(Clearwisdom.net) Around us there are many husband and wife practitioners. Some of them do very well in their work of validating Dafa. But some of them are immersed in sentimentality and are not aware of it. Some of them get lost in the love and care from the other party, letting him or her enjoy his or her devotions. Their excuses were simple: He is my husband, or she is my wife, and it was all done voluntarily. Instead of regarding the home as a place to cultivate, they have separated their home from cultivation. They did not think of themselves as practitioners whenever and wherever they were. This is especially the case for a few couples who got married after July 20, 1999. Before they got married, they were very diligent in studying and validating Dafa. But after getting married, they relaxed their standard and rather than working harder, in spite of the fact that they were in a better position to work harder than before.

Some of them became bogged down by sentimentality and emotions, forgetting that they were practitioners themselves. Some of them blamed each other. Some of the wives did not get along with the husband's mothers. Some of them were overtaken by stresses in the work of their daily lives and did not have time to do the "three things" that practitioners need to do. They thought that they were complying with the "normal society" and looked for an excuse entirely from the ordinary people's point of view.

I feel that they did not try to elevate themselves from the basis of the Fa. They did not tell each other the mistakes that they saw because of their affections to each other and the thoughts of saving face for each other. This made them not able to truly work hard. Some practitioners were attached to affection and also tried to find excuses for themselves, and said, "Teacher said that we need to comply with the state of the normal society." In reality, it is very easy to tell whether it is up to the standard of a practitioner by comparing one's conduct with the requirements of the Fa. We need to think of how we can establish, for the future people, a model of actions in this marriage issue.