(Clearwisdom.net) It has been learned that since July 20, the Ministry of Public Security has been plotting a new plan to mass-arrest Falun Gong practitioners nationwide. The arrests, however, are intended to be done in secret without publicizing the events as usual. In Anshan City, Liaoning Province, local authorities have been following practitioners, and have conducted secret arrests of anyone who practices Falun Gong. So far, over thirty practitioners have been arrested. Insiders say that no one, not even practitioners' families, knows any information about the arrested practitioners. It has also been learned that Anshan police have been secretly following and investigating practitioners. Once they make sure a person is a practitioner, they simply arrest him or her. Since the authorities did not resort to broadcasting propaganda to publicize the arrest of practitioners as before, no trace of the arrest is known by the public.

At present, practitioners in Anshan have tried to maintain a low profile for the moment, and tried not to contact each other, so as to reduce the risk of being arrested.