After Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, practitioners in the Dongxihu District of Wuhan City illegally sent to forced-labor camp include: Si Sulan, Li Xiantao, Huang Hongying, Huang Liuyan, Wei Liuzhen, Tan Li, Wang Jin, Xiao Gaopan, Wang Changzheng, Zhang Baodong, Zhang Lidang, He Yan, Ms. Jiang from District Water Conservancy Bureau, Li Keming, Zhou Mingchang, Chen Feng, Li Chihua, Hu Jiancheng, Liu Juying, Hu Wangxiang, Shi Binglian, Li Jinxiang, Lu Yalin, Grandmother Li from Sanzhigou, Zhang Shuliang, Zhang Dakui, Yu Lantao, etc.

Practitioners Zhang Shuliang, Zhang Dakui, and Yu Lantao went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and were illegally sentenced to jail. In addition, at least 40 practitioners from other areas who came to the Wujiashan in Dongxihu District to distribute truth clarification materials and whose names are unknown were detained. With the creation of the "610 Office," more than 200 practitioners were illegally arrested, detained, and forced to go through brainwashing sessions. This does not include those practitioners from the breeding plant.

In late 1999, Si Sulan and several other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal and were arrested by police from the Dongxihu District. The practitioners were forced to attend brainwashing programs for a long time after they were escorted back. Since they were later illegally sent to a forced-labor camp for insisting on practicing Falun Dafa, their workplace laid them off. When the Cotton Mill authorities in the Dongxihu District publicly announced the sentence of those practitioners to forced labor education, all the people present all thought the government was abusing its power and jailing innocent people.

In 2000, Tan Li and Wei Liuzhen went to Beijing to appeal. After they were arrested and escorted back, they were sentenced to forced-labor education. Hu Yaping also went to Beijing to appeal. After she was arrested and sent back, she was often forced to attend brainwashing sessions and she was dismissed from her administrative position and from the Chinese Party. When practitioner Li Xiantao was at home late one evening, she was decieved into opening the door for the police, who illegally arrested her, sentenced her to forced-labor without trial and detained her in Hewan Labor Camp.

In March 2001, Wang Changzheng, Xiao Gaopan, Wang Jin, Zhang Baodong, Bao Huarong, Shi Binglian, and Li Jinxiang all went to Xin'andu and Dongshan to distribute Falun Dafa materials. All of them except Bao Huarong were arrested by the police and sent to a forced-labor camp. Bao Huarong was arrested while distributing materials that clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa in Etou Bay and was later sent to a forced-labor camp. Ms. Jiang was arrested by the Xincun Police Station while she was distributing truth materials in residential areas. She was also sent to a forced-labor camp.

In July 2001, Ms. Wang, a practitioner from Hanchuan who temporarily lived in Wujiashan and made a living by polishing shoes, was arrested while clarifying the truth to people on the street. The first section of local police department arrested Ms. Wang and sent her to the First Women's Detention Center in Wuhan City. Ms. Wang insisted on continuing her practice of Falun Gong so the prison guard beat her so fiercely that she was traumatized and suffered a mental collapse. Also, Ms. Wang's husband was unemployed for a long time without any income and all of her three children lived on her income from wiping shoes. Now she has been brutally persecuted because she insisted on retaining her belief in Falun Gong, and has been deprived the ability to maintain basic human life.

In August 2001, Liu Juying and Huang Liuyan were arrested by police while posting truth materials on Jingshan Blvd. They were then illegally sent to a forced-labor camp. Huang Hongying and grandmother Li went to the home of Lu Yalin to send forth righteous thoughts (also including Ms. Lu's grandmother). Several police followed them and broke into Ms. Lu's home. They arrested the four elderly practitioners claiming they were "illegally gathering." Ms. Lu's grandmother was over 80 years old and was also detained in the detention center. Because they refused to renounce their belief in Falun Dafa, all four practitioners except Ms. Lu's grandmother were all sentenced to a forced labor camp.

