(Clearwisdom.net) Under immense pressure from Jiang's corrupt regime, from the shameless and endless slander of Falun Dafa in China's state-run media many people in China gain misunderstandings of or even develop groundless hatred toward their beloved family members and relatives who practice Falun Gong, thus tearing apart previously happy families. Whose fault is this? The following is an appeal that a practitioner imprisoned in China wrote to his family members:


Dear Mom and Dad:

How are you? I have not been able to see you for several years. I miss you very much in my heart. I have personally experienced the persecution of Falun Gong over the nightmarish last five years. I am a Falun Gong practitioner and have the responsibility to protect and validate Dafa. Since you were cheated and deceived by the evil's lies, and because you have fostered the old concept of "people do not fight with their governors" deep in your minds all these years, you could not understand what I do. You were even against me strongly so that we were not able to communicate with each other. But what I have suffered all these years are things that you can never even imagine. You have only heard the propaganda about how we have been "reformed" and "re-educated" and the media's disguised portrayal of official kindness toward us. You do not know at all the truly evil things they have done under the cover of this face of deception.

In the past five years, I was transferred between 10 detention centers and labor camps. Each time I was taken to a new place, I would suffer brutal persecution. My body was covered with scars and bruises most of the time. I will open a page for you here so that you can see a small portion of the evil:

In February 2001, in Beijing Tuanhe forced labor camp, I was shocked with 5 different sizes of electric batons. There were blisters all over my body and black patches on my face as a result.

In June 2001, in Beijing East District Detention Center, I started a hunger strike to protest the ill treatment I suffered from the guards. They inserted electric needles into my body to give me electric shocks and said that the purpose was "to increase my appetite." Then they inserted a tube into my throat and poured in half a pound of salt.

In October 2001, I was imprisoned in Harbin Jail, an even more terribly evil place. I refused to give up my practice, and so the guards ordered other inmates to persecute me. They first tortured me mentally by not allowing me to sleep round the clock. They then punched and kicked me, using various devious torture methods to devastate my body.

In the cold winter of 2002, I wore a thin shirt and was thrown inside an icy cold pool of water. Then I was dragged outside the gate to be kept in the cold wind. Do you know Mom? I was so cold that my whole body turned blue. But the cruel guards, wearing their thickly padded coats, kept pouring cold water onto my body. It was freezing cold in Harbin (about -30 0F), did you know this? For a period of time, almost everyday I was soaked in cold water for a period of time.

In September 2003, they sharpened bamboo chopsticks and hammered them in under my fingernails. They viciously peeled off my nails and I suffered excruciating pain.

There were many more brutal and terrible tortures I suffered that I could not tell you all in detail, such as splitting the fingers, pulling and twisting the wrists, flicking the eyeballs, covering my head with a plastic bag, holding my head underwater and so on.

I don't know about how you feel in your heart about their furious evil conduct. Dafa disciples all over the world are seeking help and making their voice known to the public. They are exposing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners occurring in Chinese jails. Many countries' governments and various international organizations are monitoring the issue. Even many high-ranking officials in China are angry about the evil conduct upon learning the truth. But why are you not touched? How can you still stay unmoved? Now many disciples, including me, have sued Harbin Jail. I am also expecting your positive response to the issue.

In the past several years, I have been through many instances where my life was in danger. I eagerly wish to see you, but Daqing Jail does not allow us to see our family members in order to block the news so that they could continue the persecution. They even restrict us from writing letters.

Mom and Dad, you really can't remain indifferent any longer! Otherwise, what you will finally hear is likely the news that your son has been tortured to death! Not too long ago, two Dafa disciples were killed in Harbin Jail. One of the death reports by the coroner reads: fractured skull, broken fingers in the left hand and both legs misshaped with swelling.

So Mom and Dad, you really should actively step forward now and demand to see your son. Your strong wishes and your visit will play the role of a strong deterrent to stop the guards and evildoers from continuing the persecution. Any excuse that they use to disallow you to visit me is to cover up their guilty conscience. Don't be afraid of them!

Your son is looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad and all other family members and relatives. I hope to be able to return to you soon!

With best regards,

Your son Bu Fanwei

July 7, 2004 in Daqing Jail