1. Once when I sent forth righteous thoughts at home, I first cleansed my mind for 45 minutes. When I held up my hand in front of the chest, I felt the evil was nothing. The living beings in the future world are so wonderful.

  2. In the morning, I sent forth righteous thoughts on my way to work. I felt a little sleepy. I struggled with myself to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Then I suddenly remembered why I was not clear within myself from the most microcosm. The cultivated side should emit more righteous energy. Upon having this thought, the bad feeling and the sleepiness disappeared. I have come to understand that when I sent forth my true righteous thoughts, every problem will be solved. The most advanced principle is the easiest way. Simply facing the battle when tribulations come is taking a passive role. Actually, I should take a Dafa disciples' action, as not taking action hinders everything. I will not acknowledge any evil arrangements, including sickness karma. Though the evils want to poison my mind, I should be determined in my cultivation. All these superficial things are just idols. The gods consider these to be as trivial as a fleeting cloud.

  3. It is actually nothing when fellow practitioners have some conflicts. Life is so joyous. Why should we ask for suffering? One's Xinxing (1) should expand and expand. What is tribulation? Tribulation is actually coming from our own minds. We should always be calm and think of nothing (wuwei/non-pursuit). Will gods feel uneasy with each other? Taking a step back, you will find that life is unrestrained and far-ranging. Hate, discontent and being afraid of not being understood are all emotions. What is the difference between your way and my way? Our cultivation levels are different; so are the characteristics of living beings and our paths are different. When our emotions don't entangle us there is no conflict. We must use higher standards as practitioners. What is "improving one's Xinxing?" We should not even have this concept. Going back... I merely select the way to advance toward my eternal home. This is my choice.

  4. Some practitioners intentionally or unintentionally neglect the fact that we are cultivating, which permits the existence of the human mentality. Though the uncultivated parts are remaining for our ongoing cultivation, they are not what we will bring with us at Consummation; so we should cultivate ourselves well. In other words, the notion that we are keeping up with the Fa-rectification if we are working on Fa-related projects, no matter whether or not we have enough understanding based on the Fa, is a common human mentality, which confuses cultivation with work.

    Cultivation is not people dining together. I realized that every action, every thought, every behavior and every idea should originate from the Fa. What is critical for us is to study the Fa. In most situations we had better to ask ourselves, "If it were only myself doing the work, would I have enough courage to do it?" I think a main objective for cultivating together is to get rid of the human mentality, which is a very important issue.

  5. I have been held in detention centers and brainwashing centers. I have been held for 38 months in two detention centers. I had many realizations after my release. Practitioners outside of detention should treat the salvation of fellow practitioners in detention as a really important thing. It is not work, but cultivation that produces a compassionate heart. Our responsibilities are huge. We need to focus on our cultivation; otherwise, if we become numb and have fear in the face of so many unjust charges and tortures, how can living beings count on us? How hard Master needs to suffer for us and take care of us! I would like to emphasize we do our work in the human world with our divine sides.


(1) Xinxing -- heart or mind nature, moral character