On the evening of September 17, 2001, Chen Feng and Zhou Mingchang in Qiaokou were arrested by Sandian police while distributing materials that clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Policemen handcuffed and hung Mr. Chen Feng for several days and nights. They exposed him to mosquitoes and also refused to provide him with food and water. Three or four policemen often fiercely beat up Mr. Chen and burned his fingernails with cigarettes. One day, several policemen from the no. 2 section of the police department (one of them was the section chief) beat and kicked Mr. Chen. Later, Mr. Chen and Zhou were sent to Hewan Forced-labor Camp to be further persecuted.

On the evening of September 26, 2001, Zhang Changfa from the no. 1 section of the police department broke into the home of Li Keming and confiscated things inside and outside his house. Zhang Changfa also confiscated the tools that Mr. Li used to make handicrafts to earn a living, Dafa exercise tapes, and the manuscript paper that Mr. Li's grandson used for his schoolwork. Policemen also used these things as the evidence to justify their persecution. At 9:30 that evening, less than 15 minutes after Mr. Li was arrested by officer Zhang Changfa, four policemen from the no. 1 section broke into Mr. Li's home again and arrested his wife. At that time, Mr. Li's wife, Hu Wangxiang, shouted to the nearby residents. Two policemen covered her mouth and forcefully threw her into the police car and sent her to Woman's Detention Center.

One time when police illegally interrogated Mr. Li Keming, officer Zhang Changfa carelessly revealed that he took Mr. Li's house-key from the detention center and went to ransack Mr. Li's home again while nobody was there. Li Keming seriously told Zhang Changfa, "Such actions are illegal and I will certainly sue you in the future!" It is hard to know how much property Zhang stole from Mr. Li's home.

Practitioner Li Keming was sentenced to two years' forced labor education and all the evidence submitted to justify his sentence was all false. Someone said that Li Keming gave 2,000 Yuan to someone in January 2001, and then asked them to print 3,000 copies of truth clarification materials, which was to be distributed at the Dongshan Farm. These were all lies. Mr. Li Keming was arrested while being subjected to a brainwashing session on December 14, 2000, and was not released until July 13, 2001. What kind of truth-clarifying work did Mr. Li do outside the detention center? It was said that Mr. Li distributed materials at Dongshan in late March.

Ms. Cao was a retired farmer in her 70's who worked on the Cihui Farm. Before she started to practice Falun Dafa, Ms. Cao had all kinds of diseases. Her physical health greatly improved after she started to practice Falun Dafa. In 2000, Ms. Cao was stopped on her way to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was escorted by police back to Wujiashan. After that, her home was ransacked and she was forced to attend brainwashing sessions many times. Because this old lady insisted on her belief, the "610 Office" forced Cihui Farm to stop paying Ms. Cao's pension. In the brainwashing program, the staff forced her to press her fingerprints on a statement. It was said the head of "610 Office," Lin Zhengxing, and the head of brainwashing program, Li Dengchun, forced the staff to take this action in order to obtain a larger bonus. Before Ms. Cao was released, Li Dengchun, Huang Yanfei, and other staff members in the "610 Office" extorted several thousand Yuan from Ms. Cao's family which they claimed were living expenses while Ms. Cao was being forced to attend the brainwashing program.

Wang Dashuang's father, brother and wife all practiced Falun Dafa. In early 2000, they went to Beijing to appeal and were arrested by the police. They were often illegally detained and forced to go through brainwashing. Sometimes four of them were detained in the same detention center, or in two separate brainwashing programs, or they were monitored for a long time. After Mr. Wang Dashuang's father was illegally arrested, Hehuahu Farm refused to pay his pension for a long time. Because Mr. Wang Dashuang went to appeal for Falun Gong, Hehuahu Farm also confiscated the money (severance fee) that they owed him after they laid him off. Mr. Wang's wife was also laid off in Dongxihu Cotton Mill. They still had a child who went to school and their life was very difficult. Mr. Wang had to maintain their basic life by doing hard labor.

