(Clearwisdom.net) In mid July 2003, Dafa disciple Xu Changyao was sentenced to two years of forced labor because he had told others about the real situation of Falun Gong. In efforts to brainwash him, the police didn't allow him to sleep for 20 days.

In August 2002, at Division No. 5, police allowed Dafa disciple Wang Jianmin to sleep for only three hours. At other times, Mr. Wang was made to stand and squat, which led to edema in his feet, yet Mr. Wang remained steadfast in cultivation, and so he was sent to the General "Re-education" Division. However, after he finished at the division, police illegally extended his term, punched and kicked him, and forced him to do long-hours of heavy physical labor. They deprived him of sleep for several days and nights, and tortured him using all kinds of methods. Later on, they ordered all inmates in the division to watch him so that he could not sleep. The last torture method they used on him was to shock him for three full days with multiple high-voltage electric batons. In the end, Mr. Wang and two other practitioners were transferred to Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp.

It is said that Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp is a quarry located in Changtu County. As soon as practitioners were sent there, their heads were covered with a quilt and they were beaten with a big stick until they fainted. Then high-pressure water tubes were inserted into their anuses and they were tortured until they became ill with vomiting and diarrhea. The police there forced Wang Jianmin to move a large number of heavy stones and had someone keep an eye on him. If he was too weak to carry the stone, he would be beaten up. There was a "death quota" every year. It was said that out of three practitioners sent there, one has already been tortured to death. But police stage set-ups to "back up" their claims that the practitioners had committed suicide by hanging themselves.

Due to a tight information blockage on this and similar issues, details are still under investigation.