor's lines" in such a loud voice!

Wang Jindong sat firmly and yelled clearly. He was covered with a fireproof blanket after he claimed his identity. (Note: the green plastic bottle containing gas between his legs was intact after the "fire" -- another incongruity.)

At the upcoming Fourth Plenary Meeting, Jiang needs to fully explain these issues to the Central Party Committee.