(Clearwisdom.net) I began my cultivation of Falun Dafa in the fall of 1998, practicing "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" and cultivating my heart to be a good person. What follows is my account of the inhuman persecution that I suffered in China.

On May 11, 2001, I went to a Falun Dafa conference in Hongxing Township, Jiguan Area, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. I was abducted by two policemen, and followed by another two policemen, who didn't say anything but began beating me viciously, throwing me on the ground, and dragging me by my legs for over eighty feet before pushing me into a cage behind the police vehicle.

Arriving at the Jiguan Branch Police Station, they threw me in the torture-interrogation room. From May 11 to May 13, for over thirty hours of torture-interrogation, they tied me to the "tiger bench" and tortured me in the following ways:

  1. Using their fists to beat my face.
  2. Two policemen held my thigh tightly, while another two made fists with their middle finger joints protruding. Then they scraped my ribs with the protruding finger joint. It is very painful and made me collapse from suffering.
  3. "Astronaut Hat": They put a steel helmet over my head, which had been covered with plastic. Then they banged the steel helmet with an iron hammer, violently shaking my brain and causing me to become semi-conscious. A hole was opened around the nose area of the plastic bag to prevent suffocation, and I was interrogated this way.
  4. Scraping and stabbing my ribs with the buckle of a leather belt.
  5. Hitting my nipples with the buckle of a leather belt.
  6. Pressing a police baton on my feet until they were swollen.
  7. Digging into my collarbone until the shoulders and arms are numb; this is very painful.
  8. Bamboo sticks pounded into my fingernails.
  9. Burned by fire.

On May 13, they sent me to the First Police Station in Jixi City. They instructed the prisoners right away to hit me hard on the head. They forced me to wear handcuffs and shackles that weighed over 40 kg. (88lbs). I refused to eat any food in protest of the unreasonable persecution. On May 15, the assistant director suggested that I be served food, but I refused it. They wanted me to kneel down, but I refused, so the assistant director instructed the prisoners to throw me to the ground. The prison guards beat me with electric batons, removed my clothes, and shocked my penis and face until the batteries went dead on the electric baton, trying to force me to denounce my Teacher and Dafa. Then they increased the weight of the shackles to over 60 kg. (132lbs) and had me wear them day and night for twenty-four days. Zhang Yi instructed prisoners to spit in my face, stuff dirty socks in my mouth, and viciously beat me. My whole body was swollen. A doctor named Wang said, "If a Falun Gong practitioner dies, I'll write a certificate to certify the death as the result of illness."

In January 2002, the court in the Jiguan area illegally sentenced me to eight years in prison. I appealed because I am not guilty of any crime; practicing Falun Dafa is not a crime. The court policeman beat me five times with his police baton.

On April 10, 2004, I suffered extreme mental and physical persecution in Hajian Training Center Unit.

In 2003, prison guards Lin Bo, Dong Zhimin, and Zhang Jiushan locked me in solitary confinement (a place in prison specially set up to torture people). I rejected food in protest of the persecution. The guards instructed prisoner Zhang Yong to say, "Don't blame me, this is what the government commanded us to do. If someone dies from the torture, the government takes the responsibility, but if we're successful in getting someone to denounce Falun Gong, then we take the credit." They stuffed my mouth with a long towel, poked my eyes with their fingers, hit my ears with both fists, squeezed my testicles with their hands, dug into my spine, and kicked my head.. Another person named Zhang dug into my collarbone, causing half my arm to tingle with numbness and extreme pain. Prisoners Ni Jie, and Zhang Xiaofeng kicked my rib cage, broke my fingers and more. They persecuted me with much cruelty for many hours. My throat was dry and I vomited, but because my mouth was restrained by the big towel, the vomit flowed back to my stomach. Worried that I might die, they reported to a police officer and sent me to the hospital. Afterward, I found prison guards Lin Bo, Dong Zhimin and Zhang Jiushan and questioned them about the fact that I was beaten while in solitary confinement. They kept silent and the whole matter was ignored.

In May 2004, I formally filed a lawsuit against the police officers who persecuted me in the Training Center Unit.

On July 1, 2004, I was transferred to Daqing Prison, and was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. I was spitting blood, and was reduced to skin and bones, refusing food in protest. They have continued to persecute me for seven days to date. I strongly call for the immediate end to this persecution and the release of all illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners.