(Clearwisdom.net) One evening my daughter and I were together practicing. As we moved into the sitting meditation, I dropped into a very still, quiet place within, vast and so peaceful, when there before me manifested a most beautifully facetted piece of crystal the size of a human being. It was clear, radiant and from it flowed rays of pure light. As I watched, the understanding came that I was being shown a form of the Buddha Body, and words cannot describe the magnificence of this sight.

"Well I wonder what I look like," was my thought, so I looked down at myself, only to see my form at this level as a white, cloudy, elongated "form". "Bit of a way to go yet," as I chuckled to myself, feeling just a little disappointed. Then I realized that I should be so happy, because I looked a lot better than I used to before becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner, and that I was heading in the right direction.

Without moving I looked down at where I had come from. It was like a nightmare. I saw some of the people on this planet, also without outer form. They were like black boned skeletons, pressed together and loaded down with karma. There were masses and masses of people, a few skeletons trying to move up above the others but unable to do so on their own. It looked terrible and hopeless. As I watched this scene, I saw that not one of these black skeletons could see the plight that they were in, because they could not see the real them. With their five senses, they saw a different image of themselves, all doing their own thing. Each saw others as a body made of solid matter, with skin that denoted race. They could not see that they were deluded, and the reality was terrible indeed.

Right then I understood that as a practitioner, I should make a greater effort to work with other practitioners to help Master Li to bring these people out of their deluded state, to enable them to begin cultivating, to become that Buddha Body and clear away that huge load of karma. I need to take responsibility in creating greater awareness toward the great truth of Falun Dafa.

Here in the part of Australia I live in, as I see it we have a group of diligent, hard working, strong practitioners enabling me to cultivate. We have the ultimate in Master Li and his teachings. It is truly a precious chance.