(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa disciple Dingding is seven years old and his brother Bangbang, also a Dafa disciple, is nine years old. Both of them have been practicing Falun Dafa for several years. Every day they study Chinese Dafa books and send forth righteous thoughts. Teacher has opened their celestial eye, and they're able to see many scenes in other dimensions. Below is an account of what they have recently seen.

A battle between righteousness and evil is going to begin in New York City (NYC). At present, almost all the evil beings outside of China have gathered in NYC. These beings have made good preparations to fight with Dafa disciples. They are also trying various means to interfere with disciples, attempting to prevent them from going to NYC to fight this battle. For instance, they cause practitioners to feel physically uncomfortable at critical times; they cause flights and hotels to become very expensive; they have practitioners think NYC is too far to go; they have flights take off ahead of schedule so practitioners can't catch their flights; they have flights canceled or delayed; they have the weather in NYC become very unpredictable, with rainstorms to wet practitioners' truth-clarification materials or burning sun to weaken practitioners' willpower; they cause certain subway stations to close so that practitioners have to walk a long way to their destination; they have microphones fail to work when practitioners need to use them to clarify the truth; they have practitioners lose all kinds of items; they have practitioners get lost in NYC and not be able to get correct directions from people on the street.

In other dimensions, numerous Buddhas, Taos and Gods have come to NYC to take part in this battle. This battle is several times larger than the last one in Houston and will last several months.

The above is just what these two young disciples have seen in other dimensions. Please use this only as reference. If you find anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

The author has two suggestions to make:

First, those practitioners who can't go to New York at this time please intensify sending forth righteous thoughts to support the battle in NYC.

Second, practitioners in different places may consider balancing well local Dafa activities with New York activities. If extra manpower is available, it would be better to go support NYC at this time.