(Clearwisdom.net) Gao Xingong, a 48 year old man whose former job was as Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in Chengguan Street Community Office, Weicheng District in Weifang City, is now working in the Bureau of Programs in Weicheng District. His home phone number is 86-536-8329188, office phone number is 86-536-8188339, and his cell phone is 86-13869601998.

Since July 20, 1999, Gao Xingong followed Jiang's regime and the instruction of Wang Jimei, Former Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Weicheng District, and cruelly persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners. He was notorious for his brutality. He directed a group of thugs (including Zhang Qizhen, a man who was formerly Director of the Comprehensive Administration Office; Deng Ping, a woman who was former Director of Hujiapai Lane, Chengguan Street Community Office in Weicheng District; Liu Guangming, a male worker in Weifang City Steel Window Company) to build up a base for persecuting Dafa practitioners, which was known as one of the seven worst sites in Weicheng District. Gao Xingong also went around to spread his persecution methods to others.

  1. He locked up Falun Gong practitioners for long periods of time, during which time he exposed Dafa practitioners to a whole set of fabrications and propaganda, tried to force Dafa practitioners to write guarantees to stop practicing, conducted forced brainwashing on practitioners, and illegally locked up practitioners for up to 50 days.
  2. He forced Dafa practitioners to pay "deposit money." If practitioners had no money, he would then ask Dafa practitioners' family members to pay that money. The families had to borrow money from everywhere to pay the fee. Many practitioners incurred vast debts. There was one family whose four members all practiced Falun Gong and were locked up. They were forced to pay 5,000 yuan per person, totaling 20,000 yuan [approximately four years total income of a normal worker in China]. This sum of hard-earned money was embezzled and split by Gao Xingong and his partners. They spent the money on lavish meals and luxury items.
  3. He also hired people to beat practitioners using high voltage electric batons, batons, and rubber clubs. Most practitioners who were locked up were beaten severely. Their most cruel action was beating Chen Zixiu, a 58 year old lady, from Xujiaxiaozhuang in Beiguan Area to death.