In January 2002, when Zhang Lidang, an official from the District Government went to work, Liu Gongping from the Xincun Police Station arrested Mr. Zhang and sent him to the detention center. Liu also ransacked Zhang's office and home and took away many of his Dafa materials. When police came to arrest Zhang Lidang, Mr. Zhang publicly accused the police's illegal actions while many pedestrians stood and watched. In the detention cell, Zhang Lidang refused to renounce his belief in Falun Dafa and was further persecuted. The police directed the head of the cell where Mr. Zhang was being detained to beat him.. Mr. Zhang was beaten so fiercely that two of his ribs were broken. Later, he was sentenced to one and half years' of forced-labor. Mr. Zhang was also removed from the position of deputy section chief. In the brainwashing class in early 2001, Zhang Lidang clarified the truth and blamed the head of the brainwashing program, Li Dengchun, for defaming Dafa. Li Xingpu from the "610 Office," as well as Lin Zhengxing and Li Dengchun moved Mr. Zhang from the dorm to the detention center to be persecuted. Fifty days later, they sent Mr. Zhang to a brainwashing program.

Li Zhi and He Yan, middle-school teachers from the no. 4 middle school in Wujiashan in Dongxihu District went to Beijing to appeal and were arrested. The principal of their school cooperated with the "610 Office" and illegally detained the two practitioners in the school (later, he sent them to a brainwashing program). Because they refused to renounce Falun Dafa, the school refused to pay their salaries. Li Zhi obtained Dafa in March 1999 and greatly benefited both physically and mentally. Because Ms. Li Zhi insisted on her belief, her husband (an official of the Human Resources Department) cooperated with the "610 Office" to beat Ms. Li. He sometimes even broke a stool leg while beating Ms. Li and sometimes he beat and kicked Ms. Li until he felt too tired to continue. Li Zhi often had large bruises over her body for a long time and her husband didn't stop beating her until Ms. Li became critically ill and hospitalized. In the summer of 2002, Ms. Li Zhi passed away in hospital from the abuse she received at the hands of the police and her husband who was poisoned by the propaganda.

In October 2002, He Yan was arrested and sent to the Sandian brainwashing class where she was sentenced to one year in a forced-labor camp because she refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. At that time the head of "610 Office" was Qian Changlai.

In June 2003, Li Chihua, an official from the National Tax Bureau was arrested and sent to a brainwashing class by Liu Gongping from the Xincun Police Station. Mr. Li's copying machine was also illegally confiscated and the location for printing materials that contained the facts about the persecution was destroyed. Afterwards, Mr. Li was sentenced to one year of forced labor education. Chen Yantang from Hanchuan City was arrested by the Xincun Police Station, and because he refused to cooperate with their requirements the head of the police station, Wang Jianping, beat and kicked Mr. Chen along with 5 or 6 policemen. They didn't stop until they felt worn out. The police department detained Mr. Li for 15 days and then sent him to the Hanchuan Detention Center for 10 days. Mr. Chen Yantang felt unbearable pain all over his body, his kidneys were injured, his whole body was swollen, and he had great difficulty passing urine.

The above are several accounts of torture and persecution that I know Falun Gong practitioners in Dongxihu District have received. The deputy head of the Dongxihu District Police Department, Li Xingpu was the head of the "610 Office" and all the documents to illegally arrest, detain practitioners or sentence practitioners to forced-labor education were all issued by him. The three previous heads of the "610 Office" were all notoriously cruel. One of them was Lin Zhengxing (now Party secretary of Zoumaling Farm); one was Li Dengchun (a previous Party secretary of the court and now retired), and the third was Qian Changlai (originally from the military department and then transferred to the district Political and Legal Committee; he is now the head of district Environment Health Bureau). The deputy head of the Xincun Police Station, Liu Gongping was specifically in charge of the Falun Gong issue. He often led policemen to ransack practitioners' homes and arrest practitioners. The arrests were often directed by Feng Zhuanyun, the Section Chief of the No. 1 Section of district police department whose office number is 86-27-85398643. The previous deputy section chief, Zhang Changfa, section staff--Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang, were very active in ransacking practitioners' homes and arresting practitioners.

Written on July 4, 2004